Hidden Pleasure Episode 45


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✍️By authoress mfoniso

Settings:Spanish/African Romance

Tags ☠️:Office romance,love,Hot, Erotic,friendship,billionaire,Fake girlfriend.

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After my phone call with leonardo ,I went about my chores ,it was morning and I had a long day ahead of me.

The girls had retired to their houses before I even woke up .

I smiled as my mind went back to the way they stayed with me and talked sense into me even when I snapped .

What was I even thinking ? I sighed softly and wore my room slippers as I checked my cupboards,Fridge and groceries to see if I need to restock my house .

I really need to go shopping , my phone rang and it was Zuri .

” Hey sis ” I said biting my lower lip.

” Hey sis ? That’s all you have to say , you’re in Capetown and I’m the last person to find out ? She asked dramatically.

” Sweet baby Jesus” I muttered under my breath, almost silently.

” I arrived yesterday,you’re making it sound like I’m a betrayer or something” I said smiling.

” You’re giving Judas Iscariot vibes right now. Tell me , why are you in cape Town ? She asked suspiciously.

” Why ? Was I banished from Capetown or something ? I asked fighting the smile that threatened to escape my lips.

” You ran away with the Spanish man ” she said dramatically.

” Zuri really ? I asked laughing.

” Oh please,hope you’re good. You always run away when you’re in some kinda emotional trouble. Did you guys break up or something ? She asked.

” Almost ”

” But we talked things out , and we’re good . ” I said calmly.

” That’s more like it little sis , Always talk things out . communication is very important in every relationship” she adviced.

” I know sis ,and I’m walking on controlling the situation ” I said and she sighed softly.

” Glad to hear that ,how about lunch at home ?she asked and I liked the sound of that .


I’ve missed my parents and siblings,I’ve missed Capetown.

I miss my boyfriend too .

I sighed softly and continued what I was doing before the call .

After taking a shower ,I changed into a black jump suit and fancy sandals.

Picked my bag ,after which I tucked my phone and cards .

I made a mental note to do some shopping at the mall on my way back to my place .

Immediately I got into my car , I jammed an afro beat song in my car and drove towards my parents place.

Mom was watering the flowers in front of our house when I arrived.

” Good Afternoon Iya ” I said and she gasped as she rushed towards me .

” Ayomi ,my sweet little girl .oh my goodness” she hugged me emotionally as she rubbed my hair softly.

” I missed you ,oh my God. You didn’t tell me you were coming back to day ehn ,I didn’t even cook your favourite ” she scolded and I chuckled out tears as I hugged her again .

” I missed you iya ” I said sniffing back my tears .

” I missed you more princess ” she said smiling..

“Mandla honey , Imani is back ” she said and I chuckled as we went in together .

” Dad ” I said excitedly and moved into his arms .

He smiled as he dropped his papers .

Mom went on and on with numerous questions, especially about Leonardo and his family.

Especially if they maltreated me .

” Mom Leon’s family are nice people” I said and my mind went over to Sebastiano.

I shook of negative thoughts immediately.

” I will be the judge of that during your wedding” she said and I nearly coughed .

Wedding ?

I love Leon ,but how sure am I that he’ll even want to get married.

Some guys freak out at the mention of marriage.

I’m not even planning to pressure him or even ask .

But I dare not say that to Iya. She stopped her pressure of marriage ever since Leonardo came into my life .

If she even hears this , we’ll go back to square one .

” Hey baby sis ” Zuri said catwalking in Dramatically as we exchanged cheek kisses.

She wore an ankara dress with heels to match , looking extremely gorgeous.

” Oh my goodness Imani ,your a$$ is giving . That guy is milking you good ” she whispered the last part in my ears .

” Zuri ” I whinned.

” Oh please, you innocent girls do the worse ” she said teasingly.

” My sissy is no longer a virgin ” she teased .

” Zuri. ..stop it ” I whispered as my cheeks heated up .

” Virgin ? What are you girls talking about? Mom asked immediately .

” Virgin mary ,we are talking about virgin mary mom ”

” Mary was such a virteous woman don’t you think so ? The Lord came out her . Oh holy marry , mother of God ,pray for us sinners….” Zuri trailed dramatically.

” Hallelujah” mom raised both hands in worship.

Dad shook his head at their crazy antics .

” I thought we were supposed to have lunch ? Why am I hearing fellowship sounds ? Omari Asked walking in ,with one hand tucked in his pants pocket.

” Allow yourself to be used by the Lord . So what if we were having fellowship ?

” All of you have now grown up and forgotten how I raised you guys .”.

