Hidden Pleasure 2 – Episode 23


[Lust & love 👄]


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


Tags ☠️: Romance love , Hot , Erotic , Insecurities, friendship , billionaire , lust .

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🥀 TEGA 🥀

” Pierre …we can go to your room and do this there …”I trailed trying my best not to pannick . I still remember what our sexual encounter the other time caused me . This man is a beast when it comes to matters concerning the other room . It was fun until I had to use my legs . I literally felt him everywhere the entire week .

” I don’t want to go to the room . What’s wrong with doing it here ? “He asked trailing kisses on my neck .

” This is a pool for crying out loud ” i said fighting the blush on my face .

” Are you scared I’d rip you apart ? You could have thought about that before playing silly games with me ” he said and I threw my heard backwards immediately I felt his smart mouth on my nipples .

I gasped immediately I felt him inside . His lips met mine in a breathtaking kiss as he worked his way in out . Suprisingly Pierre wasn’t rough . I knew he wasn’t one for vanilla S*x . But tonight was something different this man was trying to reach me something else and I became frustrated with his slow thrusts .

The cold water wasn’t helping matters at all as it pulled me closer to my ogarsm then took it back .

” Pierre ”

” Pierreeee”

” Oh … Pierreeee “I chanted his name like a mantra has his smart fingers found their way to my chest massaging my bossoms .

” Breath … Tega “he whispered as he played with me .

” Are you trying t…o ki*ll me … Pierre ?”I said in between gasps . He smirked against my lips as he stared into my eyes .

” Oh…. Sh!, t “I cried out at his pace . Just when I thought we were done he took me in his arms to the bathroom and just like that I was against the bathroom walls under the shower as he fvcked my brains out .

I’m preety sure my legs would be useless by the morning no doubt . After our shower together I went on all fours on his king sized bed . I don’t know where this man gets his stamina from ,but at the end I couldn’t even protest as he cuddled me up .

” Are you okay ? “He asked with concern and I chuckled .

” Don’t start with me Pierre . After bending me . Of course I’m not okay “I said playfully . He didn’t seem to get the joke because his face flashed with worry .

” Really ? Fvck I should have been more careful dear . What can I do to help ? ” He asked and I shook my head softly

” You just said you were hurt ” he said immediately.

” I didn’t say anything . You put words in my mouth Pierre”I said and he laughed as he lay his head on the pillow beside me .

” You are coming with me right ? “He asked again as he kissed my shoulder.

” Yes . And please I can’t go again “I said and he chuckled.

” I thought you were a badie ? “He asked playfully.

” No I’m not a badie. If being a badie means keeping up with your stamina “I said and he pulled me into his arms .

” Cuddle bunny” he said and I stared at his face .

” Cuddle bunny ? Seriosely Pierre where do you come up with these names ? I asked and he chuckled.

” They just come out of my mouth when I’m around you . It’s natural “he said and I burst into laughter.

” So practicing my name for God knows how long and shocking me was also natural ” i asked with my head on his chest .

” I’m sleepy ” he muttered under his breath . I opened my mouth to talk again and heard the soft sound of his breath .

I stared up at his face . Black long lashes , sharp jaw lines and attractive face . This Frenchman would be in jail if being this handsome was a crime .

I closed my eyes and just like that I slept off in his embrace. I had the most peaceful sleep in a long while .

I woke up the next morning with a kiss on my forehead .

” Pierreeee what is it by the time ? “I asked as I stretched out my arms .

” I like the way you pronounce my name . “He said smiling and I shook my head .

” As long as it has nothing to do with you shifting my womb. I have some packing to do .”I said and he chuckled.

” I will give you a ride to your place . And I’m sure Uriel will have everything ready for our trip by the evening ” he said and I gave a nod .

” I need to freshen up ” i said and he smirked.

” How about we shower together . We would be saving a lot of water you know ” he said teasingly.

” Don’t worry . I don’t mind “I said as I got down from the bed . I bit my lower lip controlling myself . If I make the smallest noise . Pierre is going to start beating himself up for hurting me . This man doesn’t know I like it like that .

I walked into the bathroom and set a warm bath for myself to calm my nerves down . It helped with the soreness and I felt fresh . Changing into one of shirt and shorts . I strolled out of the bathroom .

” I can’t believe we slept without eating dinner yesterday . I already feel so hungry “I complained as I sniffed the air and grinned excitedly.

” Thank God you are a chef ” i said and we both burst out laughing. We had breakfast after which he went back inside to freshen up .

