BLOOD – Episode 1



The electrical lamp on the wooden table that was placed beside the edge of the bed-set fell and shattered on the floor.
The bedsheet and pillows were thrown sideways.
It wasn’t oblivious that I was battling with nightmares.
I was suffering from excruciating pain surging thoroughly in my body.
I could hardly jolt to reality, but unknown force wouldn’t let go of me.

Eventually, I woke up with an extreme highness.
My eyes were reddish, my face frowned and I was fuming in anger, blood was running in my veins swiftly, my muscles were boomed and my head was banging hardly.
The usual strange voice began to echo in my head.
” Blood!
I need blood!
I need blood!”
I couldn’t snap out, thus I hearkened and swiftly stood up.
I went to the kitchen and searching for a knife shatteringly.

My eyes graduated from reddish to bloody.
I immensely wanted the taste of blood.

“Gab, what’s wrong with you?”
I heard my mom sleepy voice behind me asking, but I remained sticky silent.
“Why aren’t you in your room?” She asked curiously moving closer to me, but I remained stationary mumbling incoherently.

She moved closer to me and tapped my shoulder.
Suddenly, I turned to her and she screamed when she saw my bloody eyes.
I pined her neck down and slit her neck with the knife.
I hesitated when I heard footsteps approaching.
“Gabriel, what happens to your mom?”
Dad asked when he saw mom’s lifeless body thud on the floor.
“I killed her” I said bluntly and charged against him aggressively.
He was swift to dodge my f
knife, but I overpowered him and stabbed his chest.
He screamed in pains, but I was unperturbed.
I kept stabbing all parts of his body and laughing wickedly at the splashes of blood.
I gauged his eyes and tore his stomach.
His intestine flopped out.

I heard a loud scream behind me followed swiftly by a rod on my head.
I fell on the floor wincing in pains.
It was my 12 years old younger brother Joseph and Hellen my five years old younger sister and last born of the house.
Joseph held Helen’s tiny hand immediately I fell on the floor and ran to the upstairs.
They both hid and sobbed silently.

I stood up and found my knife.
I knew they would be in the upstairs so I found my way there searching all the rooms thoroughly.

“Joseph! Hellen! Stop hiding from your sweet brother.
I won’t hurt you both.
I promise
Come out.
We just have to talk.
It’ll be worse if I find both of you myself.
Hellen my little sister, I know you can hear me clearly, come out and meet brother Gabriel ”
I said with horrible smile.


Both of then were fidgeting and crying silently and hopelessly.
They remained silent when they heard the door of the room where they hid opened.
They knew I was there looking for them.
I was shatteringly searching everywhere aggressively and threateningly calling them.

Hellen was sore afraid and began to fidget the more.
They both listened intensely when they heard my footsteps fading away.
Helen scoffed instantly.
Joseph swiftly covered her mouth, but it was too late.
I’ve heard them rumbling in the wardrobe.
I opened the wardrobe and laughed wickedly.
Unhesitatingly, I stabbed both of them badly.

The following day was such a sinister day as the news was at rife.
Almost all the national medias broadcast it.

The headline of the news read ???? *A psychopath named Orji Gabriel stabbed his parents mr and mrs Orji an his 12 and 5 years old siblings Joseph Orji and Hellen Orji respectively yesterday night*

Their house became a tourist center for everyone and the news became popular among the people.
Despite that the environment was firmly secure by the police to allow the forensic officers to collect the necessary evidence, yet people are still struggling in to see the scenes.
Ambulance arrived lately and carried the body to the Morgue.

I was locked in a solitary cell after being arrested in the following day by the police. I was very messy and smelled malodorously. The stench of blood all over my shirt.
I was starved and left there for a whole day.
There was no light and the place was too muggy for my comfortableness.

“Officer, I’m going home, make sure everything is in order”

A robust police officer in his distinct uniform and some barges on his uniform showing his superiority told the officers while they nodded in comply.
It was 11 PM, the police station was well-lighted .
Every officer had taken their daily routine and doing their works effortlessly.
The wardens were also dutiful.

Suddenly, I jolted from my dozing .
I was buzzing and jacking aggressively.
It seemed I was possessed.
I looked fiercely and woefully.
I stretched my arms and held the prison gate aggressively.
Other prisoners in the other cells were watching troublemindedly as I forcibly bent the gate side ways and paved way for myself .
I came out and shouted audibly.



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