Lady Mafia – Episode 68

Lady Mafia

(From Revenge To Affection)

By: Vickie Dora ๐ŸŒป



Chapter 68


Audrey’s POV

The date went well, we talked about lots of things, ignoring the earlier tension that set in on my arrival. Jayden looked more handsome in his expensive tuxedo, his trimmed hair made his face stand out. Where has he kept all this beauty back in the clan?


Truth be told, Jayden is a nice fellow, just that he finds joy in getting on my nerves, I would never imagine a day like this, going out on a date with him. And his confession threw me off balance. He claim to love me so much; he hadn’t been bold enough to tell me until he got Mica’s aid. That girl will hear from me; I can’t believe she knows about this all along and kept me in the dark.


I feel for him keeping it to himself all because I was head over heels for Wizard, only to find out that all I had was a mere infatuation.


“So, what…do you have to say erm…proposal” he asked, quite stuttering. I gave a brief smile, sighing. I don’t wanna make rash decisions, and I can’t say if I feel a thing for Jayden, we are only friends.


“I erm…truth be told Jayden, you are a nice guy and…I like you, but I can’t say if I feel anything for you” I noted, truthfully. He nods, rubbing his temple.


“Just give me a chance to proof my love for you…I know, it’s gonna be difficult…but I will make things easy. I love you so much Autumn, heavens knows.” Silence took in for a while, until his warm palm touch my hand. I didn’t bother pulling it out, pressing my lips together.


“Yea…it’s fine…we can, just make things work…right?”


His eyes elated on hearing that. He sat upright, giving a funny chuckle. “You mean”


“I’m ready to go out with you, you know…we can make it work” I cuts in, smiling brightly. I don’t think I will ever regret dating Jayden, well I can’t say, but this will help rid of the thoughts of Wizard from my mind.


“I’m..I..can’t express how joyful I am now…thanks l much darling…I promise to make you feel happy always, trust me. You won’t regret being my girlfriend.” He stated, squeezing my hand a little before releasing it. Did I just feel an adrenaline rush within me?


Sending the voice note to the clan group, Mica, pulled out her revolver, loading the cartridge with bullets as she waits for the enemy’s arrival. They, keeping her still alive means one thing, they ain’t here to ki*ll her but to take her captive. This she isn’t gonna agree to, it’s gonna be a blood for blood.


“I rather die fighting” she thought, corking the gun. Her opponent stood still on the spot, more like they were waiting for a command from their boss. The door to the black car that had been trailing her opened, as a huge well-built man stepped out, having a pipe in his mouth which he smokes from. Hades. He smirked, walking in between his men until he got to the front of her car.


He gave a finger signal to Mica, wanting her to alight the car. She could see him clearly, but he couldn’t. She pulled off her seat belt, retreating to the back passenger seat. The arena is heavily surrounded, there is no way out. He noticed her reluctance to get out.


Signalling one of his men who came forward with a fuel, he ordered for it to be poured on the car. Mica’s tension increased as she imagine the oncoming scene. She gave a sigh of defeat as Hades turn on a lighter.


“You have just five seconds Mica, get out or get burnt” he muttered in a gruffly voice. Mica gulped in, pulling the car knob as she gently alight. Her hands were raised in the air, her face squeeze in a sneer..


Hades smirked closing up a little distance. He turned off the lighter, tucking it into his pocket.


“I thought you weren’t gonna surrender” he chuckled evilly. She gulped in, eye counting the numbers of men present; each were properly arms, aiming directly at her. She wouldn’t survive this if she tries anything funny.


“Now I have….and my gun is down…” She bent downward to drop the revolver she held. “What do you want from me. ” She wouldn’t recognize Hade, but was sure these are members of the Blood Clan.

“Your life” Hades replied harshly, turning on the wireless earpod. “We got her boss” he whispered into it, a reply came in almost immediately.


“ki*ll her then” Don replied from the background. Hades wasn’t expecting such response, but he was sure Don knows what he is doing. He signalled to one of his men with a camera to capture the scene before facing Mica.


“What the hell do you want from me?” Mica, entangled, yelled this time. Her heart kept failing; why now, why is it now that she has found love that death decide to visit. She feels pity for her new found love, he surely will hear about her death. She was ready for it; a drop of tears escape her eyes.


