The Seventh Vampire Disciple-Episode 84

The Seventh Vampire Disciple
(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)
By: Vickie Dora ????
Chapter 84
(Pool of Blood)

Emmett’s POV
Pacing round the room, I thought of the possible outcome to my outburst earlier in the ward. Hunter would have eavesdropped on our conversation before coming in.

I could see it in his eyes that he heard us talk about his bas***d sister, not just the fact that I call Thana a cheat. I open a drawer from the cabinet, picked out a paper and pen, and began to inscript something on it.

Right now I don’t know my fate, but the truth has already gotten to its peak, there is no point hiding things anymore. I don’t know what he will do to me on getting here, or what he plans to do. But I know that he won’t ki*ll me, no…he can’t.

All I’m scared of is Thana, that woman is a b!tch and a cheat, wanting everything to herself, while she use others to get it, and betray them later on. I have been her puppet right from time, though I also have my own plans.

When Thana got pregnant with Hunter for Orpheus, I was a doctor then. We were all young, having different endeavours. Onyx and Orpheus were friends when he was still a prince, the former king was still alive as at then.

Thana was Onyx’s woman, but Orpheus didn’t know about that; he also has his own plans to carry out.

Onyx has always wanted the throne right from his youth days. He wasn’t a royal blood; neither does he have a royal trait.

He claimed that his father was supposed to be the one to rule during his time, but a partial vote was casted and it was handed over to Orpheus’ father. His father had made him swear to fight for the throne and get it back when it is time.

His friendship with Orpheus was fake, he had a mission, but Orpheus never knew about this. When the sixth disciple was being crowned, Onyx was made the disciple, serving Orpheus.

His plans became rigid when he brought Thana to the palace and gave her to Orpheus to be his mistress, warming his bed since Orpheus didn’t have a mate.

Her mission was to always poison Orpheus tea or blood with the dangerous seed of the wildflower which has been grinded into powdery form. This content will weaken his immunes; it will take a long process before the host will die.

But Thana was also selfsish, she wanted something else, she wanted power too. She came to me for help. She wanted me to give her a dose that will make the king sleep with her and release his content into her.

She claimed that Orpheus is always conscious when taking her to bed, and never release inside of her, she wanted to get pregnant for him; this wasn’t in line with the agreement she made with Onyx.

It was her agenda. I didn’t know about all this then, but got to know with investigations.

And this was where I came in, she told me about it, she wanted me to help her with a substance that can weaken the mind of a very strong vampire, more like a royal blood for a certain period of time.

Just like human, they get drunk with wine and are mostly unconscious of whatever they do when drunk. But a vampire can never get drunk except he takes a large quantity; but they still won’t be as drunk as humans.

And there is no possible way to make a king drink to the extent of getting drunk.

We made a deal; she took an oath to make me an elder in the palace if she suceed in getting pregnant for the king and becoming the queen. I made a concoction out of the wild flower seed, mixed with other medical items, which she added to his tea and made her wishes come through.

And when she took in and conceived Jezebel, I knew the baby wasn’t for Orpheus; she wasn’t having the mark of royalty. But Orpheus never cared about it, he trusted Thana so much. He had believe he forced himself on her when she got pregnant with Hunter, he never knew it was the effect of the drug in his tea.

I found out about it being the doctor in charge, I noticed that there wasn’t a royal mark on the child, and also conducted a DNA secretly. I found my answers and tried to use it against her, for my own selfish reasons.

I also wanted to be a part of the royal. So we made a deal, that her son, Hunter will have to marry my daughter, for her secret to be safe. So 200 hundred years after, my daughter was already ripe for marriage, and the deal was carried out.

My plan was to make Hunter marry my daughter, get her to poison him after having a child for him, just like Thana had done to Orpheus, and then, since the child of Hunter will still be a toddler, I will take up the position as king until he come of age to rule.

I also had it in mind to ki*ll D’Arcy, the second son of the king, and also Jezebel, and then forcefully take Thana as a wife.

