Hugs & Kisses – Episode 71 & 72

Alex And Abbie

(Alex And Abbie…)


By, Ariel Mirabel


“Hand me the girl… Lucas” Tyler said, aiming his gun at Lucas with a cold look on his face.

Lucas frowned and clenched his hand tight on the steering wheel. He can’t believe he forgot to get rid of his phone to avoid being tracked down.

Without hesitating, he got down the car and walked to Tyler with his hands up.

“How dare you betray me this way!” Lucas gritted his teeth.

“I didn’t betray you.. You betrayed us by stupidly falling for our target. The plan was that you make her fall for you so that her family won’t suspect us when she disappears but you recklessly fell for her!” Tyler said, aiming his gun at him.

“If you find out that Whitney is a target too, will you have turned her up to my father? Huh!!” Lucas shouted and Tyler kept quiet

“See? You’re just so selfish!!” Lucas smirked

“I’m just-”

Before he could finish speaking, Lucas snatched the gun from him and aimed it back at Tyler.

“Get out of the way Tyler!” Lucas muttered.

Tyler made to punch him but Lucas dodged and he didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger but Tyler ducked. He stood back up and kicked the gun off Lucas’s hand, it rolled off to the nearby bush.

Lucas grabbed Tyler by the collar and landed a heavy punch on his face then he kneed him. Tyler speared him and they fell with Tyler on top.

He began punching Lucas..

The noise and ruckus they were making woke Abbie up. She groaned and slowly opened her eyes

“Where… Where I’m I?”


The burial ceremony was over but it came with another worry… Abbie’s missing!

Alex could be seen pacing around. If it was up to him, he could have left to look for her but Bryce held him. Since Abbie has disappeared, it’ll be stupid to leave Alex go to who knows where alone.

“Why the f*ck should I wait.. Abbie is probably in danger as we speak!!” Alex snapped..

He felt like he was loosing his sanity bit by bit.

“I placed a tracker on her, just let me connect to the tracker” Bryce said, sitting inside his car as his hands ran furiously on the laptop.

“She’s located. Hop on!” Bryce said and Alex immediately entered the driver’s seat.

“We’ll join you!” Whitney said and Bryce shook his head..

“It’s quite dangerous. I would have preferred to go alone but I know Alex will follow me so that’s why I’m taking him” Bryce said and Whitney’s shoulder fell..

Bryce closed the car and Alex drove of at a furious speed. As he drove, Bryce made a phone call.

“Soraya, issue an arrest warrant for Tyler Barton, Marshall Leighton and Lucas Leighton for kidnapping and women trafficking” He said and Alex’s eyes widened. He almost lost his control of the car..

Bryce finished speaking and he hung up then looked at Alex.

“I’m gonna tell you everything and I know it’s hard to believe but it’s the truth… I’m telling you this now incase I don’t survive” Bryce said with a serious look on his face and he began narrating everything to him

Alex’s eyes grew wide as he did…


“Where… Where I’m I?”

Abbie immediately spranged up when it dawned on her what happened. She looked around and her eyes widened when she saw Lucas and Tyler fighting each other right in front of the car.

Without thinking twice, she got down the car and immediately took to her heels, running off.

Tyler noticed her running away and pushed Lucas off. He dipped his hand in his pocket and brought out a knife and began aiming for her

Lucas quickly rushed to where the gun landed and then picked it. Before Tyler could throw the knife at Abbie, he shot him

Tyler gasped and his eyes widened as the bullet took his spinal cord.

“Ahh!!” Abbie closed her ear in fear as the sound of the gunshot resounded round the area.

The knife fell off Tyler’s hand and his knee dropped to the floor as he spat blood.

“I’m sorry Tyler.. It was either you or me” Lucas muttered as Tyler’s body dropped to the floor.

Abbie turned and her eyes widened on horror when she saw Tyler’s body laying on his own pool of blood. She looked at Lucas and her eyes widened in fear

She made to run but bumped into someone. She looked up to see it was none other than… Don

“Look what we have here” Marshall smirked and grabbed her wrist

“Let me go!!” Abbie began struggling with him but he slapped her really hard and she began bleeding from the lips.

“Dad!!” Lucas shouted and Marshall aimed his gun at Abbie’s head.

“Stop this nonsense Lucas… Killing your own friend all because of this thing is the height of it, bring down that gun or I won’t hesitate to sh00t her and your mom” Marshall muttered heartlessly

Lucas’s eyes widened and when he looked at the car Marshall came with, he could see Lilian tied up in the car.

She didn’t understand what was happening till Marshall tied her up and brought her here.. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw as Lucas shot down Tyler.