She hurriedly pull out a gun from beneath her shirt killing three men down at a go, slightly missing Hades head as the bullet pierced into his right arm shoulder. She had caught them unaware, displaying a secret skill of the Wolves.


Her four consecutive shots wasn’t in vain; her body grew weak just after her shot, as bullets from the opponents came piercing into her body, a total of 30 bullets, tearing her apart.


“Argh…” She muttered a last word before her lungs got pierced. The gun fell off her hand in a slow motion; her mouth slightly open with blood gushing out of it, just the same pace as the bullets wounds.


Her fragile body collapse to the ground, raising a quick dust.

“F***k, damnit…arggh” Hade curse, sending another bullet through her skull. “B!tch” he cussed, grabbing his bleeding hand. “If we haven’t been prepared, this ant would have taken us all down.


“Let me drive you home” Jayden offered, while Autumn hesitated before shaking her head.

“Nope…Mica asked me to call her if I’m down. I can’t believe we stayed this long, she must have been waiting” she noted. He shrugged


“Do you think Mica will wait this long for us to be through…nahh…come on sweetheart” he called softly, making her blush a little.


“Sure she would….let’s check the park first”


He agreed, as they both walk to the park but got no sight of the car. Autumn dialed Mica’s number, but it wasn’t reachable. She sighed after calling for the umpteenth time without a response. Jayden squinted. “She’s still not picking?”


“Yes…she rarely stay away from her phone..I don’t know why she’s not picking up” she pouted. “I should just drop you then, she might be stuck in traffic or busy at the moment” he suggested. She agreed to go with him afterward, but has a worried mind concerning Mica.


“Where could she go to without telling me?”


Wolves Clan

Kyla’s Suite

Pouring a good amount of oil in his palm, Evans gently rub his oil stained palm on Kyla’s back, giving her a good massage.”Hmm…” She mo@ned slightly, enjoying the warm feelings it brought to her body.


He gently massage her shoulders, down to her back, the spine, her ribs to her waist. The white towel she had on, covered the lower part of her body.


“Trust you are enjoying this, I’m quite good than most that works in a spa” Evans noted, giving praise to his skills. She scoffed. “You won’t deny that…don’t scoff. Whereas, I feel like massaging the other parts…would you let me?’ he winked, though she wouldn’t see him.


“Nope…that’s enough” she got up, sitting on her butt. Her large b00bs jingled before him, he felt the urge to carress them. “Don’t you want a frontal massage too?” He winked, licking his lips.


“No” she replied him coldly; he pouted making her chuckle as she slam her lips on his; sucking on the nectar of their lips. He sees that as an opportunity to go about his fondling Job, making her mo@n in his mouth.


“That’s enough…you can’t have me everyday” she snapped, getting off the table. She got dressed, walking into her bedroom, and just then, her phone beeped. She didn’t bother checking it out, as she made for her office in the main clan.


Evans followed suit, few minutes after she settled into the swivel. He shut the door behind him, dragging out a chair to sit on. She gave him a quick glance, flipping through the files on the table.


“Don’t tell me you are here to give another round of masssgae..hunnn” she asked, smirking. He grinned. “I will gladly give you more than that, not minding our location”


She shook her head covering up her blush with a smirk. Silence took in, only the sound of the papers could be heard.


“Babe” Evans called softly. Kyla paused, sparing him a brief glance. He hadn’t called her that, ever…though she’s still getting used to the pet names he is introducing.


“Yea” she replied, earning a broad smile from him. He admires the fact that she didn’t disagree with the pet names he decided to use in calling her.


“Ain’t we going on a vacation?” He asked. She socffed. “I can’t…who will run the clan?” He nods his head. “But sometimes you just need a day off…I mean we….I..I need to see my mother” he shuttered. She paused again, closing up the files; her fingers clamped as she focus on him.


“I…erm..will make arrangements for that…..” Her phone beeped again, interrupting her speech. She picked it up, checking the notification bar. A voice note on the group from Mica and a video from an unknown number, which is likely to be the earlier message that dinged.


