THE YOUNG ASSASSIN – Season 2 Episode 1






“How the f**k!!McClain!!!” Mr Kumi shouted in fright


“And that’s Dax” Lord bavlin said with a shaky voice and Mr Kumi glanced at him.


Mr Kelvin and Dax brought out their pistols at the same time and pointed it to them. They both fired successively but the swift wounding up of the bulletproof window prevented the bullets from penetrating but instead left a crack. They shot the same spot again and it inflicted more cracks on it.


Mr Kumi stepped on the brakes swiftly and took the curve in a way to mislead Dax and McClain but they didn’t fall for trick as they followed suit in the curve.


“What’s happening?” Lord bavlin asked frustratingly slamming his hand on the dashboard


“They don’t fall for any of your master trick, we are going to die in this car” He added


“Not on my watch”. Mr Kumi said and pressed on a key on the dashboard swiftly. four small ball came out under the car rolling towards Dax and McClain. They started emitting thick gases which blinded the duo. Mr kumi took the another diversion while Dax and McClain suffered under the influence of the gas


“How did you do that?” Lord bavlin asked


“We talk later” Mr Kumi replied focusing 9n the ride.


He joined the main Street and increase his speed as few cars were on the road at that time. He changed his direction into a thin road with few cameras to avoid being captured by cameras. As he was about to come out of the thin road, he heard the approach of a powerbike and quickly hit the reverse button of the car. Due to the reverse mode, the car couldn’t run thet fast so Dax and McClain appeared Infront of them but in a distance. They opened fire immediately but the bulletproof glass helped as the glass could be seen crack mercilessly. Dax and McClain followed them as they got out of the road. They also came out of the road to meet a thick smoke again but this time they had king of Knight glasses on so they passed through the darkness.


“What the f**k!!!” They are still following us” Mr Kumi shouted in anger but immediately Changed to laughter. He dialed a number on his phone which was answered immediately.


“It’s time” He said into the phone and ended up without listening to the person’s reply.






“Change of plan, I follow them from behind and you take that road to their front” McClain said into the communicator


“What if they increase the speed how am I going to catch up with them” Dax said in disagreement


“You have to be on your full speed limit, we can’t risk losing them” McClain said and Dax took another route without allowing McClain to end







“What’s going on?” Lord bavlin asked as Dax took another route


“Trying to entrap us. Mr Kumi stepped on the full speed limit and stepped on the extra nitro which made the car run in a crazy speed that shocked McClain





“What the bleep is happening?” McClain said in anger


“How is this possible?” he added


“What happened?” Dax asked from the other end


“I just lost visual but can hear audio” Sniper also put in frustrated









The senior agent driving the vehicle accelerated as he saw the NIC vehicle chasing after them from the rear mirror.


“Take left there is a lot of blindspots there we can lost them there” James ordered the driver without taking his gaze from the laptop


The driver obeyed without hesitation as the NIC vehicle kept approaching them. James realised his mistake but it was too late as the NIC vehicle Infront was also approaching them








Mr Kumi took a swift diversion and reduced the speed. McClain tried to take the diversion but a truck hit him as he rolled from the motor to the middle of the road. McClain watched as the drivers of the truck came down from the truck and entered into Mr Kumi’s car and they zoomed off. He tried to get up but was feeling dizzy and pains all over his body. He managed to dragged himself from the middle of the street as the cars were less busy on the road. He passed out immediately he got to the side of the road.



“Where are you? McClain is crawling at the spot I’ve sent to your GPS navigator go check on him now” Sniper said with a worried tone.


“What about Mr kumi?” Dax asked increasing the speed of his powerbike


“I lost them” Sniper dropped a bombshell










Eva walked inside the dragon girls territory for a while and stopped walking all of a sudden. She dialed a number on her phone and it was answered on the second ring.


“They’ve all perished” She said into the phone.


“……………………..” The receiver answered


“We start work immediately” Eva said and hunged up the call.


