The Perfect One – Episode 29 & 30

( Lovestruck with you…)

Chapter 29✰30

By, Bloom H.


Eve was ignored for a minute, it wasn’t the best feeling yet. The way they were looking at each other horrified her to the core

What was she missing here?

Sierra wiggled out of Royce’s hold and adjusted her dress, she gave him a quick glance

“Thanks” She said and began walking towards the door, Eve raised her hand in a bid to slap her and she smirked

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you” Sierra said and pushed her gently out of the way before leaving

Sierra met Raymond descending the stairs on her way down.. Huh? Does that mean, everyone was around but she was left on her own in the study?

“Hey. How was the meeting?” He asked when she got to the foot of the stairs where he was standing

“It went well, thanks” She smiled, “You’ve been around?” She asked and he nodded

“I was in my room. Hey wanna grab lunch with Jason and I?” He offered

” Jason? The doctor? ” She asked

” Yep. He’s a good friend and rest assured, he won’t make a move on you” Raymond chuckled and she smirked

” He dare! ” She laughed and they walked out together

Back in the room, Eve stood glaring at Royce, she was hoping he’d speak up but he didn’t instead he was stunned. His hands clutching his chest in disbelief

What on Earth just happened in his chest. His heartbeat had raced a while and now even if he hated to admit it, he started missing Sierra already

“What were the two of you about to do?!” Eve snapped moving forward

“What was she doing in here?” She probed when he didn’t reply. Royce sighed and rubbed his temple, taking a few steps towards the window that was opened to a pool



“I want her fired!” Eve spat and he spun to look at her, raising an inquisitive brow

“What?!” He asked and she chuckled bitterly

“I’ve been talking to you for a while but you didn’t reply, now when I asked you to send her away, you are interested..” Eve sniffed

“There’s nothing going on between Sierra and I, if that’s what you want to know” Royce sighed

“So why were you so close, you were touching and looking at her. God I hate her so much” Eve rasped and he frowned

” She was about to fall in front of me, you don’t expect me to watch her without doing nothing. You shouldn’t be reacting this way Leigh” He sent a pointed stare at her, narrowing his brows

” I can’t help it!” She shouted and he ruffled his hair

“F*ck, see you later..” He walked past her furiously heading in the direction of the study

When he entered, he bolted the door and went to sit down. Royce exhaled and smirked

“She blushed” He said when he recalled Sierra’s flushed face. She looked so cute and naive with the red on her face

He felt proud of his shamelessness. And her a** felt so soft when he held it, gosh, that lady is freaking endowed he knew but feeling it was heavenly

“What am I doing?” He shook his head vehemently

‘What are you not doing?’ His mind probed and he scoffed, impossible!

He’s a damn player, nothing will ever change that

‘Really?’ He heard his subconscious say and he hissed shutting his eyes tightly


After a long day with Jason and Raymond, Sierra’s car pulled over in the garage at Presley’s residence. She alighted after parking properly and entered the storey.

She took out a spare key to Presley’s apartment and opened it. The girls had each other’s keys in case of emergencies and other reasons

Presley was still at work.

She settled on the couch and threw her head backwards while her mind wondered to earlier today

His hands on her butt.

Damn, she face-palmed feeling flustered, the more she thought, the more her heartbeat increased. It was as though it would jump out

“I can’t be feeling this way… Not now, not ever!” She said sternly and sighed

She closed her eyes, humming a tune but stopped when she heard the door open

“Who is it?” She opened her eyes and stood up, Easton waved shakily at her. He still recalls when she almost choked him to death

He didn’t take a step forward, rather he was alarmed ready to run out if she tried coming at him

No doubt, he’s scared of this lady

“Uh.. Hello, I’ll just leave,” He said cowardly and turned to leave

” No, no.. you can stay. Actually, I wanted to apologise for last time, I was just not thinking straight” Sierra said and he stopped turning to look at her

Easton sighed in relief and smiled

“I understand, you were looking out for your friend” He said

“Yeah, I’m still doing that tho in the nicest way possible. If you hurt her I swear I’ll cut off your d*ck” She said grinning widely and he shivered in fear, she looked scary with that grin which was obviously forced

“I promise not to hurt her” He said and she nodded before sitting down

” I’m Easton Rivers. East for short”

” Sierra Davies”



“That was my best attempt at being nice, so don’t push it” Brandon glared at Mark who was silently giggling

He’d just explained how he bumped into Presley at Connor’s party last night but all Mark was doing was laugh which wasn’t helping

“Cut the crap. If you have nothing to say just leave!” Brandon snapped and Mark’s laughter increased

“F*ck you!”