Just what is happening?? What has been going on and she wasn’t aware of it

“Dad.. Don’t you dare!” Lucas gritted his teeth and Marshall smirked

“I will dare!! Unless you come back to your sense,, this girl is only a good, nothing else” Marshall said.

Lucas looked at his mom and then at Abbie. He closed his eyes and slowly dropped the gun on the ground then raised his hands up

“Good” Marshall smirked and hit Abbie on the neck, she passed out on the ground.

“Take her, let’s leave for our HQ. I’m sure an arrest warrant has already been issued for us” Marshall said and Lucas walked to them then slowly carried Abbie in a bridal style.

“You’re going nowhere!” Bryce said, aiming his gun at them.

Almost immediately other cops flooded the area, completely surrounding them. Marshall smirked at that..

“I see you’ve found your brother… Bryce” Marshall smirked and looked at Alex who was standing beside Bryce with a shocked look on his face.

Not in his silent dreams would he have imagine that the man he considered as his father was involved in such things.

“Lucas, take her to the car” Marshall said.

“Don’t you move or else-”

“Or else what?! You’ll sh00t? C’mon, I dare you to sh00t.. sh00t and wash how I blow up her brain” Marshall said and Bryce gritted his teeth, tightening his grip on his gun

“Abbie…” Alex muttered.

“On the count of three you run… I’m sorry, I was the one who got you involved in this mess” Lucas whispered.

“3…2…1, go!” Lucas quickly dropped Abbie and she opened her eyes then began running to Alex

“No! Get her!!” Marshall said and brought out his gun but Lucas shot it off his hand

Abbie ran to Alex’s arms and they both hid behind the car as Marshall’s men surrounded the area and soon the place began raining gunshots.

Marshall got in the car Lilian was tied in. He ignited the engine and drove off.

“You’re going nowhere with my mom!” Lucas hopped in his car and drove after him.

“Alex take Abbie away” Bryce said, entering the car.

“No, I’m coming with you… Can’t let you go alone” Alex said and Abbie nodded

Bryce wanted to protest but they already got in the car. He sighed and zoomed off after Marshall.

“What is happening Marshall!! What is all these!!” Lilian shouted in tears as Marshall kept driving while looking back at the two cars tailing after him.


“Shut up woman!! F*cking shut up or I’ll fling you off this car!?” Marshall snapped.

Lucas car double crossed him and halted in front of him, forcing his car to stop.

“Give me my mother!” Lucas said

Marshall gritted his teeth when Bryce’s car also stopped behind his.

“Stay in” Bryce said and got out of the car with his gun.

“There’s no way to escape for you Don” Bryce said, aiming his gun at him.

“Since there’s no way to escape, I’m taking y’all to hell” Marshall smirked and pressed a button in his hand. They began hearing something ticking.

Lilian’s eyes widened in horror and she slowly looked down. A big bomb was tied in her tummy together with the ropes.

“Mom!!” Lucas rushed to the car as began untying his mother quickly.

Marshall laughed out maniacally. Bryce gritted his teeth and shot him on the shoulder.

“Argh!?” He fell to the floor.

Bryce quickly rushed to help Lucas him deactivate the bomb.

Alex stared at everything with great difficulties. Even of Lilian isn’t his real mom, she treated him like one

“No I can’t stand this..” He got down to help them

Almost immediately, the air suddenly began blowing fast and with difficulties, Marshall looked up to see an helicopter landing beside him. He smiled..

His customer have arrived.

A young man dressed in a black neat suit descended the helicopter with a smirk playing on his lips.

He walked to Marshall

“Good job.. You stuck to the time” He muttered and brought out his gun then shot it straight at Alex. It took his chest.


“How dare you touch my good..”

“Alex. No!!” Abbie got down the car and made to run to him but the man grabbed her wrist.

“You’re coming with me” He smirked and bundled her in his arm, taking him to the helicopter.

Alex held his bleeding chest as his knees gave up. He stretched his hands to Abbie but sadly, he couldn’t stand.

“H… Heart” He muttered before his body dropped to the floor.

“Alex… No!!?” Abbie screamed as the person got in the helicopter with her and helicopter took off.

“F*ck!” Bryce pushed Lucas away when he couldn’t deactivate the bomb and before they knew it


The bomb exploded..



  1. WTF……
    Alex don't die please
    When I thought everything is over, someone came out of nowhere and took Abbie away just like that

  2. OMG, this is insane, just when it's about to be over…. Please, Alex should not die ooo, who will save Abbie now?? I hope the bomb won't affect them….
    Well done author 😌😊

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