I don’t know the child’s father, but my hunch is telling me that Onyx is the father of Jezebel. Now that her secret is no longer safe, I know that Thana will surely try to bring me down, but I won’t go down alone.

I wrote down everything that had transpired between us in a sheet, signed it and placed it in a file. I believe that if I am not opportune to reveal the buried secrets myself, then someone will surely find this piece someday.

I was about placing the file inside the cabinet when the door purst open swiftly; I was yet to recover from the shock when a loud bang sounded and a little object flew into the air and landed on my forehead, piercing into my skull.

It was a bullet, and the person who shot it couldn’t be recognized, he was putting on all black, holding the gun firmly. I could see blur picture of the little smoke that dance round the tip of the gun, before landing to the ground, giving my last breath
Thana’s POV
“Why didn’t you tell me…why did you keep such a thing away from me” Onyx yelled, flinging me to the floor.

I spit of blood from my mouth and chuckled, getting up on my feet

“You wanna know why huhn…because you are selfish, because you will surely fight to take her away from me. And not just that, if you had known that I was pregnant for you, you would have find all means to get me out of the palace when you were banished.

I didn’t want that, no..i can’t lose all that I have sacrificed in a matter of minutes. I want to still be queen, have power and the people under my feet.

“It’s not like I am your…I believe that if you had succeeded in kicking Orpheus off the throne and taking over like you have always wanted, perhaps you later find your mate, you would have kicked me out of your life.

All you care about is yourself Onyx, your f**king self” I yelled and received a stinging slap. He pressed my neck against the wall choking the life out of me.

“You are a foolish woman, a slut, a b!tch. You love yourself more than your children; you are using them to get what you want. You never cared about Jezebel one made me do the forbidable.” He snarled

“You are the bas***d who loves f**king women…how dare you sleep with my daughter…you also used her…you wanted her to get the trident right….f**k you…your plan is ruin” I choked on my words, bringing out my claws as it pierced into his skin. He groaned and released me. I coughed out blood again, before looking up angrily at him.

“You have to save her…she is having a seizure..” I snapped

He breathed out angrily, kicking off the nearest object beside him as he ruffled his hair.
“Where is she?” he asked.

“Clinic…” I was yet to complete my words when he dashed out. I slump on the ground, letting my tears out. Why is everything I had worked for falling apart? Why can’t Onyx allow my son rule in peace, must he get the throne at all cost?

It’s true that we had a deal, and the deal was to ki*ll Orpheus so that he could take over, forcefully. He was still learning his dark magic as at then, he believes he could use it to subdue the elders and even the priestess, just to have the throne.

But I changed the plans when greed took the better part of me, I forcefully got pregnant for Orpheus just to retain my position in the palace and become queen. Onyx wasn’t happy with the idea of me getting pregnant.

He wanted me to terminate it, but I told him that even if I give birth for Orphues, our deal will still remain. But that was a lie; I wanted my son to be the next to rule.

I increased the dosage of the poison given to Orpheus and hasten his death. Onyx was banished 200 years before Orpheaus died, making his plans futile. It was an advantage to me to get all I need.

Hunter was crowned king, but I was the one indirectly ruling the kingdom. I tell him whatever I want for the kingdom, and as a good son to his mother, he follows the words of my mouth and do accordingly.

When I got pregnant for Onyx, Orpheus didn’t notice. I didn’t want to get kicked out, because he would know that he wasn’t the one who owns the pregnancy, so i begged him to give me another child. Orphesus had another mistress that time; her name is Drusilla, a witch and slave who he loves to meet with.

I hate her with passion and angst, but couldn’t do a thing to her, because Orpheus had warned me not to touch her. She was now his bed mate while I do my normal queen duties.

If I wasn’t smart enough to seduce him and make him sleep with me once again, he would have found out about Jezebel not being his child.

