Billionaire’s Baby Mama – Episode 52

(One Night Changed Everything)
Chapter 52
Their hitched breathing and the sound of the ticking clock was all they could hear, as they dance to the rhythm of their passion. He brought his hand up to caress her body, pulling her closer to his body as he felt the belly bump, but paid little or less attention to it, until she broke the kiss abruptly.

“No…” She blurted out, pulling out of his arms, panting slightly. “What is it?” He asked, in a soft tone. She shook her head.

“I can’t do this anymore…we shouldn’t be..doing this. It’s absurd, you are my boss and I’m just a worker here, a nanny for that matter, we can’t be engaging in romantic affairs, I’m not even your gf..I ..damn” she bits her lips, fidgeting.

Luciano simply watched her speak, gulping in, fighting the urge to grab her into his arms again, telling her that he doesn’t care about her statues, but to feel her body warmth against his skin, her soft lips against his lips, her smooches, hear her moans and ..he stopped the weird thought, facing reality instead.

“I understand how you feel about this Babe. But the truth is..ever since you came into this mansion, I felt like I have found something that had been missing for a long time in my life. I..I don’t know how to express my feelings for you Babe, but if you wanna know the truth, then trust me when I say that I love you with the whole of my heart” he muttered, drawing closer to her, but she kept moving a distance away.

“ can’t love me…I’m not the right woman for you..I’m..I’m not” she shuttered, thinking of how to say the truth.

“And I don’t care about what you think about yourself. To me you are all I see in the woman I you know what you are doing to are making me mad over you..I love you” he snapped, whispering the last sentence softly, with pleading eyes. She shook her head, busting I to tears.

“Babe what’s wrong?” He tried to grab her hand, but she yanked it off with force, making him sigh frustratingly. He took a deep breath in.

“’s all wrong” she muttered, making him more frustrated. He ruffled his hair

“There is nothing wrong Babe..nothing..the only thing wrong here is you not making me understand you. Fine…” He gulped in, tucking his hands into his trouser.

“As far as I’m concerned, I know that we are both adult…you ain’t a kid Babe..and I have come out clean to you about my feelings..I dropped my pride Babe..I won’t pester you or force you to do anything with fact, I will agree with you that what we have been having is actually wrong and, I should have done it with your consent..but you never acted like you don’t want it. I love you Babe…and I want you in my life.” He shrugged.

“Only if you want me in your life too” he added

She didn’t stop crying, wiping out any tear that drops, sniffing in. “I wish but..”

“But what….you have a boyfriend?” He asked, hardening his heart to prevent an heartbreaking reply. She shook her head. “You are getting married?”

“No..” “You have a fiance…”
“No” she yelled

“Then what….you don’t like me?” “I’m pregnant” she snapped. His shoulders dropped at the blink of an eye. It felt like a bag of iceberg was poured out on him, shutting down his system. He shifted back a little, pretending not to hear what she said.
“Preg.. what”

“You heard me clearly…I would be having a baby in 5 months time .I’m four month pregnant” she dropped more bombshell making his head spin. His eyes wandered down to her waist level, checking out her belly.

She hurriedly took off the heavy robe she wore on, leaving her in just her flimsy night gown, which showed out the prodded belly. Now he could see it clearly, but was he blind to it all along. Why didn’t he notice her belly, did she manage to conceal it? These thoughts bothered his mind until she spoke up.

“I’m sorry, I have been hiding it beneath big cloths. That’s my reason for dressing in big cloths, just to conceal the bump.” She explained. He gulped in, not knowing where to begin his questions from. Cos with the look of things, she might have been pregnant before he knew her.

“Who is the father?” He asked, after seconds of silence. She sighed
“I don’t know?” She admitted. He frowned
“Where you raped or ..” he gave her a squinting look

“I wasn’t .and I’m not a wayward type of lady. I..I have’s such a long story..but to cut it short, according to mum, she brought me here after I recovered from an accident that caused the memory loss and she doesn’t want me to remember my past, cos it hurts….so I don’t know” she whispered the end part. Luciano sighed, after listening to her explanation. He doesn’t know what else to do.

“Just pick up your robe…it’s cold out there” he noted, watching her wear it back on. Their eyes met when she looked up, she could see the pain in his eyes, his looks so sad hearing such a news.

“You will need to gain back your memory, don’t you think knowing the father is important?” He asked, not wanting to think about his pain. He felt like he has lost her to another man, but hearing her thought is also the right thing for now.

“No ..I just wanna have this baby and..move on with my current life..if my past hurt so much, then let it be in the past.”

“You are not supposed to be stressing the baby…and you did a modelling sh00t…jeez, how did you do that” he asked, relieved of her answer.

She didn’t respond, if she told him what she did, he might as well punish her for putting the baby’s life at risk.
“I need to relieve you of your work” he added. She gasped, falling to her knees.

“Please don’t fire me…I ..I actually didn’t mean to hide this from you, I know I shouldn’t have accepted the job due to my state, but I needed money to assist my family. This job is my life now sir..please” she pleaded, sobbing. He went to pull her up.

“Who said something about firing you..Angel would skin me alive” he noted, this made her chuckle, bringing smile to his face. Though he isn’t happy about her being pregnant for another man, but he has the feeling that he still got a chance. He would just investigate more on this matter.


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