Mr Proud And Mrs Insensitive -final – Chapter 53

MR. Proud And Mrs. Insensitive

Husband and wife

A romance novel written by : Pamela James

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Chapter 53


Micheal’s p.o.v

“Amanda,” I called her with the widest smile on my face.

She smiled when she saw me as I went near her.

I knelt in front of her and kissed her forehead.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t here for you when you were passing through pain”, I said encircled her hands over.

“it’s not a big deal. I thought about you and that made me strong enough to withstand this pain” she said.

Hearing that I kissed her, now she is looking so beautiful to my eyes than before.

“Amanda have you seen the baby”, my mom said and carried the baby in her hands.

Amanda tried to get up but I made asked to lay flat.

I showed our baby girl to her.

Amanda smiled and her eyes welled with tears.

Just getting old doesn’t mean like you are turning into a man, marrying someone, starting a family, living for your kids and wife. Taking a good care of them with your earnings. Being a responsible citizen of your country and contributing something to your society is what turns you into be a real men.

Thanks for making me responsible Amanda.

Without you I am nothing and I understood that now, I mentally thought and smiled as I looked at my world.

Yes, these two are my world.

********* After 3 months *********

Author’s POV

It was a nice evening time, Amanda was playing and talking with her baby girl.

And Michael was busy with his work.

They named the baby as precious, and the name was suggested by Michael.

Micheal, for this past three months has taken a great care on Amanda, and he didn’t want to separate from his baby girl. Even when he went for his work, his thought is all about precious.

He was enjoying to see his baby actions, and totally he was happy to be a father.

Amanda p.o.v

“Micheal please hold precious for a minute, I will prepare a coffee for you”, I said and gave my little girl to Micheal and went to the kitchen.

After preparing the coffee I came out with the cups.

Micheal was protectively holding precious and talking with her about something.

I placed the cups on the table.

When I went near them, he immediately stopped talking.

“Precious, what are you discussing with your dad?”, I asked her.

“it’s a secret precious. you should not tell that to your mom”, Micheal said and I smiled.

We both have turned into a small kid.

we are playing with her and talking baby language.

“She is sleeping” I whispered.

Micheal brought her in my hands and placed her in the cot that he specially bought for her.

I took the cup in my hands and started sipping the coffee.

Michael sat beside me.

“Do you still feel pains?” he asked.

“No I am alright”, I said.

He took my legs in his hands and placed on his lap and started massaging.

“Micheal I am alright please leave my leg” I said.

“I know what I am doing”Micheal said and pressed my legs gentle.

I looked at him with so much love in my eyes.

It was hard to find a man like Micheal and I am so glad to have him as my husband.


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