The Seventh Vampire Disciple-Episode 24

The Seventh Vampire Disciple

(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)

By: Vickie Dora ?

Chapter 24

The Palace
Standing in her reserved room, is Amber, staring at her pretty self from the mirror. She smiled brightly winking at the reflection it gives her. The maids just finished dressing her up for the coronation, and she felt delighted to wear the crown of royalty. Well, she is just so damn lucky to be chosen by the prince, who wouldn�t wanna be in her shoes.

Let�s say her father, Emmett made things possible and she is gonna use her position wisely. She twirl round checking herself out as the door to her room opened, revealing Jezebel. She rolled her eyes as she turned to face her

�What do you want� She asked, rather harshly
�Ouch�that was harsh..and not the right way to speak to a princess� Jezebel resorted

�Huhn..says someone who will still refer to me as her queen�or what do you think. The time is ticking, we have just few hours to the coronation, right� Amber let out a smirk

�Queen my foot, you are nothing but a worthless b!tch who is only after the royal wealth and nothing more. Read my lips Amber, I don�t like you, even if queen mother is so much in love with your fake identity, or my brother falling deeply for you, I won�t still take you as anything. You are a whore and that is how it should remain� Jezebel seethed

�I will rather pretend like I didn�t hear you��

�It�s better you go deaf then, in fact being dumb too will be better. I will never respect you as queen, but I�m only here to warn you, stay in your lane, else you will regret stepping your feet in this palace.� Jezebel warned

�We used to be friend Zebel, what has gotten into you� Amber questioned
�Yea..we used to be, but not anymore, because I don�t want you for my brother.

You should have listen to me when he approached you, but you went ahead and said yes to him, despite my warnings. All because of your selfish desires which will lead you to nowhere�

�Just get out of here..i�m tired of hearing more insult from you. I don�t want you to ruin my mood for the coronation� Amber yelled, furiously

�Whatever, Miss queen, enjoy your queenship while it last� Jezebel gritted, stomping her feet out of the chambers.

�Maids�.� Amber yelled out in anger, as the maids in the outer room scurried in to attend to her needs

�Don�t touch me� She yelled and slap one of them who was about fixing her fallen veil

�You may step forward queen mother� Elder Egeus muttered, stretching forth the golden crown endowed with diamond stones around it. He handed it over to Thana who looks glorious in her queenly outfit.

She collected it with a broad smile, walking towards where her son, Hunter knelt as he awaits the crown.

According to the culture of Vampic fall, the queen mother is in the right position to crown the next king, and if there is no queen, then the elder with the highest rank will carry out that duty.

She held the crown firmly as it hovers over Hunters head. He raised his head to see his mother as they both exchange glance of ecstasy.

�With the power invested in me, I, Queen Thana, the Queen of Vampic Fall, crown you, Prince Hunter Bathory, as the next ruling King of Vampic fall.� She stated, and places the crown gently on his head.
�Rise my king and possess your throne�

�Long live the king!!!� the chief warrior shouted in a loud voice as the others echoed the same

Hunter rose up to his feet, wearing a mischievous smile. His long wish has finally been fulfilled; he now has the power of the gods, no one can stop him.

He stretch forth his hand as a sign to stop the chant; everywhere became calm and silent as a graveyard.

�Thank you all, vampires of Vampic fall, for granting me your support to become your next king. Trust me when I say that things will be better that my father�s reign� he stated

�Huhn�.that�s if you won�t destroy the holes of our young girls� A woman said from the crowd present, but she wasn�t heard by many, as she only muttered it silently. Only those close to her heard her, but they gave her a warning look to keep shut.

�So now, I will choose my bride. As we all know people of Vampic fall, the king cannot rule alone without a queen. Step forward princess Amber� He stated, as a murmuring sound came from the crowd.

�Amber�that b!tch� can�t just get worse� A lady said
�I can�t believe Hunter is about making her his queen after so many promises he had made to me� Another lady stated, almost at the brink of tears.

