The Seventh Vampire Disciple-Episode 29

The Seventh Vampire Disciple
(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)
By: Vickie Dora ?
Chapter 29

Before she could pass his side, he dragged her back, holding her hand, and placed his lips on her cheek

�Argh..what the f**k� Emerald yelled, raising her hand to slap him, but he was swift to dodge the hit. Gary and the guys laughed hard, as other student were beginning to troop in, to watch the scene.

�Chill girl� D� Arcy muttered, looking at the already furious Emerald

�I�m sorry� He mouthed, as she rolled her eyes, walking out of the scene. He faced the guys who were busy laughing but wasn�t moved by their mockery

�That was awesome you know, just look at the way she looked� Gary stated amidst laughter

�Huhn�I can�t believe I�m hearing this from such a coward� D� Arcy snapped, as Gary frown

�What do you mean?�
�What I�m trying to say is that, I am brave to walk up to her and did the unimaginable, but you, what gut do you have�

�I won�t have you talk to me this way. But just wait and see who wins� Gary smirked

�I won�t wait to see that, but just be warned. Emerald is mine alone, if you don�t wanna lose your soul to the devil, then stay away from her� D� Arcy threatened and he could swear that it got to Gary, but the proud guy that he is, wouldn�t admit it.

D� Arcy walked into the class, leaving the guys to their own fate. He sighted Emerald sitting on her seat with Rose beside her.

She saw him coming and waved, while Emerald simply glared at him. He smirked.
There is no way she will hide from him; their seats are just beside each other.

�Hi..� D�Arcy muttered to Rose who blushed in return, before facing her book. She seems to be copying her home work from Emerald�s book.

�Don�t talk to me� She shunned him, even before he could call out her name
�I�m sorry��

�Shut the f**k up�
Megan�s POV
It�s been three days now since the incident, and I still find it hard telling my parent about it. Right now, I�m about to perform live on stage, my fans are screaming hard as my name is being called. But deep down I really don�t feel like singing, I still haven�t gotten over that trauma.

�Megan, you have to cheer yourself up, and forget about all that had happened. Let�s say fate wanted it to be that way� Lottie�s words rang in my ear, as I heave a sigh of relief

�You are a fish Meg, that little nightmare shouldn�t get to you� I said to myself

�Am I good to go� I asked Gracie, who came backstage, holding a palm device.
�Yes..yes..are you set� She asked

�Yes�� I muttered, bracing up myself as I walk up stage. Right now, it felt like the first time I came on stage, when I was just an upcoming artist. I could remember having a wet feet and cold palm that day, but I learnt to build up my courage. And that has been helping me to this day. The crowd screamed louder on seeing me, as I gave them one of my enticing smiles.

I picked up the microphone, and hit the music. Makin sure that I don�t slip, I took my time in composing my words, to go along with the rhythm. And just as I was flowing with the raps, I felt a familiar presence; just like the one I felt in my room.

I wasn�t the one panicking, but I could swear that my body was vibrating; I could feel my legs giving way to the ground. Just as if a force was making me do so; I turn to look at the crowd, and all I was seeing were dead people resurrected to life.

They look like zombies, and most of them were already climbing up the stage towards me, according to my imagination.

And the next thing I could feel was the floor, I dropped the microphone of which sound, echoes round the auditorium, heaving a tired sigh.

�Megan�oh my God!! Megan�wake up, Jesus�Get the medics, someone should call the ambulance� I heard a voice saying. It sounded like Gracie�s
�Open your eyes Meg look at me�
�What the hell went wrong?� Another voice muttered

�I don�t know, don�t f**king yell at me, I�m as confuse as you are, she was perfectly fine earlier. Someone should call the ambulance. Meg, don�t close your eyes�Megan�

�I wanna sleep�� I heard myself saying, but I wasn�t sure if it was me, because it sounded different.
�Take her in, and let�s get out of here��
�Megan�� A voice suddenly called out to me, and the aura from it made me jerk, as I open my eyes.

