Billionaire’s Baby Mama – Episode 26

(on Night Changed Everything)
Chapter 26
Luciano’s POV
Just after placing the orders, I waited patiently for her to come. This is Angels doing, she wouldn’t go to school, though she is yet to fully recover, I don’t want her getting stressed at school. But still, her wanting to see this lady got me worked up. I had to bring her to work, placing this late order after so much whining and crying, I really don’t know what she sees in that lady.

I made sure I gave strict orders for the food to be brought in by Miss Babe, as Angel calls her. When she entered, she had this dull look on, which later brighten up on seeing Angel, they kinda share a bond.

A thought drift into my mind. I am currently looking for a good nanny who would love my daughter and share this kind of bond with her. I have told Morris about it, but seeing this two reactions sparks something within me. After their little chity chat, she decided to take her leave.

“Miss Collins” I called her by her last name. She turned swiftly to face me.

“We need to talk” ” Have your seat” I pointed to the seat opposite me. She seem hesitant before taking it. Is she trying to act scared or what? I cleared my throat a bit before speaking up
“What’s your qualification?” I asked. She pouted her lips. “Erm…I..erm…I am a school dropout…mum said I..I mean, I..” she shuttered
“Can you work as a Nanny?” I dropped the bombshell instead of listening to her shutter. Her eyes popped out
I sighed, ruffling my hair, sitting upright while flipping my tongue over my lips.
“Fine, let’s get this straight, I know my daughter loves you so much, and erm, it’s very rare to see her act the way she acts around you with other people.” I pause, to read her expression. She seems to be listening attentively.

“Her nanny left recently, and she hasn’t anyone to take care of her. I will pay you thrice the salary you receive…just do it for my sweetheart” I noted, trying not to act too soft. She heave a sigh, gulping in.

“Erm…ehh …I.. don’t think I have a reply to give now…I mean, I would love to..I love Angel so much, she’s a sweet kid…but I need time to think about it. Would I be staying in the house with you….I mean her?” She questioned. I almost smirk before nodding.

“You will be given a spare room, and every other thing you need. I just need someone to take good care of her, that’s all”

She puffed out air
“Can I give a reply tomorrow…I promise to give a reply, coz I need to plan this properly” she noted. I shrugged.

“There is no problem about that, you can leave now…”

“Thank you sir….” She smiled out brightly; it suddenly reminded me of the lady who was walking with Morris…their smile look similar.
Babe hurried out of the office in haste, it’s getting late already and she wouldn’t wanna keep Morris waiting. But on getting outside, she met an empty park, almost everyone seem to have left already.
“What the hell would I do now, perhaps take a taxi then. But why will Morris leave me?” She thought. Just then, a lady came out of the building, one of her co-workers.

“Hey Babe… what are you doing here, I thought you left already” Gina noted, she is actually the one that spends time with Babe, keeping her away from being bored. Some word, she is a chatterbox.

Babe sighed. “Waiting for a taxi” “What the hell, I thought you left with that cute guy already” she winked. Babe frown “You mean Morris?”

“Yea, he came looking for you, and I think Dawn told him you left already…to cut the story short, I think he decided to drop her” She noted. I fumed.

“Thanks Gina…I will just catch up a taxi” I smiled slightly. “Yea….my man’s house is close by, I’m gonna have my night there…take care” she winked, walking away.

“Bye Gina” I mumbled, folding my arms. She didn’t get my response though. That b!tch lied. She knew I haven’t leave, she only wanted a free ride home from Morris. She will hear from me tomorrow.

Reminiscing on what went on earlier, I pondered on his proposal. Will it pay me to work as a Nanny? But what about my condition, won’t it affect the job if he finds out that I’m pregnant. I will clock three months in few weeks time, it will become obvious. Oh God, help me. I prayed silently.

A car drove by, stopping a distance away. Seems like the driver was contemplating on something before reversing back to where I stood. I tried being careful, what if it’s a kidnapper, but the car looks familiar. The window was whined down, revealing the demi-god. Goodness, I should get used to calling him my boss, this demi-god of a thing, is getting out of hand.

“Get in” he simply spoke up. “Huhnn…” I was about acting clumsy. He scoffed, facing me with a frustrated look. Fine, I’m going too far with this clumsiness.

“Ok…thanks” I replied, getting on the front passenger seat. I didn’t hear Angel’s voice, so I took a quick glace behind. She was sleeping peacefully on the back seat. A small smile escaped my lips.

“What’s your street?” He asked. I told him, as he drive towards that path. None of us spoke any other word. I took my time to check him out. He has a well built physique, a sharp cheek bone, smooth skin, perfect lashes…oh my gawd, the lashes, his pouted lips stood firmly, and when he flips his tongue over it, wetting it, it gives me this weird feeling.

“Like wanting to kiss him right?” My subconscious mind noted. I slapped myself for thinking that way. He turned to look at me like I am going crazy, I let out a funny chuckle, not maintaining eyes contact. Damn my mind.
Luciano parked the car few meters away from her house, according to her wish. He knows that street well, it’s where Morris hangout anytime he wants to be alone.

The bas***d doesn’t like stress from his family relations who knows the location of his main house. Renting a house in this place is the next step he took after a little quarell with one of his aunt.

“Thank you so much sir…I’m grateful…God bless you” she muttered. He simply nods as she alights the car.

Morris who was still outside, making sure his car is in good condition, noticed the car that parked few meters away. He squinted on seeing a lady alights it. He couldn’t get the right view of the car, but knew the lady through her wears.

“Is that not Babe” he mumbled to himself. He was surprised beyond words, his mouth hung open. He thought she had decided to leave him due to the little misunderstanding ealier, only to see her just coming…dropped by someone.

“Babe??” He called just as she got closer to her house. She turned to look at him, their eyes lock for a second. She broke the contact running into the house before he could speak his next word.

“What’s wrong with her?” He thoughts.


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