Mr Proud And Mrs Insensitive – Chapter 41

MR. Proud And Mrs. Insensitive

Husband and wife

A romance novel written by : Pamela James

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� Youngicee stories

Chapter 41

Amanda’s p.o.v

Micheal kissed me suddenly when I was looking at him, before I could react to that kiss, Micheal pulled me close to him and started kissing me passionately.

He made me sit on his lap and then I started kissing him back.

We kissed and kissed, and I no longer want to break this.

How many days I have been waiting for him…

This time Micheal stopped the kiss and looked at me.

“I am sorry Amanda for avoiding you. I just didn’t want to hurt you in any way, that’s why I controlled my in everything.
And Do you how much I controlled, myself” he said caressing my cheeks.

Hearing that, I kissed him to shut his mouth, I don’t want to hear anything now, and started kissing all over his face.

He suddenly pushed me and got down from the bed, I sat at the end of the bed, feeling confused about what he was doing.

“I forgot one thing,” he said and took a box from his trouser.

He opened it and took a platinum chain that contained a butterfly-shaped diamond pendant.

He smiled looking at me and came closer to me.

“You should always wear this,” he said putting the necklace on my neck.

I looked at the pendant and asked him, why it is in butterfly shape?

“Cause you are my butterfly, my little fairy, my guardian angel and this symbolizing that,” he said.

“Oh….. oka…,” before I could complete my sentence Micheal crashed his lip on mine and kissed me feverishly, he bites my lower lip and broke the kiss, and I moaned softly for that.

And he continues to trail kisses on my neck.

His hands went down to pull my shirt up.

He slowly removed his shirt and looked at me with a smirk on his face.

His eyes were dark and looking at me intently.

He kissed my forehead and his hand started tracing to unclamp my bra.

An unknown sensation aroused in me because of his soft touch on my skin.

After removing mine, Micheal removed his shirt.

He unbuckled his belt and removed his trousers.

He made me lay on the bed.

My chest started rising up and down due to my heavy breathing.

When his hand stroked my stomach to remove my shorts, I felt goosebumps all over my body.

When he removed that, he came on top of me.

I bite my lower lip to control my sensation but I know I couldn’t.

He kissed me gently, passionately and softly on my lips.

He started placing wet kisses on my neck.

He went down and kissed my br�ast and started sucking that.

I moaned loudly when he bite the right one little hard, I clenched the bed sheet tightly to control my uncontrollable sensations.

Then he went further down and kissed my stomach.

Micheal lifted his head up and looked at me .

“Stop me if I hurt you.” He said, breathing heavily.

I just nodded my head because my mouth couldn’t form any words.


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