“Daddy what’s f*ck?” Brandon gazed at the door when he heard Asher’s tiny voice inquire

Mark stopped laughing and looked at the boy. Asher hugged his teddy to himself as he walked to where his dad was sitting

He looked like someone who just got out of bed. Well he just did, little Asher had been napping since he came back from a friend’s house. Brandon had asked the maids to let him rest.

“You’re awake?” Brandon asked setting him on his laps and the boy nodded pouting

“hey lil kiddo” Mark stood up and ruffled his hair while he smiled

“Dude, I have an appointment now. I’ll see you tomorrow okay, don’t think about that lady too much. But if you do, picture her as a bed of roses” Mark winked and Brandon secretly showed him the finger as he left

” Bed of roses my foot… Hmph” He huffed and kissed Asher’s hair tenderly as he asked him about his day out

” Daddy I wanna go to the park tomorrow” Asher said suddenly and he hummed

“Sure your nanny can take you. It’s a weekend too, you can stay out for the day” He said caressing his hair

“You’re coming along too. Right?” Asher asked and he blinked

” Right?”

” Yeah, sure anything for you champ” He said and Asher giggled getting down from his legs

” Goodnight daddy” He beamed and ran off leaving Brandon in amusement

Brandon laughed shortly and faced his laptop

“Asher Campbell. He’s a real powerhouse” He bragged and chuckled softly


Asher ran into his room and jumped on Lilith who was on the bed.

“So what did he say?” She asked bringing out a bar of chocolate menacingly

” Chocolate first! ” Asher insisted and she pouted before handing the bar to him


“Coming along?” She asked and he nodded smearing his face with the sweet paste

Lilith smiled brightly and hugged Asher out of excitement. She’s the one who sent Asher to Brandon, maybe if she got to spend time with him, he might start looking her way

She got up from the bed and glanced at Asher, he was preoccupied with the chocolate to notice she was gone

She smiled, “I love you Asher” She giggled and hopped out to the study to take a peak at the demigod

Brandon Campbell

“He’s so perfect” She sighed dreamily as she watched Brandon work on his laptop


Adam looked expectantly into his phone hoping Tasha replied his numerous texts but he was left disappointed. She didn’t even read them

He dejectedly dismounted his bike and took off the helmet then looked at the building which was emitting bright lighting

“HEAVEN IN A PLATE” It was indeed heaven for him as it was the only place he was welcomed warmly

He dropped the helmet and walked into the restaurant. Few customers who recognized him gushed about but as usual he ignored them till he entered the kitchen

“Welcome boss” The staff chorused dispatching from the cliques they formed


“Fallon has got gossip” Someone said and Adam’s smile beamed

“Did I hear gossip?” He asked and drew out a stool while the workers gathered round him

Looking at them, Adam smiled, at least these people didn’t accuse him of outrageous things



“I’m sorry I yelled at you Royce, I felt insecure with her around” Eve apologized walking behind Royce as he made way upstairs to his room

They just finished having dinner but he keeps ignoring her

“Why would you even feel that way Leigh, she’s my personal assistant for crying out loud and you know I don’t like getting involved with my staff” He snapped and she kicked her legs guiltily

She knows but it’s hard to Ignore that Sierra is beautiful and witty. Royce has always fancied such ladies

“Please forgive me boo, I’m sorry okay?” She hugged him placing her head on his back

“It’s hard to get mad at you. I hate that attitude of mine” Royce said and she giggled

” So I’m forgiven?” She moved away and he nodded tilting his head to look at her, he flashed a smile and her heart leapt

Eve blinked and took in her lip

“Goodnight Leigh” He smiled and opened his door, she followed and stood in front of him

“Let me sleep here tonight, please Royce” She pleaded and he sighed


” I promise I won’t try anything funny. Though I hope we’ll do it here one day” She mumbled the last part

” A promise is a promise. I might be forced to throw you out if you break it” Royce said sternly and let her in, she gawked about the room and went to the bed

When will he ever make her feel special, no kissing, no cuddles, no s*x in his room. Gosh!