She dialed another number which was answered almost immediately


“How was the survey?” The person asked


“Here looks messier than a world war scene. And they are all dead” Eva answered


“That’s cool, we start our own organisation immediately” The receiver said


“I don’t think Jeff will want to join us” Eva said with a worried tone


“Those people are highly trained and they have a lot of technologies” She added


“That’s why you are with them, you just act among them while you extract information for us” The receiver said


“Am coming over for us to talk about it” Eva said walking out of the house after dragging her mask to cover her face.











Forlan walked into the executives office with haste.


“Please chairman you called for me” Forlan said standing in an attention pose


“Yes, have you heard from Mr Kelvin?” The chairman asked


“I’ve never seen him since yesterday and there are alot of works to do” He added


“I’ve not heard from him too just like you, and his number is switched off” Forlan said bringing out his phone. He nevigated to his caller app and showed them his call history.


“What the f**k is wrong with Mr Kelvin, After he returned from that his foreign mission, he have been acting strange” Mr Elikem said for the fifth time. Since he joined the executives he have spoke just four times.


“I thought I was the only one who noticed it” The chairman said


“He acts more intelligently and seem more swifter than the usual him” Mr Elikem said again.


“I think he is an imposter” Mr Elikem said


“Then why did he expose his own if he is an imposter truly” The chairman said.


“Maybe this imposter is from another organisation” Mr Elikem said


“Can I leave?” Forlan asked the two adults arguing


“When you hear from him just tell me” The chairman dismissed him



He dialed a number as he was walking out of the office.


“They are now suspecting you, you have to change your way of acting” Forlan said into the voicemail as the call was unreachable.











“How are feeling?” Dax said as McClain opened his eye


“Am feeling weak” Mr Kelvin answered. He dragged himself up and sat behind one if the computers set up.


“Have you gotten a view of them, After losing them?” Mr Kelvin asked shocking sniper and Dax. They tried to hide it from him


“I guess no where” He answered his question by the look on their faces while typing his credentials into the computer system.


“Well I lost them immediately you were taken down” Sniper said.





“I’ve gotten them, I think they are heading for the airport” Mr Kelvin said after three minutes.










That was a nice job” Mr Kumi acknowledged Ben and Jerry’s effort which made their escape easy


Mr kumi and Lord bavlin bidded Ben and Jerry good bye before they entered into their airplane. Mr kumi looked into the window to see Ben and Jerry zooming off before he turned to Lord bavlin.


“The battle have not ended yet, it just started” Mr Kumi said


“What’s the plan now because am out of plans and I don’t think I can go one to one with McClain” Lord bavlin said


“I have someone in Russia who can provide me already trained agents, all we have to do is to teach them the bavlin pattern and we are good to go” Mr Kumi said


“Do you have money to afford them!?” Lord bavlin asked with a bit of shout in his voice


“So you mean all these years you haven’t gained from the organisation?” Mr Kumi asked


“I have but I don’t think it can afford them” Lord bavlin said


“I have money here so I will add up” Mr Kumi said and brought out the new SIM card he bought and inserted it into the Samsung tablet in his hand. He switched on the tablet and it took a few minutes to boot before it came on.


He checked the network bar.


“Sim card not registered” was the text written on it.


He opened the emergency call and typed in Some codes and the tablet shut down automatically and came back on after some minutes. He checked the network bar again and this time around it was written


MTN_GHANA was written on it. He nevigated to the WhatsApp application and clicked on it. He took time and registered before the application came in. He scrolled through his chats and selected the contact he needed, he clicked on the video call icon and it started ringing


“How are Kumi? The receiver said with a thick Russian accent


“Am dropping so prepare for me” Mr Kumi said and swiftly ended the call and broke the sim into two Before it could be traced.










Mr Kelvin typed some few commands into the computer and alot of airplanes database came onto the screen. He checked for the airplane transporting high frequency.


He also checked for the airplane transporting feeds but he got none and was about to exit the page when the middle airplane held back the frequency feed it was about to drop.


“Sniper, please follow this airplane for me I have to go to the office” Mr Kelvin said pointing to an airplane and standing up at the same time. He listened to the voicemail again to make a meaning out of it before walking out of the room.





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