�You are awake, finally� She stated, as I squinted to have a closer look
�Martha�.� I whispered, but finds it hard hearing my own voice
�Where am I�

�Somewhere in a void�.you need the book�

�What�what book�what are you talking about Martha� I asked getting on my feet. I feel really cold right now, and I can�t identify my location. I was supposed to be in the hospital, or wasn�t that where I was taken to.

�The book of Enchante�

�What are we doing here, and how the hell do you know about the book?�

�You shouldn�t be asking questions now, take a look at those� She stated, pointing towards the eastern part of the void.

And there stood some weird beings whose fangs are as long as that of as a Jaguar, and claws like that of a wolf
�What are those� I panicked

�Vampires�.they are coming for you. You need the book� She stated
I was still daze in the sight of those unholy creatures, not noticing when she left

�Martha�.Martha�where the hell did you go to�you can�t leave me here with these beast�Martha!!!� I screamed my lungs out

The vampires were already creeping nearer, as I watch with eyes pooped out. I tried running, but my legs ain�t moving fast. They were already closing up, as my screams echoes, but that won�t stop them.

They are determined to get me. I felt one of them grabbing my shirt, and before I could turn to look, a force from nowhere picked me from the ground, vanishing into the air, as we found ourselves in another location.

�Oh my God, that was close�� I breathed out, turning to face my savior, but he hid his face from me
�Thank you..but..can I see your face?� I asked. He didn�t reply for a moment, as silence took in

�No� He stated, as that was all I heard. It kept echoing in my head, till I couldn�t feel my body any longer.
Vampic Fall
�My king, this is outrageous�if what I�m guessing is true, then you will be dealt by the goddess� Egeus voiced out in anger, as the lamb he held shook vigorously

Hunter smirked, rubbing his chin

�And who are you to tell me what to do. As you can see for yourself, the priestess is not here� He stated

�That�s what I�m talking about, as the king; you are not supposed to carry out any sacrifice. That is the work of the priestess, or any eye of the goddess.� Egeus insisted, as the other five elders nodded in support. Only one was missing among them, and that is Emmett

�And who the hell told you that I was gonna perform the sacrifice. That was not why I called you all here� Hunter resorted, walking round the shrine, feeding his eyes with the artifact hanging on the walls.

�Where is the priestess, my king, she is supposed to be here�

�Well�well�I banished her�isn�t that amazing� Hunter smirked, as the elders gasp. They knew he had the power to do so, but why? They thought.

In Vampic Fall, the crown king has power over everyone, including the priest or priestess, especially when the trident is still in his favour.

The power in a trident is capable of banishing anyone, except the one possessed with the power from Dracula; but there hasn�t been anyone with that power for more than a thousand years.

�That�s not true, my king�
�Oh yes�it is�

�Haahh� They all gasp, as Egeus still burns with fury, but he tried to conceal his expression as not to anger the king. There is nothing he could do to save himself and the kingdom at large, from this mess.

Hunter�s rule is going to bring war, pain and sorrow to everyone. It�s barely a month since he started ruling and he had already call off the trade made to some kingdoms and also stop the payment of the debt owed to the Ricadua kingdom.

He had banished the priestess who was the eye of the goddess; how are they going to cope without her. How will they hear from the goddess?

Just as they were still daze in their own thoughts, the shield covering the shrine cave opened, as the queen stepped in with someone behind. He was putting on a hood, covering the most part of his face.

�Welcome mother� hunter smiled, going towards her
�Your majesty� the elders chorused in reverence to her, as they waited for the stranger to reveal himself, and he did just as they thought in their mind.

Removing the hood, the Elders couldn�t hold in their gasp, as they stared at him in shock
�What the hell is he doing here?� Egeus gritted inwardly
Who else believes that Hunter is going too far?

One word for Megan and her strange visions.
Love y’all ?
Vickie Dora ?


  1. Hmm i wonder who thethe person in hood is! Hunter is a serious who else believes that lazarous is beginning to like megan imagine he saved her

  2. I think the man with hood is the one the Queen has been visiting and also the one that help the Queen poison the late king

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