But I won’t give up, I have struggled a lot to get to this position; Jezebel will surely be alright, and Hunter will continue to rule as king. I don’t care about Onyx’s plans, but will surely fight him till my last breathe.
Clinic Ward~
Hunter paced round as the doctors attend to Jezebel, they tried to calm her down, but she wouldn’t stop jerking. They were trying their best using different injections and concoctions, but found out a dark spell in her system.

“You highness…I think we need the priest in this case…we can’t treat her” The doctor noted, as Hunter ruffled his hair. He was about sending a guard to call Onyx when he barged in, looking dishelved

“Thank the goddess you are here…she is having a seizure…” Hunter rushed his words, going closer to the bed where Jezebel was laid as he caressed her hair.

“Jezzy please stop this…” he whispered worriedly. He won’t deny the fact that he feels a thing for his sister. He wasn’t this worried when Amber passed out or even lost the baby, instead he was angry and pissed for her not telling him about it.

But right now, worry is the only language he understands. He placed a soft kiss on her forehead, not minding the presence of people around

“You gat to do something Onyx” he yelled at him. Onyx frown, watching the young lass struggle to live. He wondered what is transpiring between the two. He heaves a loud sigh closing his eyes as he invoked the spell out of her body.

This caused her to convulse the more; after about three minutes, she gave a heavy breathe and calmed down, breathing normally

Everyone in the room watched with estacy; Hunter kissed her hair, muttering words of thanks to the goodness.

“What the hell do you think happened to her?” Hunter asked. Onyx was yet to reply when a guard rushed in

“Your highness…your highness…your presence is needed in your chambers” The guard stated
Hunter frown

“What happen?”

“We heard a loud bang coming out from the chambers and ran there to check for ourselves…we saw Emmett on the ground in a pool of his own blood, and a his hand” the guard replied

“What?” Both Hunter and Onyx exclaimed.

“How the hell was a gun brought into this kingdom?” Hunter snapped
Guns are not allowed in the vampire kingdom, it is a tool for the humans, their strength. The vampires depend on their speed, strength and metal tools.

Onyx didn’t say a word as he watch Hunter roared in rage. He knew of just one person who has the things that can ki*ll a vampire easily; a gun and wildflower seed, aside him; Thana.
Night Time~
Emerald paced round her room waiting for D’Arcy, she missed him so much, and it hasn’t been up to 24 hours that they saw last. She went towards the window and looked out of it, expecting him to show up, but he couldn’t find his shadow.

She sighed dejectedly and was about walking to her bed, she had just taken two steps when she felt cold arms wrapped har waist, as he placed soft kisses on her neck. She smiled brightly, enjoying every touch he made and the tingles it brought to her body.

“Dave….i mean..erm..D’Arcy” She chuckled. He laughed out, turning her to face him

“I don’t mind, you can call me Dave if you want, I have gotten used to the name already. I think I will take that as my name too…I kinda like it” he muttered and kissed her. She reciprocated as they staggered to the bed.

“I thought you weren’t coming..i have been waiting”

“And I have been watching” He winked, taking off his shirt
She frowned


“You were too busy to look closely at the tree nearer to your window. I have been up there for a while now, watching you pace round in the room.” He pecked her lips

She pouted
“So you where there all this while..and kept me waiting”

“I just wanted to be sure that your dad has gone to bed…he was in your room earlier..he might come know” he nibbled on her neck making her laugh out. She tried tickling him but couldn’t, she picked up a pillow and hits it on him playfully.

“My dad is not really harsh…well..he doesn’t want anyone to hurt me..but trust me…he will get to like you…soon”

He sighed, pulling her into a hug.

“I will be leaving for Vampic Fall soon…but I need to do this first.”
I’ve been having a lot at hand now…but be rest assured that we are ending this month by God’s grace.
#Happy Sunday
#Happy Easter/ Ramadan celebration to my Christian and Muslim brethrens.
Love y’all ????
Vickie Dora ????


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