Mr Proud And Mrs Insensitive – Chapter 45

MR. Proud And Mrs. Insensitive

Husband and wife

A romance novel written by : Pamela James

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� Youngicee stories

Chapter 45

Amanda’s p.o.v

I felt I was in the heaven with my prince charming.


Amanda you got your prince charming right??

I mentally thought and smiled.

But Michael didn’t notice that I was smiling.

After walking for some time in the water.

Micheal took his phone and took a picture of me in the beautiful ocean and we both took a selfie.

Then we walked to the car.

The guide took us to a street market, and he also came with us to help us.

“Buy whatever you want.” Micheal encouraged me.

I was so excited, everything attracted my eyes.

I first bought a bag in the bag shop.

Then I entered a jewelry store, I bought earrings and a necklace.

Then I asked Micheal about what to buy for our family, but he said not to buy anything because he thought these things must be less in quality.

But I searched something that will remind me about this honeymoon.

We entered into a lamp shop, the colorful lights highly attracted my eyes,

Among the lamps, the lily printed night lamp looked so good.

I asked Micheal to buy that for me and he did.

I bought three sets for us, for my house, and for my In-laws house.

Then we went to some other shops, but I didn’t buy anything.

After that we came out of that market and I noticed that the sky has turned so dark.

“I think it’s going to rain”, Micheal said.

The guide also said that and Micheal asked him to drop us in the hotel.
When we reached the hotel, the rain started to pour, Micheal asked the guide to drive safe and he will call him tomorrow and I also said bye to him.

Micheal opened the door and went inside and I followed him.

I thought of changing the dress, so I took my pajamas and went to the restroom to wear that.

When I came out, Micheal was standing on the balcony and looking at the rain.

I went near him and hugged him by encircling my hands around his waist and he hugged me back.

“What are we going to do? do you have any plans?” I asked him.

“I’m thinking about staying all day in the bed with you.” he said.

“Then I am also thinking that is a good idea”, I said and looked up his face.

Micheal smiled,

“Then let’s go to the bed, he said enthusiastically and carried me in a bridal style.

He dropped me on the bed and towered over me.

Micheal smiled and kissed my forehead and looked at my lips.

He slowly touched my lips with his and started kissing me passionately.

::::::::::::Time Skip:::::::::::::::::::

” Okay, now let’s play a game”, Micheal said.

“What game?” I asked and he sat in a kneeling position.

“First sit like me”, he said and I kneeled.

“If I say statue, you have to be still and you should not laugh for whatever I do, if you can’t control then you have to do something that I say”, Micheal said.

“OK let’s play”, I said.

“1..2…3….statue” Micheal said and smirked.

He came close to my face and kissed my cheeks and kissed my neck.

I felt a tingling sensation when he touched my waist.

He took my lips to his and started kissing me but it got in tensed.

It started as a game but Micheal started kissing me feverishly.

I eventually loosed my control and held him.

he started unbuttoning my shirt and I felt so aroused.

“Michael… ” I moaned when he bites the crook of my neck.

“Call me Micheal again”, he said breathing heavily.

“Micheal” I said and kissed his cheeks…

He pushed me to lay down and I thought that we were going to make love but Michael didn’t remove my clothes and just kissed me.

“You are so addictive”, he said in between the kiss.

I laughed when he started tickling me.

“Stop….please”, I said and he did and gave strong kiss on my lips.

He released me from his holding,

“This is how you will play a game,” I asked in a sarcastic way.

“I totally forgot about the game and started kissing you, how stupid I am,” he said.

“I am hungry,” I said.

“Wait I will order something,” Micheal said and went out and I sat up and buttoned my shirt.

He ordered the food on the phone and I went to the restroom to refresh myself.

After eating different varieties of food, I felt so sleepy and added to this yesterday night I didn’t sleep well because of Micheal, so I decided to sleep.

Micheal talking with his manager in the phone so I went and laid in the bed.

we are going to leave abuja tomorrow.

it would be nice if we go outside tomorrow but this weather is a big hinder, I thought and the sleep engulfed me.



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