Lady Mafia


Genre: Mafia/Action
Tag: Crime, Romance, Revenge, Fight, Love, Death


Revenge is always the order of the day in every mafia story, and the fact that the male leads are always bossy, arrogant and ruthless; while the female leads, being the victim or submissive, is another interesting fact.

But lets turn the tables; have you ever imagine a clan with a female head, whose attitude is not different from that of a ruthless and bossy individual?

While the male lead is nothing but a weird nerd, soft hearted, but crazy.

Meet 25 years old Kyla Leonard, the leader of Wolves Clan, whose mission is to seek revenge over the death of her father, who was killed by the mysterious leader of the Blood Clan.

She was determined to terminate his lifespan and every bit of his family, including his nerd son, who ended up becoming her victim. She vowed to make his life a living hell; suffering and paying for the sins of his father.

Evans Marshal, the 23 years old son of the famous Clan Lord, known as the mask, got entangled in Kylas mess. He has always been the easy going type, whose dream is to become a professional artist, due to his love for art work.

But his dreams became shattered the day he came in contact with the beast as he calls her. He has never dreamed of the day when he will have a mixed feeling of love and hate for the pretty but ruthless lady, whose eyes always behold hate and distaste for him.

He knew his life will only be a mess and his dream will never be fulfilled as long as he resides in the danger clan, as nothing but a slave to the one and only Lady Mafia, who wouldnt end his suffering until the day she heard his last breath.

Who will save him out of her grip? Only love will answer..
Main story starts tomorrow
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