The Seventh Vampire Disciple-Episode 28

The Seventh Vampire Disciple
(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)
By: Vickie Dora ?
Chapter 28
(Mission 1)
�Why are you in tears� A voice asked, as Megan turned to have a look. She saw the old hag standing some meters away from her.
�Why are you here, what do you want from me� She asked in a cracked voice, tears still streaming down her eyes.
�Where is the book of Enchante�
�You shouldn�t be answering my question with a question. You should see that my mood now isn�t ready for questions like that.� Megan snapped, folding her arms, as she continued to stare at the red sky above her balcony. The window drapes danced in the air, as a light wind blew across it.

�You should keep the book safe�
�I ain�t with the book, if that�s what you want to hear. I only came there to take it for someone else, who I can no longer find. So don�t ever pester me about it�

�The book belongs to you and no one else, only you can unlock the hidden part of it�
�And do I look like I have interest in it�
�You should, you will. The book must be returned to its rightful owner�
�Like I said earlier�I can�t find the guy who took it� She yelled in anger, already pissed, but the old hag laughed hieratically.

�No little Megan, look�.he is standing right before you� She cooed, pointing her wrinkled finger towards her balcony as Megan�s eyes bulge out.

She wasn�t seeing a man, or the weird guy she know of. She is currently seeing a monster, with dark face clouded by the darkness, only his red eyes which held fire were visible. His large fangs were dripping with blood, as his claws stood erected in the air. She could see his cloak, which has the colour of the night, floating alongside the drapes.

Mixed with the scary night and weird laughter of the hag, she felt her blood ran dry, her throat too tight to let out a word, her legs wobbled, as her fingers trembled. She felt the world revolting around her, and just like a flash, her picky voice came out in a loud scream.

�Arghhhhh� Megan scream jumping out of her bed; her eyes went directly to the balcony, and just like the dream, she saw a manly figure walking out of the darkness and vanished before she could say a word. It had been there all along, watching her as she sleeps.

�Baby�.baby�shh�it�s ok�� Dinah, her mum muttered, rushing into her room, alongside Lottie.
�No� was here�he was here� Megan cried out, shivering to the bones
��s�s just a nightmare okay� she cooed, hugging her as she patted her back
�Mum�I�m scared..�

�Shh..don�t be, it�s just a will be fine�
Megan nodded, cleaning of her tears, as Lottie watched on. She could feel it that Megan was telling the truth, something was indeed in the room, it�s presence was still obvious
�Mum, I�m fine now� She stated

�Are you sure you wanna sleep alone, or should I stay with you..�
�No..but Lottie should stay�
�Ok�.take care of her Lottie� Dinah stated and left the room.
Lottie went towards the window and closed it, pulling the drapes together.

�He was here� She heard Megan say, as she went back towards the bed.
�Who�� she asked, sitting on the chair close by

�Humm�it�s a long story. But can I trust you with it�
�Sure my lady�
�Ok�it�s about the last time I went missing�� Megan stated, explaining in details how she had encountered those guys and why she went missing for some days.

�Hmmm, I don�t really know what to say ma�am but I believe those guys ain�t humans. They seem to be vampires to me, due to some certain features you mentioned� Lottie muttered
�Hmm, I don�t think I can sleep alone..I�m so scared that he might come back�
�No he won�t, the windows are properly locked��

�It�s not about the windows, he would get in here without it� Megan stated, shivering
�Fine, I will spend the night on the couch�.� Lottie suggested as Megan nodded. She tugged her fitted body under the blanket, unable to sleep despite having Lottie in the same room.
Vampic Fall~~
Hunter�s Chambers~
�You called for me your highness� Lazarus deep voice sounded in the room as Hunter turn round to stare at him, wearing his usual smirk.
�Yes�� he muttered after a while of silence
�So..don�t you think it�s high time you take off your mask, I haven�t seen your face in a while� Hunter muttered, but Lazarus didn�t move an inch

�Don�t you think it�s rude to ignore the king�haven�t you a mouth to talk�
�I�m sorry sire, but it will be against my wish to do so�
�What if it�s an order?�
�Then the goddess won�t be in support of that� Lazarus resorted, finding every possible way to speak in order not to offend him