“It’s not fair” She whispered but put on a straight face of determination then looked around, Royce was gone

She heard the shower running and smiled, he didn’t leave her. He just went to take a shower.

Everleigh took a selfie and posted it on her internet account, captioning it, on my boo’s bed

She giggled at the comments she was getting on the post, they were a lot of hating b*tches, probably ladies Royce had disappointed too

MINUTES LATER, Eve waited for Royce to come out of the shower till she slept off. Royce came out fully dressed, he tucked her in properly and sighed

He had to stay in the bathroom for long so she would fall asleep. He knew Leigh, she was a driven person and her insistence on staying in his room came with an intention

So he decided not to risk it, he felt a bit sad for tricking her but it was worth it

He picked a pillow and a blanket before going to sleep on the couch in the small living room

Royce took out his phone and logged into his account, he smirked when he saw what Eve posted

He then did what he always does unintentionally every night. Stalk his Personal assistant’s account

It’s creepy but he does it and finds himself smiling everytime

“Cute” He complimented as he went through her posts



“Who meets a lawyer in a park?”

“Mr. Barnes does. Don’t jeopardize this Presley, this is your first major case since your win two months ago, it’s a big case so be smart and tactical about it okay?”

” Yes Dad”

“Ask meaningful questions that are related to the case, I know what I’m saying”

Presley laughed as Connor said that, there was a time, she’d bombarded a client with useless and painstaking questions, the poor man started doubting his truth. It was a sight to behold.

She stopped laughing and wiped a fake tear off her face

“He was confused” She said and Connor chuckled

“Okay, talk to you later. I have another call coming through” Connor disconnected and she sighed tapping the steering wheel gently

She did a bit of touch up on her face then grabbed her bag before slowly and carefully alighting the car in order not to hurt her feet again

She wore sneakers since her ankle was quite swollen. Easton had been massaging and applying medications for her and it was getting better

She stood by the road ready to go to the restaurant but then she became alarmed when she saw a boy run to the middle of the road to get a ball which rolled there

“Hey boy, get out of the road. Idiot!” She snarled but the stupid boy got angry and straightened to glare at her

Asher gasped when he saw his miss P.

“Hello miss P” He waved foolishly

“Asher.. f*ck!” Presley creased her brows and ran to get him off the road. Luckily it was not a highway else…

“Why did you go out there, don’t you know it’s dangerous?” She chided as they got to the other side. She dropped him

“Sorry” He said meekly and she sighed

“You’re alone again! Asher, why are you always alone when I see you huh?” She asked

” I’m not alone, my dad and nanny came with me” He said and she nodded

” So where are they? I need to sue them for such negligence” She muttered wiping his sweat with her handkerchief.

Asher looked at her and smiled, she was doing the same thing he’d seen Summer’s mother do for her

Does this mean, she’s now his mom? Little boy already made a conclusion and decided to stick with it

Besides she’s also pretty like Summer’s mom.

“Asher, where is your nanny. Why are you looking at me like that, answer me, are you here alone?” Presley asked tickling him and he giggled

“Asher.. oh my God, you scared me!” Lilith ran towards them gasping for air, she opened her arms but Asher ran passed her to Brandon

“He was in the middle of the road, that’s where” Presley snapped at her before standing up, Lilith scoffed and rolled her eyes

Presley then looked back but her expression became horror filled when she saw.. HIM! AGAIN!

“You?” They both exclaimed and sighed tiresomely

“Asher what are you doing with him?” Presley asked and Brandon smirked

“Does he need your permission to hug his dad?” Lilith snapped glaringly and Presley gasped

” What?!”

“Miss P” Asher pointed at Presley and Brandon’s eyes widened. The same miss P Asher always talks about is this her?

“She?” He asked to be sure and Asher nodded gleefully

Lilith watched angrily, did they know each other?

Presley stepped back laughing hysterically, she tripped on a stone and fell on her butt

“He’s so cute but just had to have you as his father, so sad” She said

” What? ”

” Poor kid” Presley whined

“You..” Brandon moved forward

Lilith and Asher just watched cluelessly

“Why?” Presley burst into tears shocking three of them


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