JUST FOR LOVE – Season 2 Episode 47

Love, why?


Season 2
#Chapter 47

Zeemah writes
�Dan’s POV

Where could she be?
I’ve had a warm bath minutes ago and I even changed into thick clothes.
She told me she’s gonna go get me coffee but she’s not here yet.

“Are you sure she’s still gonna come?” Dave asked.

He’s the only one i talk to in our cabin,he’s a grade 8 student,very nice and friendly. I always enjoy his company.

“Yeah, something might be delaying her” I said.
“Don’t you think i should go to her cabin and check her there?” He asked.

“I’ll be glad” I said.
“What cabin is she?” He asked.
“Cabin E”
“Okay,I’ll be right back” He said and walked out of the door.

I sighed worriedly.
I hope she’s okay.
I’m even feeling more cold now that she isn’t with me.

I felt on top of the world when she pecked me earlier and i felt better immediately, i didn’t even bothered to hide my smile.
That will be the first time she will be pecking me.

She told me before now that she feels good whenever she’s with me.

Could it be that she’s starting to like me?
I very much hope so.

The cabin door opened and i saw Dave walked in.
“Did you see her?” I asked.
He shook his head.
“Ah” I sighed, wondering where she might be.

“Maybe i should go check her in the kitchen,she might be waiting for the coffee” I said, standing up from the bed.
“Coffee is always available,she doesn’t have to wait for it but we can’t tell,Just sit down and rest,I’ll go check her in the kitchen” He said.

“Thanks Dave” I said and he nodded.
He walked out of the cabin.

Where could she be?
Is she fine?
I will go search for her myself if Dave doesn’t see her in the kitchen.
I shifted on my bed impatiently.

The cabin door opened and i quickly stood up.
“Did you find her?” I asked and then hissed in disappointment when i saw it was Travis.

He tossed his sweater on the bed before walking into the bathroom.
Why’s he looking that way?

Normally, if i hiss he’s definitely gonna hiss back and utter some abusive words but i guess that isn’t the case today.

The shower started running and i glanced away from the bathroom door,my gaze fell on his blue sweater on the bed.
I’m sure some girls knitted it for him.

I studied it closely and noticed the red liquid at the hem of both hands.
What’s that?
I don’t want to believe it’s blood.
It should be ink,and even if it’s blood,i don’t care if he had hurt himself.
Serves him right.

The cabin door opened and Dave walked in.
“Did you find her?” I asked.
“No,i even had to check some other places” He said.
“OMG!” I panicked before running out of the cabin.

“Dan” He shouted after me.

I headed to her cabin first,she might have returned.
I knocked twice and waited for the door to open.
It did and Theresa stood before me.

“Is Anel in?” I asked.
” No, she told us she’s coming to your cabin and she has not returned since then” She said and my heart skipped a bit in fear.
“Damn!” I dipped my hands into my hair.
“Dave also came to ask about her, didn’t she come to your cabin?” Theresa asked and i saw Ashlyn appear behind her.

“She did but she has not returned since she went to get me coffee” I said, starting to get seriously worried.
“Have you went to check her in the kitchen? She might be waiting for the coffee to brew” Ashlyn said.
“I’ve searched the whole kitchen for her but i didn’t find her” I heard Dave said behind me.

He followed me?

“I will go search for her” I said and started running towards the direction of the lake.
She might be there.
“Dan,wait for me” I heard Dave shout after me.

I didn’t wait,i couldn’t wait,i kept running.

What if something bad has happened to her.
I got to the lake and it was dead silent and empty.

Where’s she!!
I peered at each angle.

What if Felia had taken her away?
I don’t even think Anel can come here alone.
I don’t think so.

“Have you found her?” I heard Dave asked behind me.
I turned and saw he was with Theresa and Ashlyn,they were both breathing heavily.

“No! She is not here” I said.
“Ahh! Where could she be?” Theresa said worriedly.
“Let’s get out of here” I said before Felia could appear and trap us.

