Billionaire’s Baby Mama – Episode 27

(On Night Changed Everything)

Chapter 27
Luciano’s POV
Turning off the ignition, I alight the car, opening the back seat to take out Angel, holding her in my arms. Some maids came out to welcome me, taking my breifcase, while the other tried lifting Angel off my hand.

“I will take her in myself” I muttered, climbing up the stairs. I entered her room, which had been cleaned up, placing her gently on her bed. I pulled off the clothes she wore, fixing up her pajamas.

“Daddy” her sleepy voice came up. I kissed her forehead. “Sleep sweetheart….” I muttered, brushing her hair backward with my palm. I made to leave afterward, having a quick shower. The water from the shower holes poured down, kissing my skin as tingles of goosebumps erupted from it.

I walked into the usually cold room after a long day at work. It’s still the same, always the same. Cold and empty, no fire to warm it up. Letting out a soft sigh, I changed into my pajamas, crawling into the bed. A lot kept drifting into my mind, I have always tried to keep this lonely mood out of my mind ever since my wife left. Why is it coming back now? Why do I feel so empty?

Laura was the source of my joy, until she became the cause of my pain. A b***h who wasn’t contented with what she has. I gave her everything, love, attention, money, name it all. Hhmm. Will there be any woman to fill this hole in my heart?
Morris Apartment
Just after Babe had performed that scenario, Morris went in to freshen up, having it in mind to call her later. Perhaps she had a little misunderstanding to make her react that way. After freshening up, he decided to check some mails on his laptop, when suddenly his door barge open, as Lela came in.

“You should know the word knock” he gritted. She smirked, drawing closer to the bed in a seductive manner.

“This is our room, so why should I bother knocking?” She resorted, taking off the night robe on her. Only then did he notice the flimsy nightwear she had on, armless and transparent. He could see beyond the dress, her naked figure standing as a temptation.

He knows what she is here for, but wouldn’t give her. “The last time I checked, this was never our room.”

“You are my fiance…stop turning me out. Come on, lemme give you some massage, how was your day at work” she asked, sitting closer to him, as she tried touching his neck. He pushed her hand off, giving her a disgusted look.

“Don’t you dare let that hand on me, why don’t you go back to where you are coming from. What are you still doing here?” He snapped

“And why didn’t you turn me out, why…you allowed me to stay in right…when I came here yesterday, you didn’t say a word but ignored me…what the hell is wrong with you Morris, I’m your fiancee” she yelled, flaring up

“Fiancee, my foot.” He scoffed, closing the laptop he held. “A fiancee that left for about six months, without giving her fiance a clue of where she went to. And how sure am I that you didn’t go for one of your boyfriends..whereas you weren’t in support of this relationship from the start, you had a boyfriend who you forcefully broke up with just to fit into this mess cos of your parents…so tell me, what the hell are you still doing here? Cos you ain’t welcome….” He snarled. She scoffed, getting off the bed with her hands roughly placed on her hips, akimbo.

“This is because of her right?” She asked

“What are you talking about?”

“That f**king b!tch you take to work every morning..huhn… You are choosing her over me, you are seeing her now huhn” she seethed. He scoffed, getting off the bed.

“Suit yourself with whatever thought you have in mind…all I know is that Babe is a colleague and nothing more. One more thing, get that robe and cover that stick you call a body , cause we are done here Lela…I don’t like you, neither do I care about this relationship”
He spat, leaving her in the room.
“Argghhh” she screamed, stumping her feet on the floor
Babe’s POV
“And that’s it….I don’t know what to do, and I have to give my reply today” I relayed yesterday’s proposal to my family, explaining in details what Boss wanted from me.

“But he said he would triple your pay” Helen chipped in, earning an eye glare from mum. We are currently at the dinning, having our breakfast. I decided to state down what had been bothering me from last night.

“Ok I’m just saying my mind” Helen noted, raising her hands in the air with quite an eyeroll which mum didn’t see

“But you need to consider your sister’s condition…she can’t work as a pregnant nanny” mum noted.

“Yea…sure” Helen shrugged. I sighed, rubbing my temple. Truth is, I need this money so bad, we need it to pay back our debt. Mum’s salary is little to nothing compared to what we owe.

“But…but..she can, think of another way to…you know solve this out” Helen suggested. We frown, trying to understand what her suggestion.
“Like how”

“Wearing baggy clothes…” She grinned. We both scoffed

“Do you think that’s an easy thing to do, hiding my baby bump?” I asked. She shrugged.

I shook my head. “I don’t wanna keep Morris waiting, I will just…” A knock came on the door shutting me up.”I think Morris is here…I will let you know about my decision”

I gently open the door, he smiled brightly on sighting me. “Hi… good morning”” he greeted. I forced a smile, responding to it.

“Morning Morris…”
He puked his head in, waving slightly to mum and Helen. I didn’t tell them about what happened between I and his girlfriend yesterday, I just wanna keep it to myself.

“Hi Morris….how was your night?” Mum asked, as he gladly responded

“Bye mum…we need to go now” I chipped in, preventing further questions. Mum likes Morris a lot, and if not for my pregnant state, she would have teased me with questions of if I like him, or the other way round.
“You didn’t tell me you would leave for somewhere else yesterday” Morris asked as he drives to the company. Babe who sat beside him sighed. “I didn’t leave, I was called to run one last order, only to find out you left when I was done.

“Opss…sorry I did, actually someone told me you left, I called your line but, it wasn’t reachable…I’m sorry” he breathed out.

“No..I should be the one saying sorry…I shouldn’t have acted the way I did last night.” She pouted. He smiled, giving her a nod.
“That’s fine…”

His smile signifies something, something hidden. She has been noticing his caring attitude the past few weeks. Though, Morris has been nice, but this time, he looks at her with nothing but pure love in his eyes. She gulped in, remembering the fact that she is pregnant. She had been wearing unusual large shirt to keep the bump in. Perhaps I should just let him know about it, she thought

“Erm….Morris…” She was cut short by the ringing of his phone. “Oh…sorry, I need to pick this” he replied…putting it on loud speaker.

“sh*t….why should this always happen” she whispered to herself, rubbing her baby bump.


  1. Don't worry Babe, Morris will soon be aware of your pregnancy
    And I think it's good you go for the nanny offer. At least it will keep you off Morris for some time

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