Love Me Tender

When Love Heals

( When Love Heals… )

THEME: Love And Rules

GENRE: Billionaire romance

Tags: Office romance, high school, secrets and mysteries, love triangles, jealousy, envy, S£x, suspense, forced marriage, comedy, and many more

By, Ariel Mirabel




How does it feel when the love of your life, the woman you’re ready to díe and do anything for, breaks up with you in the coldest and most humiliating way ever??

That’s how Frederick Reynolds felt..

How does it feel when you suddenly develop this big fear of men and you tend to act violently each time they tend to touch you or come closer to you??

That’s how Catalina Watson feels..

Frederick Reynolds, a wealthy CEO of 27… Has the looks, height, body fit to be a top model and he’s filthy rich too making him an eye candy for all the women in Australia.

He can have any lady he wants just with a snap of a finger but that’s not the case because he despise them a lot,, with everything in him.

To him, women are just there to satisfy his s*xual needs and that’s all..


Meet Catalina Watson, a beautiful young lady of 24… Beautiful doll eyes, figure ‘8’ shape, pretty face too.

Her being the eldest of her family, she strives hard to help her poor mom put food on their table.

Not only that, but she has androphobia. She has this intense fear of men being close to her. Apart from her little brother, no other guy can get close to her and it all started when was 13..

What will happen when situation will bring these two together??

How will things turn out between them??

What or should I say who caused that phobia in Catalina??

So many mysteries and questions surrounding these two and the only way to find out is if you follow up on this spicy and juicy story 😋

Don’t miss out…


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