She decided to click on that of Mica’s, listening to the voice note.


“Hello boss…and everyone, I hope you get this message in time. I think the Blood Clan is after me, I’m currently surrounded by men in black, holding bloody machine guns. I can’t take them all, please I need help. Please track my location…anyone….I’m in danger” The vocie note ended. Kyla sprang to her feet, her heart beat accelerated.


“F**k this….damn” she yelled, banging her fist on the table. Evans jerked up, looking tensed.


“What is wrong” he questioned. “It’s Mica…she is in danger” she could barely reply him, running out of the office to the Power Room. Evans followed suit.


Another message entered while she tried Mica’s number. It wasn’t reachable. She called Autumn, but the network kept bouncing the call.


“You still wouldn’t watch the video” a message appeared on her phone. She was tempted to click it, seeing the earlier vidoes sent. Her hand shook vigorously as she click the first one.


The video came up; no doubt, the lady being shot with numerous bullet is Mica. She could see her clearly as she was shot dead, giving up the ghost. “No….no…”she whispered, digging her whole finger into her hair.


“Nooo!!!!” Her scream echoed in the whole room, as she slump into a chair. She couldn’t believe what she just saw; Mica is gone….no. Some of the guards around heard her scream and came running in.


“Kyla….” Evans called, getting scared of the whole scenerio. A call came in again, from Moonlight. Her hand shook as she picked it. “Boss…Boss, are you there?” Her voice shook, like someone who has being crying.


“What is it Moonlight?” Kyla asked in a cold tone, expecting another heartbreak. How would she take this in. “Boss…Kelvin…was shot” she muttered, coughing.


“F**k….” Kyla gritted. “He was hit by a stray bullet, well, according to witnesses..we rushed him to the hospital only for him to pass away. I have my suspicions that it’s not a stray bullet….I think the Blood Clan are after us. Kelvin mentioned something about some spy or…gawd, I don’t know what to do….” She lamented. Kyla couldn’t speak for a while, a lump seem to creep up her lungs.


“Where are you currently Moon, and where is his body?”


“His body is in the morgue…the police is on the bullet case, I don’t wanna involve myself. I’m currently in a hotel, different from the one we booked earlier…I can’t risk it….”


“Listen, I want you to disguise in anyway and leave that city now….take the next flight down to New York, don’t get anyone suspicious…okay?”

“Ok boss”


She ended the call, thinking of the first step to take. She needs to go for Mica’s body, that’s if the police haven’t found it already.

“Get me Justin” she other two gaurds who stood few meters away. She is really trying to act strong but the truth is, she really need a shoulder to cry on. Loosing two men in one day is not a thing to take in.


She made sure everyone was out of the room except Evans. The threatening tears in her eyes came running down her cheek as she sniffed in, cleaning off the tears. Evans came forward to hug her, trying to calm her down. Not like she really broke down, but he haven’t seen her this emotional, despite her struggles to stay ok.


“It’s ok…please I don’t like seeing you in this state…just..” his voice ceased. He also couldn’t take it. She pulled out of the hug, turning to the system. She connected to the wi-fi, making a visual call to the other members. They joined in the call, one after the other, each having a worried look on, they all might have seen Mica’s message.


She took a deep breath in, before speaking up. “War, against the Blood Clan is up…I don’t wanna know where you are, but for the sake of our lives and that of our brethren that were sent to the great beyond. I want everyone of you to take the next flight down to New York, except your time zone is different…and if so, you are given twenty four hours to get down here. Come in disguise, no one should know your identity. The Blood Clan is back on its feet, we need to be at alert.”.


Just after she ended the video call, the guards sent came in, having a weary look on.


“Where is he? She asked, getting on her feet. “We can’t find him boss…he is no.more in the clan”


Her face burns with rage, she gritted furiously, cracking her knuckles. “Place a siege on the whole clan, exit, he must not escape”





Vickie Dora ๐ŸŒป


  1. Oh wow! I saw this coming anyways. But thank God its just two casualty so far.. Kyla, you gotta be strong for the clan. Its gonna be bloody war of the blood clan. And justin must be caught by all means. Next episode is gonna be epic with all action pack.

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