“How are you doing this morning” Jones greeted his brother immediately he opened his eyes.


“Don’t tell me you have been sitting beside me throughout the night waiting for me to wake up?” Jonas asked with a surprise tone.


“of course yes I did that” Jones replied laughing


“What if I didn’t wake up now?” Jonas asked


“I would have been waiting for you to wake up even if it takes forever” Jones said in a firm tone and Jonas shaked his head sideways.


“Now let’s get serious, why the f**k did you that when you know it can cost your life?” Jones scolded Jonas


“You know Dax is a highly trained Agent who can deal with situations like this, you are different on the other side”


“Your survival skill ain’t that high like Dax but you decided to risk it all for him” Jones spitted more.


“What happened there have nothing to do with survival skill or training, Dax would have been 6feet down if those bullet penetrated into his body” Jonas replied


“He took the mission for granted and didn’t find it necessary to wear his bulletproof vest, I interveined because I was putting on a bulletproof vest” He added


“You did well but the bulletproof vest was not that good in resisting the bullets and you knew that before interveining” Jones scolded again but in a pleasant way


“Hope you are feeling better?” Jones changed the topic when he realised Jonas was emotionally hurt


“Yh I think I can be back on my feet next week”Jonas said







“I’ve gotten footages of him at the airport” Sniper announced to Dax who was also working on his laptop.


“Trail him let’s see where he ghosted out” Dax ordered without taking his eyes off the laptop


“He got into a blindspot for five minutes before he appeared at this point” sniper said pointing at the a section on the screen.


“He did everything he want within that five minutes, Mr Kumi is damn intelligent and swift” Dax praised


“What do you suggest we do?” Sniper asked as Dax seemed to be confused


“We don’t know their location now and they also don’t know about us so we lay low for now and observe things” Dax suggested


“What of their recent attacks, so wait till they wipe off everybody from this earth before we act?” Sniper asked surprised by Dax statement


“Don’t let the quest to end the bavlin blind you, you know we don’t act without information. So now where do we track them from if you say so?” Dax asked


“We trail Mr Kumi to wherever he ended and we will know how to go about the operation” Sniper said annoying Dax but he hid it under a fake expression


“And you think you can trail him successfully without hitting a dead end?” Dax asked


“You can go on” Dax ordered sniper and continued with what he was doing on his laptop. He remembered Mr Kelvin and quickly dialed his number on his phone which was answered on the third trial.


“Don’t tell me anything about him I know already!!” Mr Kelvin shouted from the other end


“Calm down Agent dart, so all these while knew nothing about me?” Dax said in a mocking tone


“f**k you! so you survived that sh*t and couldn’t inform me on time” Mr Kelvin said with a slight joy in his voice


“You should have known better, how can the best agent on earth fall for such an incident’ Dax hailed himself in a mocking tone


“How did you know the building will explode?” Mr Kelvin asked


“Is not a phone conversation, we meet and discuss in the night” Dax said


“Hope the boy is good?” Mr Kelvin asked


“He did what your mentor couldn’t do” Dax mocked him again


“Bye” Mr Kelvin playfully ended the call feigning anger.





Dax smiled and dialed Jamal’s number on a small device connected to his laptop. The call was answered and Jamal’s footage appeared on the screen as he could be seen with Jeff sitting on a king-size bed two laptops Infront of them but Jamal was the only one operating the laptops as Jeff was only watching something on the screen.


“How far with the mission at stake?” Dax asked


“We have been able to track the girl from your mission successfully to the dragon girls camp and she is their leader by name Belinda. She is the girl carrying out recent attacks with her team and some agents of the bavlin organisation” Jamal explained to Dax


“Send me everything you have about her and even the location of the dragon girls camp” Dax said to Jamal


“Take care” He said and hung up the call.


He opened an application on his iPad with looks like a door, the application finished loading and four different door came on the screen. He clicked on the first and it opened immediately with a red button-like picture on it, He pressed on the button and a box which looks like a search engine box opened, he typed Agartha into the box and clicked on enter. Pictures of Belinda with some inscriptions popped up on the laptop connected to the device he used for the call.


