“What the f**k!!! Are we under some sort of terrorist attack?” Dax voiced out


“This explosion is the hardest of all the explosions I’ve ever heard” Jonas put in


“I think the bavlins are trying to shift our attention with these attacks and attack us unaware” Mad max also put in


“No I think we are under a terrorist attack. Because no bavlin agent have been seen at any of scenes” Jeff supported Dax claim


“Ain’t we forgetting something?” Jones asked looking at the deep thinking Dax


“What’s that?” Mad max replied. Dax was still deep in thoughts and sniper was busy operating the system.


“Why don’t we ask Eva about it. Maybe the bavlins have contacted them” Jones said


“But Eva is not part of the dragon girls neither is she part of the bavlin so how will she know?” Jeff quickly answered Jones


“Do you think lord bavlin will only use the dragon girls for a distraction mission like this. Don’t forget he left us a clue in the first one knowing well that Dax and Sniper, even Jonas and I can solve the clue and use it to our advantage. He will use multiple external hands to confuse us while he plan a direct attack on us when we are fully focused on stopping his attacks on the country” Jones replied and Dax started clapping


“put a call through to Eva” Dax ordered Jeff shocking everyone with the clap.











“How was Russia and everything you went to do there?” Lord bavlin asked Kumi.




KUMI is a bavlin executive second to Lord bavlin. He was sent to Russia to monitor the progress of all the bombs and ammunitions that the Russians are creating for the bavlin agents. He is now back in town.


“Everything is going well. But am even afraid of the bomb if it won’t ki*ll us all” Mr Kumi joked and they laughed


“But on a serious note why are you operating in Ghana when you can do anything from abroad” Mr Kumi changed his tone.


“It’s a tough situation which warrant this migration” Lord bavlin answered


“Dax and sniper are back to life and they are progressing fast towards their revenge plan. They have been able to destroy all our branches we are the only surviving ones and had to move here to avoid being busted in the States” He added


“Wow, this story sound like an action movie, how can someone placed in a burning fire come back alive” Mr kumi said


“That’s what I said until I saw all our branches going down one after the other” Lord bavlin said


“I even went head to head with him and he outsmarted me narrowly” He added


“The boy outsmarted you there is no narrowly here” Mr Kumi joked and laughed out loudly


“So what’s all these minor minor attacks am hearing. I hear is your handwork” Mr Kumi asked


“Am planning to distract Dax and sniper with it while I attack them directly” Lord bavlin answered


“Richard have been bursted” Lord bavlin said


“you just exploded an area and you are relaxed. won’t you do a follow up on the explosion?” Mr Kumi asked


“I’ve handed over that operation into trusted hands so I can sleep. Richard being bursted is the dangerous harm to ever happen to us” Lord bavlin said


“f**k him, he always f**k up when he is needed most” Mr Kumi put in


“To get a mole now a days is very difficult. They don’t fall for the money anymore” Lord bavlin complained


“Don’t be too childish if persuasion fails we go with force” Mr Kumi answered


“Once they reject the money, we go on them the hard way” Mr Kumi added


“We blackmail them or what?” Lord bavlin asked


“Exactly but in a hard way” Mr Kumi answered.


“I think it’s time to take an update on the explosion” Lord bavlin said picking his phone from the table.












“So you didn’t meet a single eye witness around” Forlan asked the journalist


“We got one eye witness but he was brutally wounded from the explosion and needed medical attention urgently so we gave him to the ambulance” The journalist replied


“Did you take the Ambulance number?” Forlan asked


“AS 626-20” The journalist replied and Forlan appreciated walking away.


“I’ve sent you some information about an ambulance, kindly trace it route and current location for me” Forlan said to Stephen through the communicator and switched it off immediately. He walked towards the medical team pushing someone on a stretcher into an ambulance.


“Is he breathing?” Forlan asked them


“Yh, at first he wasn’t breathing but we later checked his paused and realised his pause is very weak and he can die anytime soon” One of the nurses explained to him


“Okay” He appreciated and took the ambulance number and sent it to Stephen.


“Keep an eye on the patient in that ambulance for me” Forlan said to Stephen





Jamal also walked up to the ambulance after Forlan left there. He stylishly typed down the number into the opened mail box and pressed send.


“Trail it for me and keep an eye on the patient in it” He said into the communicator as the ambulance took off with its siren sounding.










Dax crossed the T-junction to the other side for the third time surveying the place well. He wasn’t familiar with the area so he is doing a quick survey to help him the escape. He walked over to his car and leaned on it.


“She is approaching” He heard in his ear


“Roger that. Hope the coast is still clear?” He appreciated and asked


“Nothing on sight” Sniper replied


“Roger that” He appreciated



“Get ready for anything” He told Mad max through the communicator







“How is the coast?” Belinda asked James


“He is still in sight” James replied


“What about Lord bavlin’s men he said he will send?” She asked


“They are in position. There is a sniper aiming at you from your left six o’clock. Don’t worry we’ve got him in position” James assured her.


“Keep an eye on them and erase everything about me in this area immediately after the mission” She warned and focused her attention on her left.






“Are you in position?” Dax asked Jonas


“Yes I can see target approaching” He replied



“You are still young please stay safe. I have mix feeling about this mission” Dax said to Jonas


“She is oblivious of her surroundings and has no back up so nothing can happen. She can’t cause alot of harm to us all single handedly” Jonas answered


” Don’t be too sure, anything can happen with Lord bavlin and Mr Kumi who is currently in town” Dax said to Jonas.







“Am switching to a ghost mode now” Belinda said into the communicator as she was about to come out of the blindspot.





Dax arranged the collar of his shirt well as he saw Belinda coming out from the corner.


“Be alert am on ghost mode” Dax said and walked towards her


“Hello please can I talk to you for a minute?” Dax said when he got closer to her


“you can go on” She replied


“Am kinda stucked here. Am going to the airport round about but I always end up here whenever someone directs me so please can you kindly take me there?” Dax explained and requested. Belinda stylishly stared at the face of Dax well but it was far different from what lord bavlin and his hacker James showed to her. And he wasn’t on a make up disguise. But she decided to play along the plan


“I don’t think I can follow you there, I’m late for where am going so the best I can do is direct you” She ended her statement and pressed on a button on her shirt stylishly.


A sniper bullet aimed to lodge into mad max forehead lodged in to his shoulder due to his swift swerving. Another one entered Dax shoulder sending him to the ground bleeding. Belinda aimed her gun at Dax but Jonas quickly fired a shot towards her which she saw on time and swerved it by bending down and running out of sight. Jonas made a run towards Dax not minding the number of snipers pointed at him Immediately he got to Dax, a bullet hit his belly, another scratched his belly side and a last shot hit his back as he was going down on Dax. As Dax was on the ground, he was mapping out the angles where the bullets were coming from. So he quickly fired three shots towards the three different angles and surprisingly three people dropped dead from their hiding spots. Mad Max managed and fired some shots at Belinda but she was swift to take cover behind one of the cars.



A black car with tinted glasses quickly pulled over Infront of Dax and the doors opened automatically. Dax managed to enter into the car Jonas and Jeff zoomed off.








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