The fox vehicle arrived at the venue in 30minutes after the call up. Forlan and his agents stepped out of the vehicle and rushed to the scene. Forlan dragged a journalist to a corner.

“How did it happen?” He asked the journalist

“I couldn’t get any eye witness to question. The only eye witness was a lady on a nose mask and she refused to talk to us, what even amazed me is how she vanished into thin air” The journalist explained to Forlan

Forlan rushed into the restaurant where the eye witness was said to vanish through and rushed to their surveillance room. He checked through all the saved footages but couldn’t catch glimpse of any girl putting on a mask. He frustratingly git out of the room walking up to the NIC medical team who are busy checking the pauses of the victims.

“Have you been able to deduce the cause of that disease?” Forlan asked one medical expert

“yes but we are now trying to know the exact poison they used” The medical expert replied

“You mean all these people were poisoned?” Forlan asked surprised

“Yes but not through water or food. They mixed the poison with another poisonous substance and sprayed it into air that’s why they are bleeding through their noses” The medical expert replied Forlan again.


Sniper was quick to tap into the  CCTV camera of the vicinity before it was deleted.

“I’ve been able to extract the videos before and after the death” sniper announced to Dax who have been silent since the team went away.

“Send all the videos to my device now”  Dax ordered taking out his iPad. Soon the videos popped up into his device one after the other. Dax patiently watched all the videos carefully and picked out pictures of suspicious scenes. He narrowed down the pictures and connected them all till everything pointed to the lady in mask who escaped through the restaurant bathroom.

“Sniper please help me with the picture I’ve sent to you” Dax said to sniper after analysing the videos for one full hour.

“I want you to compose her face for me” He added and picked up his Samsung galaxy s22 ultra, he dialed a number and it was answered almost immediately

“Come to the control room now” he said into the phone and hung up.

Two minutes later, Agartha (leader of the dragon girls at Dax base) walked into the control room.

“you can have your seat” Dax said to her dragging a seat in front of him for her and she sat on it.

“Hope you’ve seen in the news what happened recently?” Dax asked her immediately she settled down and she nodded affirmatively

“In the cause of our investigation, we have gotten a picture of a lady but I have a strong feeling that she is from the dragon girls fraternity so I want you to check her out for me” Dax explained to her

“But you already know that I ain’t snitching on them and I told you since day one” Agartha replied

“You ain’t snitching on them, they were sent by someone, probably an organisation. so you helping us access them will help us stop the organisation or the person” Dax lied

“I don’t even think I can contact them through our usual channel, they might have changed it when I disappeared” Agartha lied and Dax bursted into laughter

“Don’t tell me that since you came here you have never  reach them?” Dax said

“it’s sad to say that I have never done that. I’ve tried several times but there is no connection from here and outside. No one can contact someone from outside” Agartha replied

“What!!!!!! you have IT personnels in your fraternity?” Dax asked surprised

“We ain’t just local cultists oooo. We operate internationally” Agartha replied

“It’s ready” Dax intercepted the conversation.

“Gracia” Dax appreciated picking his iPad up.

“Do you know this girl” Dax showed Agartha the picture of the lady on mask from the CCTV footage.

“No the mask is covering greater portion of her face so I can’t recognise her even if I know her” Agartha lied as she recognized her capon Belinda

“So you mean you can’t recognise one of your own by her physique” Dax asked sounding a bit shock to make his assumption is sound right

“I don’t know her” Agartha stood her ground

“Okay what about this girl?”  Dax showed her the composite picture of Belinda and Agartha’s body posture sold her out unknownly to her.

“I don’t know her either” She managed answered and answered

“You have failed the test already”  Dax tried mind games as Agartha don’t want to talk

“What test?” Agartha sounded confused

“We decided to test you if you are ready to join us on the Field but you don’t look ready with the lies you are telling us”

“We already know she is your capon but we decided see if you will attest to it but rather you lied” Dax added and Agartha’s face and instant change of mood betrayed her further. Now Dax was sure the girl in the picture is in the dragon girls fraternity.

“I don’t know what you are saying” Agartha stood her grounds

“There is no need in trying to lie anymore” Dax said standing up

” You can go back” Dax dismissed her and faced his computer. Dax waited till she walked away before he spoke.

“Run her picture through the citizens database let’s try our luck” Dax said to sniper

“Everything is going smoothly here, everyone is busy to detect Jamal” Jones voice came in through the speakers

“Keep us posted” Sniper replied


Jamal made sure he worked closer to Forlan so he can extract enough information.

“We have been able to deduce the cause of the death” Forlan replied Mr Kelvin through the communicator

“Did you get any valid information to as who did that” Mr Kelvin asked

“No, catch you in office” Forlan replied ended the call.

He raised an alarm and every agent rounded up what he was doing. Jamal skillfully got away without their knowledge.



“So you still want us to wait till Mr Richard come today?” Mr Kelvin asked with laughter

“Stop this it’s a total disrespect” The chairman fumed up

“Well for your information, he is never coming back” Mr Kelvin said ignoring the chairman’s outburst

“What do you mean?” The chairman asked

“Immediately he steps his feet here, I will expose him and he know that” Mr Kelvin said

” Now let’s get straight to the mission yesterday” Mr Kelvin added

“Yesterday I deduced that, they mixed up two poisonous substances and sprayed it into the air and all those exhaled it died” Forlan started his narrative

“I asked some eye witness but all they were able to tell me is that a lady putting on mask was the lone survivor and she didn’t even talk to the journalists. She just came into the restaurant and vanish into thin air” Forlan explained everything carefully to them.

“I think she purposely waited for the journalist to see her. She want to give us a clue that will help them trap us” Mr Kelvin added laughing

AND THE FIRE SERVICE ARE TRYING THEIR BEST TO PUT OFF THE FIRE. THE IMPACT OF THE EXPLOSION HAVE KILLED TWENTY PEOPLE AND HAVE SEVERELY” The news reporter said from the scene as buildings could be seen on fire with fire service trying their best to put it off.

“What the fu…..”

The emergency landline ringed interrupting Mr Kelvin


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