We all ran back to the cabins.


“Have you tried calling her?” Theresa asked, immediately we got to the front of our cabins.

Thats the first thing i should have done.

“I’ve not” I said and fetched my phone from my pocket.
I unlocked it and clicked on her contact, praying she’ll pick up.
“She’s not picking up” I said after calling her number severally.
“Now,I’m getting scared” Ashlyn said.
“She’s fine,she’s probably stuck somewhere” Theresa said to assure everyone but i could read the fear in her eyes also.

“Let’s split up and look for her” Dave suggested.
“Yeah, that’ll be okay” Ashlyn said.
“Ashlyn and i would start searching for her now,you guys do the same too” Theresa said and they both walked away.

“Chill Dan, we’re gonna find her” Dave said patting my shoulder.
I nodded.
“Let’s start our search” He said.

I don’t know why i keep having a bad feeling.
Is she hurt?
Where could she be?


“Have you found her?” Dave and i asked Theresa and Ashlyn.
We’ve both searched everywhere but Anel is nowhere to be found.

“No,have you guys find her?” Ashlyn asked.

“We searched every nooks and crannies but we couldn’t find Asanel. I wonder where she might be” Dave said.
“You know what we’re gonna do now?” Ashlyn asked.

“She might be in any of these cabins so we have to go round the door of each cabin and ask if they’ve seen her or if she’s with them ” Ashlyn said.
“Anel doesn’t have any other friend apart from us” I said and thought of Vie.
She might be with Vie!

“Let’s try what Ashlyn suggested,it might help” Dave said.
“Okay” I shrugged.
“But I’ll have to call Vie first, Anel might be with her” I said and fetched my phone.

I dialed Vie’s number and placed it on my ear.
God please let her be with Vie.

????Hi Dan” Vie’s voice broke into my thought.

????Hi Vie,is Anel with you?

????No” She said and i couldn’t hide my disappointment.

???? Anel doesn’t come to my cabin. Is anything wrong?” She asked.

????Vie, Anel is nowhere to be found. We’ve been searching for her” I said with trembling voice.

????OMG!” She exclaimed “I’m coming right away” She said before disconnecting the call.

I sighed “She isn’t with Vie”.

“Gosh!” Theresa sighed in disappointment.
“Ashlyn,let’s do what you said”


“Get the f**k out of here, Asanel isn’t here!” Karissa yelled before banging the door on my face.
I sighed and glanced at Dave.
“Why is she so mean?” He asked.
“That’s her freaking problem” I said slowly,my anger starting to brew.

“That’s her freaking problem” I yelled and banged the door hard,i was ready to tear it open before Dave stopped me by dragging me back.

“Com’on Dan,you need to calm down” He said.
“Anel might be inside there” I said.
“She might not, let’s go to other cabins” He said and led me away.


My heart was filled with sadness and i tried not to cry. It’s night and we were all seated outside the cabin.
We still haven’t found anel, we’ve searched all over the place for her.

“I hope she’s fine?” Vie said in tears.
“I’m so worried” Ashlyn said, trying to hold her own tears.

Theresa wiped her own tears with the edge of her dress.
Dave wore a sad look and for a moment,no one spoke a word.

The tears i was trying to hold dropped from my eyes.
I feel so guilty.
If she hadn’t tried to get me coffee, she wouldn’t have gone missing.

“Don’t you think,we should report this to the teachers?” Dave asked.
“Asanel isn’t back yet and she isn’t even picking up. I’m worried,she might be hurt” Theresa sniffed.

I stared into space for a long while, thinking about where she might be.
Oh..my Anel,do you want me to die!
I can’t survive without you..

I continued thinking of the possible places she might be and my mind suddenly traced back to Travis.

His sweater!

“OMG!” I exclaimed and quickly stood up.
“What?” They all asked.

I rushed into my cabin and met Travis laying on the bed, with a satisfied smile.

I pulled him up and punched him hard on the face.

