The Seventh Vampire Disciple-Episode 26

The Seventh Vampire Disciple

(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)

By: Vickie Dora ?

Chapter 26
(Meeting Him Again)

Two weeks Later

Vampic Fall~~

Seated on their respective seats, the elders of Vampic fall waited patiently for their new crowned king to join them in the meeting.

They had been waiting for the past one hour, with no sigh of Hunter.
Back in the king�s chambers, Hunter could be seen making out with Amber, and just immediately, Jezebel barge in.

�What the hell, hunter, the elders are waiting, and you are hear banging this b!tch� She yelled, infuriated at the sight
Amber quickly tried to cover up but Hunter was too pissed to do so. He stood up with rage walking towards her as she takes steps backward.

�How dare you barge in here without orders, where are your manners� he yelled as jezebel flinched, but the anger in her eyes still made her stand her ground.

�I left my manners the day you choose to marry this b!tch� She resorted

�Shut the f**k up, she isn�t a b!tch, she is my wife and your queen. So get that stick into your brain that I won�t tolerate any disrespect from you despite being my sister. Get out of here� he seethed.

Amber cold be seen, smiling from behind as she watch brother and sister, quarrel. It such an amusing sight, but the fact that Hunter failed to cover up is really pissing her. Why will he decide to stand n@ked in front of his sister, huhn, she thought

�You are doing the wrong thing Hunter, and you know it�
�Address me as �Your highness�� Hunter snapped

�Huhn� she scoffs, giving Amber hard glares as she stops her feet out of the chamber

�Gosh� hunter muttered, rubbing his temple as he got back in bed. Amber tried touching him, but he shook her hands off.
�Later�� he stated, getting up to wear his cloth

Angry, Amber flared up
�Why� she asked

�If we continue, then the elders will be kept waiting. You won�t want me to tell your dad that I was making out with you to have missed the meeting� He winked, while she rolled her eyes.

�You should get back on time, I�m missing you already� She pouted. He bent forward to k**s her before leaving
�I will� he muttered

On getting to the palace, the whole elders stood up and bow in reverence to him.
�Your highness� they all muttered in unison

Hunter walked majestically to his throne before giving a response.

�Good day Elders of Vampic Fall�sorry for the late coming� he stated without a bit of remorse. They all nodded, even if it is considered as disrespectful, they still won�t say a word.

Egeus was mostly pissed, when Orpheus, the late king was still on the throne, he doesn�t tolerate lateness, as so he is always early in every meeting organized. Hunter has proofed to be proud and will likely come any time he wishes.

For goodness sake, they have been here for more than an hour, but he acted like he didn�t do anything wrong by keeping his elders waiting.

�So�I heard you all wanted to see me, for what�if I may asked� Hunter stated when no one was ready to talk

�Humhum, your highness, we all greet you. It�s been two weeks after your coronation, and I must commend that you have done well for a starter. But there are still a lot for you to do.� Egeus stated as the others nodded in approval

�What exactly are you talking about?�

�The kingdom of Ricadua, you father signed a treaty with them which is about to be ignored. Every month a certain amount of gold is sent to their treasury, as a sigh of peace between the two kingdoms; but we haven�t made any payment two months before the king, your father passed away.

The king of Ricadua didn�t want to complicate things due to the king�s frail health as at then. But now that everything has been set to place, I think it�s time we go back to the way it used to be, else there will be war between the two kingdoms.� Egeus explained

�How many gram of gold� Hunter asked with a look of displeasure
�About 30.5 grams� the elder in charge answer

�Oh my�.damn�that freaky much� Hunter exclaimed

�That�s the only way we can pay a long time debt owed by our forefathers. The kingdom of Ricadua had been good to us; they laid down the lives of their soldiers to help us fight against the intruding humans in the past life, due the long time war between humans and vampires. They resources spent to tackle the humans; affected their economy so bad, that they had to struggle to live.�

�So you mean that we are now the ones to pay for their loss� Hunter gritted, already pissed at the topic being brought up

�The aligns had been made for a long time, we can�t end it now until the debt is fully paid� Another elder responded as Egeus nodded in approval

�No�that�s not happening, not in my own reign. We can�t be wasting such resources when out economy is still struggling to stand�

�Having a weak economy is better than losing our lives and properties to war. And whereas, or economy isn�t weak, we are rich in gold and other natural resources. We can�t be poor even if we remit up to 50 grams every month.� Egeus explained

�I won�t hear of that Egeus, like I said earlier, not in my reign� hunter seethed
�But your highness, there is gonna be war. The current king of Ricadua won�t take this lightly with us�

�There won�t be any war. We need to speak up for ourselves sometimes. I�m gonna drift out a tactics, we ain�t paying anything to anyone�

�Erm..i think his highness is right�you see, this kingdom has been asking for too much, we can�t just be their puppet all the time. I�m in support of this sire� Emmett noted with a wide smile as Hunter smirked

The other elders were confused.

�What do you mean Emmett, you know the law, and we have been doing this for a long time, you know the repercussion of stopping..�

�I don�t care�the king is right� Emmett stated, as the other heave a sigh of disappointment.
Crystal High

�I think we have a new student. I heard some student talking about meeting him in the principal�s office, they mentioned how cute he is� Rose muttered as she walk side by side with Emerald into the class room.

Emerald who wasn�t interested in the talk only nodded her head and kept on walking.

The class was already filled with students are they kept on talking about the new guy. Those who haven�t seen him were curious to know how he looks like. They guys were already feeling insecure despite not setting their eyes on him yet.

�Can you see, there is truly a new student; gosh I really wanna meet him� Rose muttered with glee as Emerald rolled her eyes. She seems to be the only one not interested in the new guy.

Just as they were still talking, the teacher stepped in, and everyone comported themselves.

�Good day class�
�Good day Mrs. Webster� They all chorus as she nodded

�Well, before we begin the class, we have a new student among us, and I will like to introduce him to you all.� She stated, and all the girls, except Emerald were already blushing hard.

�You can come in� She motioned to the young guy as he stepped in. The girls almost lost their breath, and the guys couldn�t help but stare.

�Hi, I�m Dave. It�s nice to meet you all� D�Arcy muttered on entering the class, but there was silence everywhere until a girl spoke up

�Oh my gawd, he is so cute�� She stated unconsciously, as the whole class laughed at her
D� Arcy smirked

�Ok enough class, he is glad to meet you all, so you should also accept him as the member of this class. And erm�Emerald, will you do well to show him around during your leisure period? Yes you will� the teacher replied before she could respond

�What!! Why does it have to be me, I�m not the class rep� She stated, glaring hard at D� Arcy who only smiled
�It doesn�t matter, it�s you and no one else. And Dave��

�Yes ma�am�
�Go take your seat beside her�
�What??� Emerald screamed

�Anything the problem, Miss Lush� the teacher asked
�No ma�� Emerald replied

�Fine�so today we are gonna be talking about�.�

�Hey�� D� Arcy greeted as he got to the seat beside Emerald
�Don�t talk to me� She snapped, placing her head on the table.

�Hi handsome� Rose greeted from beside Emerald, as D� Arcy returned her greetings with a smile



Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


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