I helped him pack up for our vacation. The ride to my place was a quiet one . On a normal day I would have said no to this trip because I didn’t want anything bringing pierre and I close .

It’s Sx I or Sx I don’t want to get emotionally attached to anyone. But the I need to get away for sometime especially now that chief is in Capetown. By the time we get back he would be gone .

“Tega you zoned out again “pierre said and I blushed in embarrassment.

” Sorry . I had something on my mind . “I said and he smiled .

” Come inside ” i said and he walked in . He was clad In a black Shirt and rugged geans and converse to match . He looked really hot and sexy.

” Your house smells like you “he said hugging me from behind.

” You this man . You have a sweet tongue and you are too touchy “I complained and he grabbed a part of my butts .

” Pierreeee !” I gasped .

“You just said I am too touchy “He said and I raised my eyebrows.

” Na why you grab my As like that ? { Is that why you grabbed my btts like that }”I asked in pigin.

” I do not understand one thing you just Said. But if it has anything with me grabbing your backside. I just couldn’t resist ” he said smiling and goodness me this Earth should just open and swallow me .

I went to my room to pack up and he joined me . Only for me to turn behind and the guy was seating on the sofa and watching my back .

” Really pierre ? I thought you came here to help ? “I asked frowning.

” And I’m helping ” he said Naughtily.

” You Mr Man are not helping in anyway . All you do is seat down there and watch my behind”I said annoyed .

” Okay I will help you pack up your underwears ” he said and I choked on my saliva immediately and started coughing.

Is this man trying to ki*ll me or what ? He rubbed my back and kissed my forehead.

” Sorry “he muttered under his breath

” Why the hell are you smiling ? “I snapped frustratedly.

” I can’t believe you choked just because I wanted to help you pack up your underwears. Baby I have had my mouth , fingers and d*ck In there. What’s there to be shy about . I love every fvcking part of your body “he said and I have never felt so good about my body like he made me feel that moment.

” Thanks but I’m not letting you pick my underwears I will handle that . “I said immediately.

” Not a problem . I will be taking them off anyways ” he said and I controlled my shock again . I have to get used to the French man’s confidence.

After packing up he drove towards his house .

” I’m hungry “he said while driving and oi raised my eyebrows.

” That is why you are a chef .cook for two “I said and he laughed.

” I love it when you cook for the both of us ” he said and I chuckled.

” Too much romance movies. I am not entering the kitchen again .Besides I’m not your girlfriend “I said immediately.

” You will be soon “” He said making my heart skip a beat.

” Keep on dreaming “i said frowning.

” Dreams do come true . Bella”he said and kissed my forehead. We ended up eating out .

We got to his place and as he went around making phone calls . I retired to the room for a short nap .

” Wake up and get ready ma fraise .it’s almost time for our flight”he said and I yawned tiredly.

I was sleepy throughout the time I got ready .I guess it’s due to the lack of proper sleep. This Frenchman kept me awake .

You liked it ” my mind mocked and I smiled .

We got to the airport and he shook hands with a tall guy who obviously had French origin. His looks gave that away and when he opened his mouth the accent proved my speculations.

” Goodevning Louis . “Pierreeee said as they shook hands .

” The jet is ready “the guy said and the other words that followed were in French . He sounds so sexy when he speaks in his mother tongue .

The guy asked him a question while turning his gaze to me and pierre said something that had the guy smiling.

” Finally “the guy said as they both Laughed . This guys might be planning to sell me off and I have no idea.

” I’m Louis his pilot . It’s glad to meet you miss … ” He trailed .

” Tega” I muttered under my breath as I tried to wrap my head around the fact that he owns a private jet .”

” You own a jet ? ” I asked immediately Lois left us .

” Is there a problem with that ? “He asked as he played with my backside.

” Stop touching my bum bum in public. Kids could be around “I scolded as I slapped his hand. The spot turned red immediately.

” See… Small thing you are now as red as pepper “I said frowning.

” You just manhandled me and you are saying it’s small ” he said pouting cutely.”

” No no no don’t gimme that Innocent face and puppy eyes. You have been grabbing my backside since I graced your bed . I feel your hands on my yanch { B*tts }247 .” I said frowning ”

” What is yanch ? ” He asked and I facepalmed myself .

” It means fine “I said and he smiled .

” You are so Yanch Tega ! “He said and I burst into laughter.

” Don’t say that to anyone else “I said trying to control my Laughter . Pierre will not be the end of me .


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  1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣…..
    Pierre will definitely be the end of you Tega,no doubt
    But I love the chemistry building up between the two of them
    Thanks for the update

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