House of Thorns – Episode 9


Tales by EVE

Episode 9

“What was that? Oh please Mary, Vivian can be anything but a cheat. She’d never allow any man come between us. Not even in her craziest moments will she even imagine having an extra marital affairs!” Leonard told himself as he pulled out of the parking lot, and navigated his way to the bar where he always stayed till late at night when he went home.

Even though a part of him had truly wanted to go home to see what Mary had been so sure he’d see, a better part of him knew there was nothing to see. Mary was simply running out of mischief and had come up with something as unreasonable as an insinuation that his wife could be cheating.

When he eventually got home later that night, his wife was wearing a strange look. Not only was she all ruffled, there was the smell of a strange perfume in the house. And what’s more, she was chewing gums carelessly, while making a call, he couldn’t tell who she was speaking with.

Leonard looked at her for a few seconds and moved on to the guest room which had now turned to his personal room. He took a quick shower and was still drying his hair when the sound of his wife’s laughter came filtering into the room.

He found himself unconsciously straining to hear what she was saying as she was literally whispering to whoever it was that she was speaking with. “I know darling, but he’s home already. Let’s have it again tomorrow…., Yes, he leaves for work very early…yes baby, I love you too, bye” she said and exhaled happily.

Leonard couldn’t believe what he had just heard. His wife was certainly talking with someone about doing something when he must have gone to work the next day! Could that really be a man or he was just too paranoid because of what Mary had told him?

“There’s only one way to find out. I’ll certainly leave for work as usual, whether I truly go to work or stay back to see what she’s up to is what she’d have to find out” Leonard told himself.

He got out of the room to make himself a cup of coffee and was shocked to find his wife still sitting carelessly in the sitting room, laughing at whatever it was that she was looking at in her phone.

“Oh Lord, please don’t let this be true! I don’t know how I’ll be able to handle it if I find out that she’s truly cheating on me. That’s something I don’t know how to manage!” Leonard lamented as he kept tossing on the bed.

Early the next day, he got prepared for work as usual, and his wife was dressed in a kind of skimpy outfit he’d never seen her on before. She looked every bit ravishing, he wished he could hold her for a few minutes before he stepped out.

But that would have to wait. He needed to step out and see if she was really up to something. His plan was to drive for a few minutes and turn around to find whatever she had been planning to do the previous night. He knew he’d find her waiting for him, it must be a prank to get him stay at home.

But as soon as he got out of the estate gate, he got a call from Valerie. There was an emergency and she’d not be able to accompany him to Larrabet Holdings for their meeting that day, she told him.

“Damn! I didn’t even remember this meeting? What is Vivian turning me into? She’s practically making me clueless and everything I’ve never been!” he lamented sorrowfully to himself after Valerie had been able to pass across the message that she had a minor home accident, and wouldn’t be in shape to appear at Larrabet Holdings and hung up.

Leonard had the work mode activated immediately and swung into action. He drove straight to the office to get the things he had prepared for the meeting and zoomed off to take care of the job.

Back in his house, Vivian was sitting away from the dude Mary had arranged to come to the house. She wasn’t comfortable with the way he kept looking at her lasciviously, almost as if he didn’t know the rules of the game.

“Erm, what’s your name again?” she asked her faux lover. “Jeremy” he told her warmly, smiling flirtat!ously.

“Ok Jeremy, I don’t know if my friend told you, but the whole essence of this game is to make my husband jealous, we’re really not doing a thing” she reminded him.

“Copy that” he said briskly, smiling mischievously. He had been told that the beauty was part of his prize, so he didn’t need to argue with her. “When the time is right, I’ll do what I have to do” he told himself.

“He didn’t come back home as expected again” she was complaining to Mary over the phone. “Don’t worry, Jeremy will tell you what you have to do to make him come home immediately” she told her before asking her to hand the phone to Jeremy.

“Be sure he’s a few steps away from you before you make the final move”. She told him after giving him the initial instructions.

Although Vivian wasn’t comfortable with the idea of having a man film her almost naked, Mary had told her it was the only way to make her husband come running home. And when he does, Jeremy would make the confessions that would make Leonard belong to her forever.

“That’s all for now” Jeremy told her as he sent the video he had just made to Mary and waited for the signal to proceed to stage two.

Leonard was just stepping out of the conference Hall after a successful meeting when his phone beeped, notifying him of a new message. He was the luckiest of men to have sat at the back of the official car that had brought him to Larrabet Holdings before he took a look at the message.

“What!” he screamed, startling the driver so badly, he almost hit the car in front of him. “Is everything ok sir?” the driver asked concernedly.

“Take me home immediately” he shouted at the top of his voice. “The address” was all the driver asked as he skid out of the parking lot.

The car had hardly pulled over properly when he dashed out of the car, and he could hear his wife screaming. Damn! “This isn’t happening, it just has to be a bad dream!” he kept telling himself as he raced into the house.

But it was indeed happening, a macho looking guy was butt naked on his wife and she was screaming. Just how terrible was he in his past life to deserve these kind of women?

First it was Mary caught pants down with his best friend when their would have been wedding was around the corner, and now, Vivian could have a man mount her in their matrimonial home while she screamed like a man!ac!

“Hey, who are you to burst in on my and my woman? Why are you interrupting our passionate love making?” Jeremy asked Leonard agressively.

“What are you talking about, you depr@ved being. This wasn’t the plan. This is the time when you’re supposed to tell my husband that I love just him” Vivian cried

“What husband are you talking about? Wait, don’t tell me you’re married! No, it can’t be. How can you be married when you don’t allow me have a day of rest without crying for sxx? Is he the reason you took the pills that aborted our pregnancy?” Jeremy went on, playing out the script his paymaster had drafted for him while Leonard stood dumbstruck at the door, watching his wife act like she was shocked at the things the dude was saying.

“Don’t be silly baby, the guy got eyes, what acting could we have been acting with my phallus deeply buried in you while you screamed at the top of your voice? He isn’t a kid, he knows when a woman screaming in raw pleasure. And would you please quit acting? If you were married to him all along and still needed me to give you the sexual satisfaction all the while, doesn’t that tell you it’s time you officially left him to be with me?” he asked, touching her face tenderly.

Vivian hit him with all the fury she could gather, and made to walk towards Leonard, but Jeremy pulled her roughly to him, warning her never to lay her hands on him again. By the time she turned again, Leonard was gone.

“You b@stard” Vivian screamed as she hit him across the face again. “I told you never to do that again” he told her menacingly and he hit her hard on her face, sending her sprawling on the floor.

Jeremy moved to the door and got it locked. He made a call to inform his boss that the job was done and he was about to get his prize. “Bravo! I knew you’d deliver. Enjoy yourself, while I make sure he doesn’t come back any time soon to interrupt you” she told him and hung up happily.

“What are you doing?” Vivian asked, wiping blood from the corners of her lips as she watched him increase the volume of the music that had been playing in the sitting room, trepidation coursing through her veins.

“Completing what we already started pretty face” he told her as he pounced on her, humping away with reckless abandon, while the loud music drowned the painful and regretful screams she let out.

At Mcmorrit Holdings, Leonard was muffling his screams with handkerchief. Tears trickling out of his eyes like a that of a baby. He as exploding inside, someone had to rescue him!
And just when he was in his worst shape, the door to his office swung open, and there at the door was none other than Mary


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