“Where’s Anel?” I said gripping his clothe tight.
“Ah!” He growled in pain.
“Dan what are you doing?” Dave asked.

“He knows where Anel is!” I said.
“What!” They exclaimed.

????Anel’s POV????

I sat on the floor with my hands tied behind my back inside karissa’s cabin.
Travis actually did that,his girls were not capable.

My whole face and body hurts badly.
I checked my reflection in the mirror placed beside me,there was a small cut on my right cheek and my lower lip is broken,my whole face look so red.
I’m glad the hot coffee didn’t destroy my face.

Karissa and Jacq sat on the bed opposite me,i wonder where the remaining cabin-mates are.
They laughed and continued eating their fries.

I’m not actually surprised about this kidnap.

“I thought you were a great fighter but just look at you, looking so helpless and battered” Karissa laughed.

“You think so,why don’t you loosen my hands and see if i will remain helpless” I said and they both glanced at each other.

Jacq stood up and walked towards me angrily.
I think i should be ready for another slap.
If only i could loosen my hands.

I dodged the first slap but couldn’t dodge the second one.
Her palm landed right on my left cheek, exactly where the cut is, i felt a stinging pain but tried not to show it.

“You’re a freaking b***h! How dare you make Dan like you!” Jacq yelled in my face.

I knew it!
She has feelings for Dan!

“Thanks Jacq for doing this for me” Karissa said.

Doing this for her?
Jacq is doing this for herself and not for anyone else! How could Karissa be so dumb!

“I think i should deal with her myself” Karissa said and stood up.
“I loved Dan before you came into our school and he was starting to love me back but everything stopped the moment you came,he doesn’t wanna be friends with us anymore,you made him hate us!” She cried.

“Really?” I asked.
“Yeah,you freaking b***h!” Jacq said.
“Is that the only thing you know how to say?” I asked her.
She landed another slap across my cheek.
It didn’t hurt this time.

“Okay,first,i need to make this clear to you both. Dan never loved any of you, he only took you both as friends” I said.
“Shut the hell up! He loved me, Jacq said he was starting to love me” Karissa said and i laughed.

“Jacq has been fooling you all this while” I said and Jacq made to hit me again.

“If you touch her! I swear down you’re gonna regret being Jacqueline” I heard Dan’s voice and switched my gaze to the door.
My face brightened in a smile when i saw him standing there holding a swollen faced Travis by the neck.
He pushed him to the floor.

Vie,Theresa and Ashlyn bursted in and descended on Jacq and Karissa immediately.
I smiled widely and watched in satisfaction as they beat the hell out of them.
Vie covered their mouths with clothes to prevent other students from hearing their cries.

“Vie,sit on this fool” Theresa said, pushing Jacq to the floor.
Vie sat on her and continued beating her.

Dave started loosening the rope that was used to tie my hands.

“You’re free” He smiled at me.
“Thanks so much Dave” I smiled back and stood up.
I stretched and then sighed.
I looked at Dan whom i caught staring at me.

He spread out his hands and i grinned happily before running to him.

“I missed you” He whispered into my ears.
“Me too” I said.
“Did they hurt you?” He asked and i shook my head.
“You’re” He said and touched the cut on my cheek and lip with his finger.
I winced in pain.

“Sorry” He kissed my forehead and then looked straight into my eyes.
My heart fluttered and i tried to stop my stupid blush.

“Sorry huh?” He said.
I nodded.
“I’m glad your beautiful face isn’t affected, i will help you apply some antiseptic on the cut on your cheek but my kiss is gonna heal the one on your lip” He said and i laughed.
“Dream on” I hit his shoulder playfully.
He laughed…

We were interrupted by the disturbing cry of jacq and Karissa.
“OMG, Vie you’re gonna break her neck” I gasped when i saw Vie was twisting karissa’s neck.

“I’m prepared to deal with this big nosed b***h today” Vie said and i struggled to hold my laughter.


“OMG! Those girls are real bitches!” Ashlyn said after i finished narrating my ordeal.