Hunter scoffs
�Whatever�I called you here because of something more important; it�s about the current state of the kingdom. We might engage in a war soon�just saying though� Hunter muffled. Lazarus frown
�Why..if I may ask�

�Because we won�t be rendering anything to the kingdom of Ricadua any longer and that is where your mission will come in�

�Just a suggestion my king, the kingdom of Ricadua isn�t a kingdom we should go to war with. We are strong..yes�but it won�t be to our favour�

�And who said that I was ready to listen to your suggestion. I never asked you a question; you are nothing but a disciple, personal servant to the king. So you do what I say� Hunter snapped
�Forgive my manners, sire�

� right now, your first mission is�.blood��
He winked, rubbing the tip of his fingers together
�Blood�� Lazarus repeated after hum, as he nodded positively
�Blood�.from ten vessels� Hunter stated

�Get them, and bring them to the shrine for the ritual to be performed�
Lazarus nodded in affirmation; and taking his next breathe, he went along with the air, heading for his desired location, a place far away from the vampire world; the human world.
Crystal High~
Looking handsome as ever, D�Arcy walked into the school compound; holding his backpack firmly as he came across some student who couldn�t take their eyes off him. He simply waved at them making the girls among them blush hard.
�Oh my God, he is just so cute��

�Is he an angel�
�Damn..i�m gonna make sure he f**ks me before graduating�
�I can�t wait to have him to myself, too bad he doesn�t look our way�
�He only talks to that witch, Emerald, but she doesn�t even have his time�

He could hear all these comments from different students, mostly the ladies, as he scoffs hard. Thanks to his vampire ability, he could even hear the voices of those from afar.

�Gosh�girls�� he mumbled, rolling his eyes, but mistakenly bump into some group of guys. He doesn�t seem to know them except one. Yea, the one in the middle which seem to be their leader or so; they should be in the same class, as he seem to be one of the hottest guy of the school.

It had only spent a week in the school to know everyone. The other guys too were from his class; but with the look of thing, he didn�t actually bump into them, they had waited for him to come.

�Who do we have here�the ladies� guy right� Gary stated, as the other three guys laughs
�Do you have a problem with me being the ladies� guy� D� Arcy asked, making Gary frown
D� Arcy smirked

�And who do you think you are to say that to my face� Gary snapped
�I am D�A�I�m Dave�Dave Bathory..� D�Arcy replied, breathing a sigh of relieve that he didn�t split out his real name

�Huhn�Bathory�weird�haven�t had that name in London. But that aside, Dave or whatever your name is. I believe you are new in crystal high, and I have been watching you for a week. You seem to be interested in our girls, but let me warn you, stay in your lane and don�t cross your territory� Gary snapped

D� Arcy chuckled

�Just tell me you want me to stay away from Emerald, or isn�t that what you were about saying� He stated, as Gary�s eyes popped out. How did he find out? He thought
D� Arcy chuckled

�Look here falcon, I ain�t stepping on your toes or perhaps crossing my lane, but if you really like her, why don�t you walk up to her and tell her yourselves, instead of being a coward. And that�s if she will accept you. You don�t look like her taste of guys�

Gary folded his fist, already looking furious. He is only keeping his cool because he had promised his dad not to create a scene in school today
�Oh�look over there�she is can go meet her now� D�Arcy smiled

�How dare you say that to you know who I am��
�How will I know?�
�You are talking to the prince of�.� A guy behind him was saying, before he was interrupted
�I know about that, but damn�I rock the real crown�� D�Arcy cut in

�She is almost here�let�s make a deal, the first guy to kiss her, will have her� He suggested, but rolled his eyes when Gary only glared more at him

�Ok�fine�hi Emerald� D�Arcy called, as she rolled her eyes, not paying attention to any of them, but he did a shocking thing. Before she could pass his side, he dragged her back, holding her hand, and placed his lips on��
Who else believes that Hunter is becoming cruel?

What a sec, what did D’Arcy do…
One word for Gary..
Hearts for me
Love y’all ?
Vickie Dora ?


  1. Gray coward and Dave real guy with real crown. Hunter is always been cruel ever since and we'll see what his end will be.

  2. i dnt tink dat hunter realy wanted dat blood 4 anytin,i tink he wanna use dat 2 take zarus away so as to hav hs way wit hs sis….way to go d'archy ki7 d livin day lyt outa her lips;i tink she's in dire need of it

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