“What the f**k!!!!!” Dax exclaimed and everyone turned to him but he avoided their gazes by looking into the laptop infront of him.



Three minutes later, Agartha walked into the control room to meet Dax, Jones and sniper with different laptops Infront of them as they were all busy working seriously.


“Come and take your seat” Dax ordered her pointing to the chair beside him with laptop setted up Infront of it. She obeyed without wasting time and turned on the laptop


“I’ve got a bunch of clips on it, watch it all and tell me about the lady in almost all the clips now” Dax ordered her without taking his gaze off his laptop screen












“This guy is a f****ng ghost!!” Mr Kumi exclaimed in anger slamming the laptop to the ground. Lord bavlin was angered by Kumi’s action but managed to calm himself down because Mr Kumi is like a burning fire when he is angry. Mr Kumi realised Lord bavlin is angry and quickly changed his mood.


“Am sorry” He apologized


“This man here is like a ghost, nothing about him on the internet, and his picture does not much any name on the citizens database” Mr Kumi said frustratingly


“That’s ex agent dart reincarnation, he is also called dart but called Mr Kelvin at the NIC office” Lord bavlin answered and Mr Kumi quickly dragged his iPad from the table.


“Don’t worry, he is registered on an anonymous name no one knows, not even the stupid Richard” Lord bavlin saved Kumi from the stress


“That reminds me, bring him out he might have something to help us track this man” Mr Kumi said


“Richard is damn useless, nothing good can come out of him” Lord bavlin said picking up a remote like device on the table and pressed on it.












“I’ve gotten him!!” Sniper shouted in excitement as he finally solved the puzzle, all eyes turned to him including Agartha. Dax moved forward and squinted at the screen for a while before he rose up without saying anything


“You sure they are at such a small venue, I know that vicinity very well it’s very small and there are few people at this exact point you are saying they are. Do you think they will choose such an environment to stay in?” Dax asked and Sniper dragged the laptop forward and typed into the Google search engine box “AMAKOM” and various search results popped up.












“No one should take this mission for granted and no retreat no surrender, no hiding and no fear. We fight till now we get the results we want” Forlan recited the NIC’s pledge to the selected agents for the mission with Mr Kelvin standing on the executives podium in an attention pose.


Mr Kelvin stepped down immediately Forlan completed his statement and walked towards a large smart television, it turned on automatically immediately Mr Kelvin got Infront of it. The blueprint of a large building came into view and he swiped it three times backwards before a junction came into view.


“You will all be going in three vehicles which is probably not ours. We will be taking a road full of blindspots though with some few camera zone. The blindspots fully ends here” He pointed at an area of the junction.


“Every corner after this junction has cameras and streaming live feeds for our enemies”


“So once we get to the junction, Alpha vehicle will pass here” He pointed at the left road on the junction


“Delta vehicle pass here” He pointed at the right direction


“But Betta vehicle will have to wait for five minutes before you pass here” He Pointed straight.


“Alpha vehicle once you cross this interchange” He opened the road network of the Alpha vehicle


“There are alot of blindspots on the this area so you dispatch here and head towards this house independently” He said pointing at a house.


He switched to another road network title Delta.


” Team Delta you also dispatch here and head towards the house”


“Mind you, this section has camera angles so you have to move smartly” He pointed to a section


“Finally, the Betta force, I gave you this section because you are the intelligent team among them” He said opening the Betta road network


“Unfortunately, your road have cameras everywhere. So you have to be more intelligent in dispatching out and you will be moving with Forlan” He added










“I’ve already sent you the blueprint of the location and the House. so just move towards there now with Mad max now, And tell him to wear the NIC uniform” Jamal said to Jones on the phone as he was busy wearing his NIC uniform together with Jeff.


Jeff walked to the section of the hotel room where they hid their weapons and ammunition and dragged the back to where they were dressing.







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