House of Thorns – Episode 8


Tales by EVE

Episode 8

It’s been two weeks since Vivian returned from the hospital, and things had gone from bad to worse. Vivian had gone berserk when she found out that she had lost her child. She blamed Leonard non stop for provoking her so badly that she lost the only thing any one wasn’t contending with her in the marriage.

Not only did she make her mum turn away with her nasty characters, she succeeded in making Leonard virtually lose it. She nagged non stop about how Leonard was staying at home since he had already accomplished his mission of terminating her pregnancy. Leonard resorted to moving aimlessly in the neighborhood, until the decided to resume work.

She cried most nights, and stayed sober all day, thinking about how miserable her life had turned. And since Leonard resumed work, she had been looking for an avenue to confront the CEO. She wanted to get Leonard back, but he wasn’t even looking at her any longer.

So that morning, she decided to storm Mcmorrit Holdings under the guise of visiting Mary her friend who worked there. Vivian got cutely dressed and was super pleased to see that her misery had not in anyway eroded the beauty God had endowed her with.

“Hey Vivian! You look gorgeous as ever!” Mary squealed as she ushered Vivian into her office. “How have you been coping?” Mary asked her ‘friend’.

“Still breathing my dear. I only wish you had informed me earlier about all these shits. Maybe this their affair wouldn’t have escalated to this extent. The most annoying part is how he had been able to so craftily blind my mother to the truth of his atrocities” Vivian lamented.

“Don’t worry your beautiful head my dear, things will soon take the shape we want” she assured Vivian with an extra meaning.

“Thanks dear. But Mary, I’ve been meaning to ask, how did you get all those pictures?” Vivian asked all of a sudden, shocking Mary so much that she nearly fell off her seat.

“Common Vivian, is that what we should be talking about or how you’d reclaim your man now?” Mary replied craftily, hoping that Vivian will swallow the bait, and she did!

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that for a while now. So I came here today to confront the CEO. I’ll make a show of them today and I’m sure she’d chase him far away from her after what I’ll do you her ” Vivian told her friend

“You don’t wanna do that sweetheart! Especially not today when her lover is around” Mary opined, afraid that things were about to get out of hand. Why was she being too smart today? Didn’t she always ask her for directions before doing anything? If she needed me to tell her what to do when her husband came home with Tricia, why did she come up with this plan on her own?

“Ugh! If her man is around, that’d be an extra icing to my cake. I’ll make her lose her man, and chase her as far away as I can from mine. I’m surely going to make her so embarrassed today, she’d never go close to any woman’s husband ever again” Vivian quipped enthusiastically.

“No darling, you won’t! She’ll simply deny your accusations and ask for evidences. Where are you going to say you got the pictures from? And how would you prove she’s the one in the pictures? You’ll end up looking like a f0ol, and from what I heard about the z0mbie she calls her man, he’d stand so tall by her” Mary told her.

“So what am I going to do? Am I going to sit and watch her take over my man for keeps forever?” Vivian asked, sounding totally exasperated.

“It’s easy dear. You get yourself a man!” Mary said straight faced. “What? No no no no! How can you suggest such an outrageous thing? How can you suggest I have an extra marital affairs when I’m fighting Leo for having one?” Vivian asked looking very upset with Mary’s suggestion.

“And who is asking you to have an extra marital affairs? Who said you really need to cheat before you make him feel the pains he’d been making you feel all these while?” Mary asked feeling like a genius.

“Oh lord! You almost gave me a heart attack Mary. Please speak on. I need to hear whatever I can do to make my man come back to what he used to be. But if he has to feel some pains to see how I felt while he’s crawling back, I wouldn’t mind” she said, smiling triumphantly.

Mary told her of the plan to get a man to pretend to be her lover, get Leonard very jealous and unable to spend an extra minutes away from her than was necessary.

According to the plan, they’ll drop hints that will make Leonard start suspecting her, then when he eventually finds the man with her, she’d accuse him of making her so lonely she nearly fell into the hands of another man.

The man would then tell Leonard how lucky he is to have a woman as strong willed as Vivian, tell him how she wouldd have been with him for a long while if she wasn’t so principled and in love with her husband.

This would ultimately get Leonard back with her, and never leaving her sides again. “This is why I love you like a sister. You’re just too smart. And I’m sure this your smartness is why Leonard never wanted us together. He knew you’d figure out his moves too easily and that would be me knowing about his escapades. And guess what sweetheart, even though he tried so hard to keep us apart, telling me so many bullsh!ts about you, we managed to stay close behind his back. Thanks for staying by my sides all these while. Thanks for not letting my husband’s animosity towards you deter you love for me” Vivian told Mary as she gave her a sisterly hug.

If only she could see Mary’s face as she hugged her. If only she knew that her husband had been doing so much to save her from the schemes of a desperate woman who had been pestering him non stop!

Mary made some calls and she handed Vivian the contacts of her new faux lover. She told her all she needed to do and how to act while she (Mary) set up the stage for her and the guy to make Leonard jealous.

Since they had agreed not to go on with the plan of confronting Tricia, Vivian sneaked out of Mcmorrit Holdings, making sure her husband had no clue she was there.

But how would Leonard have known that his wife was in Mcmorrit Holdings when he was at Larrabet Holdings with Valerie to make the final negotiations for he collaboration?

“Wow! That was amazing! You’re so smart and efficient you make working seem like a picnic. Working with you these few days has made me have a rethink about talking up a job. I may have to speak to my sister about getting a permanent position” Valerie squealed as they rode back to Mcmorrit Holdings.

“You’re being too modest Miss Valerie. You’re not so bad for a starter after all. I can boldly tell you that you’re super intelligent and bold. You think I could have sealed this deal so easily without your help? Think again Miss Valerie, you reduced the energy I should have exerted into this by close to 50%” he praised her

“You’re too kind with words Mr Leonard.” She told him, blushing at the praises he showered on her. Although she had always known that she wasn’t a dull@rd, she had always been scared of having anything to do with the organization, because of the high standards her sister had already set. She didn’t want her father thinking so less of her.

But with the way Mr Leonard praised her as they drove away from Larrabet Holdings, she was accruing enough confidence to stand in for Tricia any day she needed her to step in for her.

They said their goodbyes and Leonard was making his way to his car when he heard the voice he had wished he’d never get to hear in his life again. “What can I do for you miss Mary?” He asked roughly

“Yes please. You have a lot you can do for me. But for a starter, drop that name. It sucks to hear you address me like a stranger when I should have your surname now if you had been a little bit forgiving!” She fired at him.

“I’m not about to have this conversation with you again. Stay away from me Mary! Even if you stalk me from now till forever, find your way to the organization I work, find yourself an apartment in the estate I live, it’s still not going to change the fact that I’m happily married and would never have a thing to do with you ever again. No man in his right senses would want to be with a woman who had gone to bed so shamelessly with his best friend, just a few weeks before their wedding” Leonard thundered.

“It was a mistake baby, and I’m sorry. Who doesn’t make mistakes? Please forgive me, and I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to you. Please baby” she cooed, putting on her best charm.

“Sorry lady. It’s kinda too late for all that. I’m married you see!” he said raising his ring finger while he spoke. “And thankfully, to a woman who can keep her legs closed” he taunted her, as her turned and got into his car.

“Oh please save me the stress of having to be the one who tells you about your wife’s numerous extra marital affairs. If you got balls, go home earlier today and see if you don’t find me better than her” she threw at him before walking away

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