Mr Proud And Mrs Insensitive – Chapter 48

MR. Proud And Mrs. Insensitive

Husband and wife

A romance novel written by : Pamela James

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� Youngicee stories

Chapter 48

Two weeks later

Micheal’s p.o.v

I woke up hearing the retching sound, I immediately got up and went to the restroom from were its coming.

I saw Amanda vomiting, I immediately went and caressed her back.

“What happened Amanda?” I asked.

But she again started to vomit.

I felt so worried and I held her head.

At last, she stopped and I opened the tap and washed her face.

I took the towel and gave that to her.

“what happened Amanda? Should we see a Doctor”, I asked.

“No, I think the yesterday food is not digested properly. I am fine now”, she said.

We came out and I asked her to take some rest.

“No, I am fine. Let’s go somewhere today, Micheal.” she said and I also felt that was a great idea.

After getting ready I called the guide and we went to the boat riding place.

It was one of the beautiful places I have seen in my life.

The crystal clear water, a mild and chill breeze and my Amanda were standing near me.

I think this is one of the beautiful memory of my life.

I took several photos of Amanda and I.

I took a picture of us kissing each other, hugging each other and the beautiful ocean.

But I felt Amanda was not in her usual enthusiasm, and looked tired but she was smiling without showing that.

After enjoying sometime we again went to our hotel room because within two hours we are going to leave abuja for Lagos.

I and Amanda packed our bag and other stuff.

The guide dropped us at the airport.

I thanked him and gave a sum of money because he really helped us.

Amanda asked him to take care and said goodbye to him.

my wife is so cute, I thought and went to the airport.

Before entering into the checkings, Amanda gave her bag to me and rushed to the washroom.

I don’t know what happened to her and waited for her before the washroom.

She came out.

“Are you alright?”, I asked and hugged her.

“I am alright” she said in a tired tone.

Now only she came out of her injuries, again she is becoming weak of this indigestion. I thought and caressed her back.

Then after some hours of traveling, we got to Lagos.

I carried everything and asked Amanda to wait for me at the entrance, because I didn’t want her to walk.

I drove the car to the house and I decided to take her to the hospital tomorrow if she continues to be like this.

When we entered the house, she went into the bedroom and lay down.

I took her pajamas and gave that to her wear.

After she changed, I covered her fully in the sheets.

“Micheal please stay with me”, she said and grabbed my hand so I slept beside her and made her sleep in my arms.

Next day, I waked up and saw Amanda, she was sleeping holding my shirt with her fist and her legs were tangled with mine.

I don’t want to wake her up, so I allowed her to sleep for sometime and I watched my sleeping beauty.
In the afternoon, Amanda came out of the bedroom after taking bath.

I prepared breakfast for us both and we have to visit my mother today, but Amanda still not feeling well and I am so worried.

‘Come let’s eat’, I said to her.

“No Micheal. I am feeling nauseous and my head is spinning”, she said and collapsed on the floor.

“Amanda”, I shouted in a shock and ran near her.

I don’t know what to do, then I took a glass of water and sprinkled on her face.

She opened her eyes and I didn’t wait for a second.

I carried her in my arms and rushed out.

It’s not normal to collapse on the floor and I don’t want anything to happen to my Amanda.

“Micheal, I can walk. see everyone is looking at us”,She said, but I didn’t care about her words and also about the people.

I drove the car to the hospital and got admission to see the doctor.

The nurse asked me to wait outside to take some test samples from Amanda, so I impatiently waited outside.

“Sir the doctor is calling you”, the nurse said.

I went in and my eyes searched for Amanda.

When I saw her, she smiled widely like she achieved something…….


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