House of Thorns – Episode 10


Tales by EVE

Episode 10

“Baby, are you okay? I’m sorry it had to be this way, but I just couldn’t allow her keep f0oling you. It was bad enough that she was cheating, then she kept bringing numerous men to your matrimonial home when you trusted her so much, so I just felt you deserved better. Forgive me for being the one who bore that bad news” Mary spoke so concernedly as she walked up to Leonard in his office.

Jeremy had already told her of the success of the plan. She could already imagine Leonard’s state as she stepped out of her office with so much joy. Which man would be in good shape after going home to meet a man in between his wife’s thighs, butt naked and making her scream so badly. How would he tell if the scream was from fear and anger and not from pleasure of what the punk was doing to her?

“You’re a bad girl Mary” she told herself, smiling at her ingenuity. She had been working so hard to get Leonard back for herself, and with the way she had put things now, it’s only be a matter of hours, and she’d have him in her hands, never letting him out for a second.

“Thank you Vivian for making this so easy for me. I’m so glad that the Leonard I know can never think of coming back to you after he had clearly seen a man getting in and out of you” she smiled as she pushed Leonard’s door open gently, to see if he was in the office alone. And yeah, he was sitting and staring into space, looking as miserable as she wanted him to look.

And even after she entered the office and spoke to him, he stayed still, not even appearing to have noticed that someone entered his office. He was staring into space, obviously not hearing a thing she was saying. From the way he remained motionless even after he got to her sides, one could easily tell he was millions of miles away from that office.

“Ba…” Mary attempted to touch him, and he held her wrist firmly, looking at her fiercely as he spoke. “Mary, dont get too excited. I am not unhappy with my wife, I’m just sad that I couldn’t protect her from you. I know Vivian too well, and when she started acting an alien script, I failed to remember that no other is despic@ble enough to author the kind of script she was acting out, than you! I failed to double check to be sure you weren’t forcing your terrible self on my wife behind my back!” he berated her, shocking her beyond comprehension.

Her mouth was agape in shock, and her face scrunched up, more from the pains in her heart at the words he spoke than the pain he was inflicting on her wrist with his iron grip.

“But you know what Mary, I’m not as ev!l as you are, so I’ll give you the chance to get the he1l out of my sight, and stay far away from me. And trust me, the next time you come an inch closer to me than you should, I’ll send you a thousand miles away from the earth surface” he told her menacingly.

Mary knew she’d meet him so hurt, what she didn’t know was that he’d be speaking up for Vivian after seeing her pants down with another man. “If this isn’t senil!ty, then I wonder what is. How the hel1 could he sit there and defend a woman he had just seen with a man in his matrimonial home?” she thought, completely flabbergasted

“ You have 30 seconds before my be@st mode is activated. Would you rather stay back and have a feel of it or you’re leaving while your limbs are still connected to those god forsaken waist bones?” He asked her, his voice rising a pitch higher, and his right hand sweeping off the things on his table.

Mary shivered in fear, as she noticed for the first time since she had known Leonard, that his eyes weren’t totally void of reddishness. “I’ll go darling, but you’d still come looking for me. That I can assure you” she told him, trying to sound confident, and then, she sauntered away.

Leonard sat in his office, thinking of what had happened to his life and family. Why did Vivian let Mary ruin their marriage this way? Even though he had intentionally made Mary believe he didn’t blame Vivian for what had happened, he knew deep down in his soul, that things would never be the same again.

He warned Vivian about Mary, but she wouldn’t listen. He had even gone as far as telling Vivian that Mary was trying to seduce him, when Vivian bumped in on Mary in his office on a particular day, but she was determined to keep Mary by her sides, behind his back.

He was sitting in his office and trying to do one or two things when Mary came in, and as usual was doing her dirty deeds. She was asking him to allow her be his girlfriend, since he couldn’t divorce his wife for her. She was ready to be the one he’ to after work, spend time with till he was ready to go to bed, before going the one he had given the title of wife.

Leonard was warning her to stay away from him and his wife when Vivian had entered that day. “What’s going on? And why are you looking at Mary so fiercely as if she beat your mother?” Vivian had asked. And her husband had repeated Vivian’s request to make his wife see just why he had been warning her to stay away from Mary.

“Mary and I knew from way back, and she thinks I have wrongly given you my surname, so she wants to be the one I run to after work, and stay with till I’m about to retire to bed” he had told his wife angrily. And Mary had screamed in shock, looking at Vivian for response.

Vivian had waved it off, saying her husband was only doing what he was doing to make her fall apart with Mary since he had told her earlier to stay away from her. “Darling, I know you don’t want my friendship with Mary, but going as far as cooking a story as annoying as this to fan embers of war between us is the least I expected from you. I’m disappointed!” she had told her husband.

Turning to Mary, she said “Mary dear, I’m sorry that in spite of all you have done to show my husband that you’re only being a good neighbour and friend, that he insists on being a sxxist. Please forgive him” she had concluded and walked out of the office, very angry with her husband.

Mary turned around and followed her even when Leonard screamed “stay away from my wife” at her. With all that has now happened, Leonard blamed himself badly for not remembering that the evidences his wife was talking about could be old pictures of him and Mary, while they were together.

He got himself some bottles of hot drinks, too weak to walk out the door of his office to the bar he usually hung out, and sat there in his office, drinking and thinking of his misery.

“But even though I can excuse her for making my life miserable all the while because I know Mary was able to make her suspect me so badly that she could turn into a pain in my as$ for so long, how do I come to terms with the reality of Vivian allowing Mary talk her into cheating on me? How do I live with the memory of seeing that punk butt naked on my wife?” he cried miserably, swinging from the bottle in his hand.

He sat there drinking for so long that he didn’t know when, or would it be, he didn’t care that his colleagues were trooping out after the day’s work. People had closed for the day’s work, but a certain someone knew he’d be in the sorry state he was in now, and had planned so perfectly how to cash in on it.

“Hello handsome” she said as she stood over him. He was sitting on the floor, a bottle in his hand, and was looking totally lost. Yeah, he was lost, for when he spoke, it was clear that his sense of reasoning was gone.

“Hi pretty, want to share a bottle with me? I’m married you see, but my wife is going to be away for a while. What would it cost to have you sit with me for a while hottie?” he slurred.

She smiled triumphantly, walked closer to him, and whispered something into his ears and got up to start her dirty work. She was practically stripping and dancing sensu0usly, making him almost lose his mind.

“Come closer hottie” he kept begging as she stayed a few steps away from him, taunting him, intentionally doing her best to get him so aroused that it’d be a piece of cake to get him to go all the way down with her when she does get within his reach.

“You’re going to make me lose it” he complained as she twerked some more. Her upper trunk was totally unclad at this time, so the two sacred melons kept jiggling and bouncing as she danced, making Leonard wish he could get up, he wished his hands could somehow stretch like Mrs Incredible’s, but they were all wishes.

He was too drunk to get up, and she was too determined to make him lose his mind with the things she was doing to him. But all of a sudden, it appeared she had made up her mind to end his misery, she was dancing towards him, and his hands were outstretched like a child waiting to receive something of interest from his mother.


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