We were in my cabin and i just had my dinner,my cheek has been cleaned with antiseptic and my lip..maybe Dan is gonna kiss me after all.

“I can’t believe Travis is among them” Dave said and i immediately glanced at Theresa. Her cheeks do go pink whenever Dave speaks.

Awwwn! Is it what I’m thinking?

“Well I’m glad i dealt with them,they should be nursing their pains now” Vie smiled.
“Don’t you think we should report this to the teachers?” Ashlyn said.
“No, we’re not” Dan said.

He’s seated beside me on the bed.

“Thanks everyone, thanks for coming to my rescue,i really appreciate your help” I said.
“It’s nothing..
Anything for you girl” They chorused.
“I’m feeling sleepy guys” I yawned and laid on the bed.
“I’m not leaving,I’m gonna be staying here with you. Those bitches might decide to come back later in the middle of the night” she said,shifting comfortably on jacq’s bed.

“Me too, I’ll be sharing your bed with you” Dan said and i smiled.
I always feel good whenever I’m close to him.
“Me too,i can’t go back to that cabin. Travis might ki*ll me overnight” Dave said and we laughed.

“You can share Theresa’s bed” Ashlyn said.
“Uh?” Theresa said, widening her eyes.

“Yeah,i will” Dave said and we all watched Theresa’s face go red.

“Hmm!” Dan sighed and we all laughed.

????{Next day}????

“I’m not boasting! I’m actually prepared for her today” I said to Dan.
We just returned from adventure and we were both at the lake, determined to take down Felia with the bowls of water in our hands.

“I just hope you keep to your words today.” He said and i glared at him.

“She should come fast before my courage disappear” I said.

A short wind blew to announce her presence.

“Dan she’s here” my voice trembled.
“Anel, please try not to drop your bowl of water and try not to look at her face okay?” Dan said and i nodded staring at my feet.

“She’s here” Dan said and my whole body started trembling.
I tried not to raise my head up cause that’s gonna be my only weakness.

????I’m Felia,the evil goddess of wishes???? She growled.

“Anel please don’t look up,she’s looking more terrifying today” Dan said to me.

“Oh..Lord…” I started praying.

????I’m not here for much talk,today is your death day and nothing can stop me. I’ve given you both enough chance!!???? She said with so much anger in her voice.

“OMG, Anel she has raised her staff. Let’s pour the water now” Dan said and i noticed the fear in his voice.
“I’m afraid” I cried,the bowl of water shaking in my hands.
“OMG,she mustn’t raise it.” Dan said.

I slowly raised up my head and saw that she has also raised up her fire emanating staff.
She was looking so fierce today.

“Anel,we can do this!!” Dan said
and i didn’t know the force that pushed me,i didn’t know where i gained the courage from.
I found myself pouring the lake water on her.

She gave out a loud cry which shook the ground terribly beneath our feet,her staff fell off her hands and vanished she kept turning and turning in circle.
She was starting to chant some of her strange words when Dan also poured his bowl of water on her.

Her cry was louder than earlier and we both had to shift back in fear.

She stopped moving and we watched her body burn slowly, puffing out deep black smoke.
I stood in shock..

The lake water is working!

Dan picked his bowl and scooped more water from the lake,he poured it on her body and then hit the bowl on her face.
I should have laughed if not for my shocked state.

I clung to Dan when i saw that her body was starting to vanish.
I screamed and hid my face with Dan’s chest when it was her feet remaining.

I peeped from his clothe and also watched her horrible feet vanish.

There was nothing remaining!
She’s gone forever!

“We did it!” Dan screamed happily.
“Yaaaaay” we both danced round the lake, laughing happily.

“Felia is gone” i screamed loudly in smiles.
“Thank you Lord” Dan shouted.

My joy knew no bound. I can’t believe we did this on our own.
“I’m so proud of us” I said.
“Me too” Dan smiled.

“Now baby girl,let’s go get our necklaces” He shouted carrying me high in his arms.




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