Mr Proud And Mrs Insensitive – Chapter 47

MR. Proud And Mrs. Insensitive

Husband and wife

A romance novel written by : Pamela James

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� Youngicee stories

Chapter 47

Micheal’s p.o.v

“Amanda you know that I recently started working on many projects, you probably know that I am busy but I promise you that I will spend more time with you, you are more important than my work”, I said to her.

“You concentrate on your work, I will be fine and I am with you”, Amanda said.

She hugged me and kissed my neck.

How can I control myself when she is this close and in my hands, I thought and pushed her to lay flat.

“What did you do to me Amanda!!” I asked and kissed her.

Her lips are the best thing that I tasted in my entire life.

Amanda pulled my neck close and kissed me back.

I can understand how much she wanted me.

I pulled out of the kiss and started unbuttoning her shirt.

I removed her pant that hindering my way.

But it’s little difficult for us to make out on this small couch.

Amanda laughed when I am struggled to remove her pant.

At last, I removed that and came top of her.

I started placing gentle kisses on her forehead, eyes, nose and when I came to her lips, I looked at her and paused everything…

She opened her eyes and looked at me and my eyes, she smiled…

I was mesmerized to see that, What a creature she is!!

God I don’t know whether you are really existing in this universe but I have to thank you for giving me this wonderful creation of yours, I thought.

We kissed and kissed like there was no tomorrow.

I don’t know what she was feeling when I touch her but for me, I am feeling each time like my first time and I can’t get enough of her.

I am her addict and I am completely on my knees in front her.

Ah… But this little couch is not enough for me so I took her in my arms and walked to the bed.

I placed her roughly and I was so aroused.

I want her.

I want to be inside of her.

I removed the last piece of cloth that covers us.

I was ready to enter her, I looked her…

“Are you ready”, I asked with a smirk on my face.

“Please Micheal”, she said and hearing that I didn’t waste a single second and joined our body.

Amanda arched her back and encircled her hands around my neck.

I calmed her by kissing.

I never wanted to hurt her but I can’t avoid doing this to her.

“I love you, I love you’, I said in between and showed how much I love her.

After several orgasms, I stopped and laid beside her.

We were breathing heavily and the rain has somewhat stopped.

Our breathing sound echoed in the room.

I pulled Amanda close to me.

“How are you feeling?” I asked her to make her blush.

She smiled biting her lower lip.

“much better”, she said.

“Say it with my name Amanda.” I said by putting my leg on her and trapped her.

“No I won’t say your name” she said playfully, but I am not going to leave her.

“You won’t say right??, but I know a way to get my name from your mouth”, I said and pressed my whole body weight on her and started tickling her.

“Please stop…… Micheal please” Amanda begged me and I left her.

I pecked her lips.

“don’t say no to me because you don’t have any rights to say no to me” I said.

“I will say it” she said and I looked at her like with a questioning look.


“Because I want your sweet torture from you”, she said with a smile on her face.

“Ah… You are something that I can’t resist in my life” I said gritting my teeth.

“I am trying my best level to keep my hands away from you but I can’t Amanda”, I said.

“If you can’t do that means why you are trying, don’t try to control your emotions Micheal”, she said.

“Okay…… then don’t complain me if I do something”, I said and again started to make love.



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