“The bomb just exploded the whole hospital into flames” James said to lord bavlin typing on the keyboard

“Send me the link to the livestream” Mr Kumi replied instead. Soon the link popped up on his iPad and he wasted no time in clicking on it. He waited for it to complete loading and he looked into the videos and selected the appropriate camera position for himself and enlarged it by projecting it on a screen. He carefully watched the video silently for 30minutes before he spoke up


“Send me the videos before the explosion” Mr Kumi ordered Stephen without shifting his attention from the screen.


“Done” James said three minutes after the order


Mr Kumi watched all the videos in silence still trying to find a clue but saw none. He frustratingly hit the iPad to the ground causing alot of cracks on the screen.


“Everything and every video shows that he died in the explosion but that’s not f****ng true!!!” Mr Kumi shouted in frustration


“So what’s your problem by all means he will strike us if he is alive and we will go after him after that” Lord bavlin assured Kumi


“You don’t understand, do you?” He is now vulnerable and weak so we need him now not later when he have trained hard. And healed from the heart….


“And healed from the pain” Mr Kumi corrected himself


“Then go ahead and confirm if you have a clue on how to do it” Lord bavlin said relaxing his back on the sofa watching Mr Kumi


Mr Kumi carefully watched the videos from all camera angles but got no clue.


“I think he died in the fire” Mr Kumi concluded


“The possibility of him dieing is higher than escaping” He added


“But let’s bare in mind that he possesses a strong element of surprise” He added



Mr Kelvin rushed to charity hospital only to meet the space in pieces from explosion. He stood dumbfounded for a while with regret going through his mind. Tears started rolling from his eyes as Dax picture flashed through his mind. His instinct told him that he is being watched but he disobeyed his instinct. He stayed in the same position for more than 20 minutes he finally walked to his car and zoomed off.



“who the f**k is this man!!” Mr Kumi exclaimed as Mr Kelvin avoided the cameras from capturing his face. Mr Kumi bent over and squinted at the screen for a while, he studied the body size of the person for a while .


“That’s Kelvin, the NIC agent” Lord bavlin said surprising Mr Kumi


“Why the f**k will he come looking for Dax?, I don’t want another fight I just want to take over the world peacefully but it seems trouble always come knocking” Mr Kumi said standing up.



Sniper and Mad max alighted from the car. Mad Max had a bandage wrapped around his shoulder where he was shot. sniper helped open the door for him and Mad max walked into the room.


“How is Jonas?” Mad max asked after settling down.


“Hmmmmmm, I don’t know how but the conversation I had with Dax shows that he is fine” Sniper lied


“You and I know he is not fine so why are you leing to me?” Mad Max said


“So why did you ask if you already know the answer?” Sniper tried to twist the conversation


“Miracles can happen for him to survive” Mad Max said


“And the miracle is what I told you” Sniper pressed on and Mad max paused for a second


“But let’s be serious is there any chance that he can Sur…..”


Mad max couldn’t complete his statement when someone sounded the door bell. Sniper casted a quick look at Mad Max which he understood and shaked his head negatively. Sniper quickly rushed to the control room with mad max threading behind. He checked all the camera but couldn’t spot the person pressing on the door bell. The bell sounded again and he swiftly checked the screen only to discover Dax with Jonas on his shoulder and a black poly bag in his hand with charity hospital’s logo on it. With speed of lightning, he entered the door unlocking code and pressed on the unlock before the door started opening by itself. He rushed towards the door and helped Jonas who was finding it difficult to walk when Dax placed in on the floor.


“What the f**k!!!!!, How the bleep did he survive a sniper bullet?” Sniper asked Dax after they all had their dinner. Jonas was able to take alittle of the tea before he retired to bed


“The kid is damn good, I made a mistake by saying I should have leave him to the bavlins. He will be great in future” Dax acknowledged Jonas

“Did you see how he saved me from death?” Dax asked an awkward question which seemed insensible to sniper but he nodded in affirmative


“Do you remember what I use to say before we all go on a mission?” Dax asked again and sniper realised where Dax was heading to but played along


“That we should not take any mission for granted even if we pull it over” Sniper replied


“Well that’s what hit back on me. I took this mission for granted and ignored my bulletproof vest. Jonas also took the mission for granted but he took precaution by putting on a normal bulletproof vest” Dax said sadly


“He nearly died for me. This mean I have to do anything to protect the boy from harm” Dax said and placed his head on the desk.


“So the bulletproof vest saved him narrowly?” Sniper asked amazed by how a normal bulletproof vest have been able to save someone from a sniper bullet.


“Where is Jones!?” Dax exclaimed after remembering Jones.


“He still on the mission with Jamal and Jeff” Sniper replied


“I think they should all disembark from the mission and leave it to the NIC” Dax said and sniper casted him a quick surprise look.


“What is that suppose to mean? Are we giving up on the mission?” Sniper asked double questions


“Hell no!!!! We are leaving that part to the NIC by telling Mr Kelvin everything we have and let him keep us posted while we direct our full energy on them”Dax replied


“I don’t agree with it. Let Jamal and the rest take care of that while we also face them directly. I got clear view of the guys you killed and they were totally different from the bavlin agents so what do you think?”


“He is using different set of people for that mission while planning attack on us directly with his whole agents. So once we get fully distracted by his attacks on the country, he will attack us fully with his army” Sniper explained to Dax who was not thinking properly because of the event of the day


“That’s true” He answered


“I know by now, he is already thinking whether you died in the explosion or you escaped but Mr Kumi will always have in his mind that you are alive and will bring your full attack on them directly now that you know his plan, so that’s what we have to do” Sniper added and Dax nodded instead of talking.


“But how you escaped that explosion is still shocking to me but Jonas case I more shocking than that” Sniper said


“I just remembered about their recent attacks, and the bullets they shot us had trackers in them so they tracked our movement successfully to the hospital to Which I was aware. I took out my bullet once we were about to reach the hospital and change my position strapped for an attack but I guess Mr Kumi saw the loophole quickly and changed their plan to attack us physically”


“So the only attack they could attack us was through a bomb Which was mere suggestions at that time” Dax explained


“So what’s up with Mr Kumi? How do we go about him?” sniper asked



“I’ve gotten him!!!” Mr Kumi shouted after matching all Mr Kelvin’s photos


“He is our next enemy” He added.







  1. This story is hot but it's keeping me waiting always

    This is the subsitute for restless I'm in love with it but please kip it everyday or after two days at least

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