Jones and Mad max got to the location in a black Benz with tinted glasses.


“We are present” Jones said to Dax through the communicator


“Set up the configuration and give us eyes now before it’s late” Dax answered and Jones could hear some voices at the background so he concluded that the communicator is connected to a speaker.


He got to work without replying Dax. Mad Max on the other end was busy fixing his pistols and rifles.


“Am done just log in with our credentials and everything is fine” Jones replied


“Hope it’s strongly encrypted? sniper asked instead of Dax


“Yes I used our encryption code” Jones replied


“The mission starts midnight right?” Dax asked


“Yes” Jones replied


“So take time and set up a good configuration for us so we don’t miss any scene on the field” Dax said to him









Jamal pulled over at the blindspot he selected from their search on the town.


“We are also present” Jamal said into the communicator


“Remember no sleeping till we complete this mission” Dax reminded everyone on the communicator.










The NIC agents started surrounding the house from a distance. The house had just three houses around it, so the NIC agents covered the three houses together. Every NIC agent was on a specially treated mask which Jamal and his team got some from Mr Kelvin.


“You have been surrounded already, just surrender and be free or open fire and die inside” Forlan threatened with the mega phone in his hand. He repeated the exact statement three minutes after saying it without hearing anything from them.











“What the f**k!!!!” How did they get here without me being informed!!!” Belinda shouted in frustration bringing out her phone


“I’ve been busted by the NIC and I think agent Dax is the one behind it” Belinda informed Lord bavlin on the phone


“How then did he get your location?” Lord asked


“I think I was careless so he tracked me to my base” Belinda suggested


“Why were you careless when you know we are dealing with Dax” Lord bavlin fumed up


“He was injured and sniper was busy with Mad max so who got the chance to trace me to my base?” Belinda explained herself


“Do you think they work alone, they have help from one NIC agent so maybe they contacted him immediately after the attack” Lord bavlin so suggested






“Did you hear that?” Belinda asked


“We have contacted some of our agents near you so keep them waiting them busy they will be there soon” lord bavlin said and disconnected the call



“Get strapped now, we fighting till the coming bavlin agents arrive” Belinda ordered the girls as she walked to the ammunition store.







Forlan helped the agents cleared all the People residing in the three houses surrounding the building.


“We are breaking in by the count of 1,2 and …” Forlan couldn’t complete his statement as sounds of gunshots eluped the environment. Two NIC agents fell from a head shot. Forlan took a swift cover and turned towards the direction of bullet to meet an army of bavlin agents firing and splitting themselves for cover.










A slight smile appeared on Belinda’s cheek and got covered with a frown again immediately she heard the gunshots.


“They are in and I have a visual on the scene so I will serve as your eye from here while James serve as eyes for the others ”


“Tell them to follow what ever he says” Lord bavlin said and warned



“Your communicator is connected to someone, obey whatever he says and ask him whatever bothers you. Never disconnect or remove the communicator from your ear”


“We attack in 3,2,1!!!!” Belinda shouted and the door opened automatically. Belinda and the entire dragon girls members opened fire immediately the door opened before dashing to their respective positions.







Mr Kelvin positioned himself well at the branch of the tree aiming his sniper. The sniper had a silencer at its mouth. Mr Kelvin aimed at a bavlin agent and fired a shot into his head. He counted three bavlin agents marked their hiding position with his eyes. He fired three consecutive shots in three seconds and they dropped dead. He quickly came down from the tree climbed another one.



Forlan shot his third subject and removed the cartridge from his gun and refilled it with different set of bullets.


Jamal swiftly bent down dodging the bullet flying over his head and firing three shots in the process and two bavlin agents dropped down. He fired a shot at a bavlin agent who was hiding leg making him yell and come out of his cover, Jamal wasted no time in sending bullets into his belly.



Mad max could feel slight pain in his shoulder as he fired virgously at the exposed bavlin agents and they dropped dead while others tried to run for cover.


“Immediately I bend down fire three shots” Mad max switched the communicator to Jeff with his and said to him while shooting.


He fired three shots more before he fell to the floor. Jeff fired his sniper from where he hid on the tree. He fired quick shots to the remaining agents before coming down from the tree with his sniper.


“Nice shot” Mad max praised getting up from the ground



Forlan kicked the unaware agent to the ground before shooting him in the forehead. He fired a running agent down and took cover as a bullet flied over his head.



Mr Kelvin Fired a shot into three dragon girls forehead and aimed another three set. As he was about to pull the trigger, Someone fired a shot towards him and he rolled out and held the tree’s leaves which assisted him in descending from the tree. He removed his gun and fired towards the different angles he marked the agents hiding and they all dropped dead.











“What the f**k!!!!!! we have dart on the battlefield, it’s a lost battle already” Lord bavlin exclaimed to the hearing of Mr Kumi


“What!!!, send me link to the feed I wanna see him fight” Mr Kumi lied









“There are external eyes here” Dax said to Kelvin


“What do you mean, How did they get eyes here?” Mr Kelvin answered and fired the last bullet in his gun and hid behind a tree beside him


“The same way we got eyes here. You have to ball out of the party” Dax said with a teasing tone


Mr Kelvin dragged the mask to cover his face well before he stood up and rolled over to another tree.




Jamal threw the gun at the bavlin agent who charged towards him and it hit his forehead very hard but he didn’t bend to the pain as he continued running forward, a bullet lodged into the side of his brain Popping his head open. Jamal looked towards the direction of the shot and saw Mad max rolling on the floor to dodge a bullet sent towards him.



Belinda fired another NIC agent and kicked the one Infront her in the groins making him yell out loud and she shot him in the process.


“What’s happening?” Belinda asked lord bavlin while shooting


“My girls are falling like tree” She added


“We are sending another back up so keep these people in the war till….


“f**k!!!!!” Belinda cursed and yelled interrupting Lord bavlin


“I’ve been shot, I need to roll out of the part…” Belinda couldn’t complete her statement as Jamal fired a tranquilized bullet into her arm making her collapse instantly. He dragged her on the floor with one hand while shooting with the other hand. And Jeff was also covering him as he was shooting those aiming for Jamal from his hiding spot. Jamal dragged her into the car and sped off towards where Mr Kelvin car was parked.



Mr Kelvin blindfolded and tied her up before putting her into the boot of the vehicle and zoomed off.





“Different bavlin vehicles are approaching” Jones said into the communicator as he set it to general mode


“Activate Interception plan now” Sniper ordered Jones


“Mission accomplished, ball out now. Interception plan activating, no communication and am waiting at the pick up point” Jones said to Jeff, Jamal, and mad max through the communicator. He scrambled the service and all livestreams of the environment before he dropped the grenade bombs and gasses on the only road leading to the battlefield.











“What the f**k is happening, am losing the livestream” Lord bavlin complained. He hit his hand on the table as the screen scrambled and the livestream died out.


“Call and inform the back up team to retreat, Dax have planned an interception for them that’s why he scrambled the channel” Mr Kumi said in a hurry and got up on his feet. He have never been under such pressure


“f**k! he sabotaged the service around that environment, I can’t reach them” Lord bavlin complained


“f****ng try again till it go through or we lose all those agents” Mr Kumi said collapsing on the bed


“Dax is a f****ng b***h, he just won” Mr Kumi lost hope as the firth call couldn’t connect.








The driver of the bavlin NIC vehicle stepped on the brakes and came down to check what was on the road but he couldn’t finish opening the door when thick fumes started emitting from the grenade gas and a loud explosion rocked the vehicle.






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