Billionaire’s Baby Mama – Episode 25

(One Night Changed Everything)

Chapter 25
Morris’ POV
I rested my head gently on the wheel, reminiscing on the earlier event. “Why did Lela have to appear now that I am about moving on with my life. What the hell is wrong with her, was she created to ruin me or what.

Lele used to be my girlfriend before she decided to leave, saying that I’m too demanding and all that. My parent wanted her for me, we are kinda betrothed but her habit is intoxicating.

After she left without giving me a clue of where she went to, I got the information about her doing her masters degree in Germany only to return now that I’m about ending all ties with her. I should have done that a long time ago. She arrived yesterday, and her usual bossy attitude prevented me from turning her out.

I hope this act doesn’t bridge the line between I and Babe. I think I’m beginning to like her so much, I can’t afford to lose her. I will just explain things to her, to create a better understanding.
Lela’s POV
After they left, I went back into the house fuming. I picked up my phone dailing my besties number. It rang for a while, before it got picked.
“Hey babe” he usual exciting voice came up, but I wasn’t ready for her tease and all that, I had to chip in, going straight to the point.

“Look Kira, I think I have seen the lady you were talking about” I muttered with gritted teeth.
“Really…come on girl, tell me, what happened, how did you get to see her”

“She is actually his neighbor” I responded, trying hard to stay calm. She scoffed
“Huh…from neighbor, she will become his bedmate, and if not his girlfriend” I could mentally view her rolling her eyes.

“And I will not allow that, Morris is mine and mine alone…who does she think she is?” I snarled, pacing round.

“Exactly what I said. Can you imagine that he drives her to work every morning, take her for lunch sometimes..infact, there was a day they both had a street work. They are becoming really close, that was why I had to chip you in” Kira noted. I folded my fist.

“Well, now that I’m back, all those rubbish will stop…no woman will take my man from me”
“Now you are speaking babe….Morris is s cool guy, if you don’t hold unto him, someone else will”

“And that’s not gonna happen under my own watch, and whereas, we are betrothed…he has no choice than to marry me at last, I still have the upper hand” I smirk.

“For that b!tch, she will regret ever stepping her legs into this neighborhood by the time I’m done with her.”
Babe’s POV
Today’s work was a little stressful, I couldn’t help taking a quick rest, I almost felt my life leaving me. Some of the workers here can frustrate ones life, ordering stuff they never wanted only for them to start complaining and all that.

The orders were aslo much today; more like most people didn’t take breakfast from home, neither did they try visiting other restaurants outside the company. I was forced to skip breakfast, the load of work prevented me from having one.

The day went by in a rush, as evening came. I was already getting prepared to go, when the chef walked towards me with a plastic bag. “I’m sorry Babe, but there is still one last order for today, take this to the the seventh floor, office 6” he noted. I sighed, collecting the bag “ok sir” I breathed out

“Thanks” he simply replied. I was too tired to take the stairs, to I retired for the elevator. Thanks to Morris, he had explained to me how it works, so it’s more like a peanut to use now.

I got to the seventh floor, only to realize that the office I was assigned to was that of the boss. Gosh, I don’t wanna have anything to do here, why will he always send me to the boss’s office. I pondered, making my way in. I met the secretary as always, she had this snarl on noticing my presence.

“Ermm…I’m here to..”

“Just go in…” She snapped, cutting in. I shrugged wondering why she didn’t argue with me this time, perhaps she now knows my mission here, as a staff. I placed a gentle knock on the door before going in. The sweet fragrance of the office filled my nostril, it smells really nice.

Sitting on the swivel is the demi-god, staring intently at me. I gulped in, taking a step forward. He looked extremely handsome this evening, with his dark hair jelled to the back, bringing out that manly features form his face.

“Good evening sir” I greeted, trying not to act clumsy. He nodded
“Drop the bag on the table” he noted. Just then, the inner room door opened, revealing a half sleepy Angel. My face lighten up on seeing her, I have missed this cutie.

“Miss Babe…miss Babe” she called out on sighting me, pulling my legs into a hug. I chuckled, touching her hair tenderly.

“How are you sweetheart?” I asked, she portrayed her little milk teeth, giving a positive response.
“I’m fine….did you bring my food?” She questioned. “Hunnn….”

“That’s it over there Angel” boss replied instead. Oppss, the little had been the one that ordered it

“So..did you prepare it yourself?” She asked me, perhaps expecting the right answer. I shook my head. “I was only asked to bring it here” she frown, turning to face her dad

“I thought you only wanted the food…”

“I said you should make it known to them that I want Miss Babe to prepare my dinner” she screamed on top of her voice.

“I thought you only wanted food from the cafeteria.” Boss chipped in. “Not just food, but her food…huhn” she scoffed, folding her arms.

“Erm…Angel, trust me, you will love this…next time I will make sure I prepare for you one of my best delicacies”

“Ok…if you say so, and that’s a promise… pinky promise” she brought out her little finger. I chuckled, clicking it with mine. “pinky promise”
She left afterward, bringing me out of my daze, I realized my state of being alone in the office with this demi-god. Since my service is no more needed, I decided to take my leave only for him to stop me.

“Miss Collins” he called my last name. I paused, turning to look.
“We need to talk”

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