” Do you even pray at all when you wake up ? Or before you go to bed ? She asked frowning.


Here we go.

” Especially Zuri I’m sure all you do is seduce your husband” mom said and Zuri’s jaws dropped immediately.

” Mom ”

” Ehen , and it’s not like you are giving me grandchildren back to back ,after the twins , you have refused to let God use you ” she said immediately.

” Mom it’s not easy to birth a child ”

‘ But it’s easy to spread legs ? Mom asked and Omari chocked on the bottle of water he had close to his lips .

” Mom….” Zuri said frowning.

” Try and stop using the rubber too much,at least one more grandchild from you will do ” mom said.

” The Lord said we should come into the world and multiply ,besides I’m here to take care of the baby when you put to bed ” she said smiling .

” What about Imani ? Omari Asked.

” Imani is out of the Equation until she gets married , besides she’s still a virgin. “Mom said proudly.

” Indeed” Omari said fighting his laughter.

If only she knew how Leon has spoilt her daughter.

” Infact she’s Mary’s sister ” Zuri said and they both burst into laughter.

” Go and set the table Imani ” mom said and I left immediately.

” Mom has no idea the fvcking things you and Leon do in secret” she said and I whinned .

” Sis …” I said in horror as I looked behind if someone was coming and heived a sigh of relief .

” The Devil runeth when no one pursueth him ” she said Quoting the King James version .

” I’m not a stick ,it was bound to happen,have you seen my boyfriend? I asked and she laughed.

” It is what it is baby sis ”

We had lunch with our parents after which I played chess with Dad .

” You look different ” he said calmly.

” Different ? I asked curiously.

” Yea ” he said and I waved it off as we talked about random stuffs .

I stopped by the mall to do some shopping .

My phone rang as I walked through the different line of stuffs I wanted .

” Hey handsome” I said immediately I picked up .

” I miss you ” he said calmly.

” It’s barely two days ” I said with a chuckle.

” It feels like a year already you see ”

” I can’t sleep,I miss the bad things I do to you ” he said and I laughed.

” Imani ” someone called from behind me .

I ignored and continued my phone call ,but when I heard my name again I paused .

” I’ll call you back sweet ”

” Is everything okay ? He asked softy.

” Yeah,I’ll call you back ” I said and turned .

” Hey ” he said and I froze on my spot .

” Chad ” I said in shock .

” Imani ,it’s been a while ” he said smiling.

” You looking Really beautiful ” he said and I smiled Akwardly .

” Thanks”

Chad was my highschool boyfriend,my first crush and someone that Really held a big place in my heart.

We had plans together,until he had to move to Stanford .

I called things off hurting him in the process,I wasn’t one for distance relationship.

“It’s been a while”he said and I tucked my hair behind my ears .

” Yes ,what are you doing in Capetown? I asked curiously.

” Oh,I came to see my parents at least before the new season ” he said camly .

Chad is a dark skinned tall and attractive guy .

A successful player of basketball.

He is famous on the tabloids for his talent .

” How about dinner this weekend ,….don’t say no,I just want to catch up with you ,talk about old times and all. “He said softly.

” Don’t say no Imani please” he said and I stared at him tongue tied .

“I could say no and hurt him again ,Chad has been nothing but nice to me ,I hurt him the first time ,at least we could get the closure we both deserve.

” Sure ”

” I’ll text you the address…” He trailed .

” My place will be okay” I said and he gave a nod.

Going out to a fancy restaurant means unecessary rumours on the tabloids.

We exchanged numbers after which I Walked back to my shopping.

“You exchanged numbers with your Ex ? Why do I smell danger ? Tega asked walking out of her kitchen.

I had stopped by at her place .

I stared at her tinted hair , to the big white Polo shirt and how her glasses fit her,making her look smart and sexy .

” Danger ? Tega it’s Chad . Not like he still likes me or something . Besides he might be in a relationship , we ended things years ago ” I said calmly.

“Same Chad that nearly died when you caught things off or another one?She asked frowning.

” You’re being dramatic ”

” Continue saying that, you seem to forget you are dating a jealous man.”

” I don’t have any strength to console a crying girlfriend” she said and I chuckled.

” I think my man trusts me enough to know I will never look at another man ” I said softly.

” Really ? Switch the tables sweetheart .
What if you find out Leonardo invited Layla for dinner at his place,and you’re eight hours away in Capetown ? She asked sacarstically.

” I …..” stuttered out in confusion.

” Deep down you know the answer,don’t be stupid Imani ”

But it’s just a harmless Dinner.


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