�Silence!!!� The chief warrior ordered as they all kept quiet. Amber stepped forward, smiling brightly in her royal robe.

She bowed a little before Thana before proceeding to where Hunter stood. She could see some angry faces among the crowd, but she doesn�t give a damn about them. Let them get angry, all she knows is that in few seconds, she will become their queen.

She cited Jezebel glaring daggers at her, but quickly concealed it with a soft smile when her mum torched her hand, whispering something into her ear.

She knelt before Hunter, as he picked up a golden crown filled with sparkling crystal.

�I take you Amber Emmett, as my bride and crown you, Queen of Vampic fall� Hunter stated, placing the crown on her head

�Yes�� She whispered with glee, getting on her feet as they engage in a slopping k**s

�Long live the queen!!!! Long live the queen!!� the whole crowd chanted even if it wasn�t from their heart

�Now the chosen disciple will be brought before you all�.Lazarus..� Elder Egeus called out, as Lazarus stepped out from the seat of the nobles. He walked majestically, counting his steps as his mighty aura clouded the hall.

�Oh my�s my crush�.lord Zarus�� Someone muttered
�Can�t believe he is now a disciple�I hate that freaky job..� a matured man scoffs

�A Hunter, damn..he is gonna pass through hell..� A woman whispered to her gossip crew, as they nodded in affirmation�

�He might not be able to serve hunter��
�It�s King Hunter�the guards must not hear you call him by name�huhh� A woman queried her daughter

�Now�Lord Zarus..� Egues stated, as everyone wanted to hear what Lazarus has to say.

Standing in front of the throne where Hunter and his queen, Amber is seated, he folded his fist and placed it on his chest.

�I, Lazarus, leader of the night crew, the knight of war, Lord Zarus, hereby pledge to serve the King of Vampic Fall, as the seventh Disciple. Doing my works diligently and obeying orders, for better, for worse, in life and unto death�� he stated, getting on one knee, as his head bow low

Hunter smirked; he love what he is seeing. The great Lord Zarus bowing before him isn�t that amazing, he thought.

�So shall it be� Hunter stated, picking up the royal staff; he placed it on Lazarus shoulder

�I ordain you, Lazarus, as the seventh Disciple of this great kingdom.�
After the whole coronation stuff, it was time for celebration. There were enough to eat and drink, as the people merry; even those that were not happy with their new king weren�t left out in the food game.

The royal hall was filled with men and women of dignities from other vampire kingdom, as they came to celebrate with the newest king.

Seated on his throne is Hunter, with Lazarus standing beside him. He sipped from his cup of wine, watching other kings as they exchange pleasantries. His eyes wander round the hall as it landed on a maiden who was busy laughing with, perhaps her friends. His face lighted up with glee on seeing her.

�Celeste� he muttered in his mind. Sure, he had made his research about her, and found out that she is Lazarus� sister. Who will ever imagine that Lord Zarus will have such a beautiful sister, he thought.

�Such a beautiful lady, isn�t she� Hunter spoke out, directing his statement to Lazarus, who didn�t get his point

�If I may ask; who? You highness� Lazarus spoke in a baritone voice
�The lady on green� hunter replied, taking sips from the golden cup

�She has a mate� Lazarus stated inwardly. He would have preferred saying it to his face, but wouldn�t wanna get on the king�s nerve on the day of his coronation.

�Yes my king� he simply stated. He watched as Celeste laugh at something funny said by the other maiden. Her eyes suddenly wander to where he stood, as she smiled at him. He gave her a look which only the both of them understand.

She suddenly became uneasy, as she whispered something into the other maiden�s ear, and scurried off immediately, walking towards the exit of the hall.

Hunter let out a chuckle, licking his lips as he watch Lazarus from his side eye

�Smart girl� He muttered to himself with an evil smirk.



Who else believes that Hunter is playing games with Lazarus…


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


  1. damn dat sly fox of a new king,i hope he doesnt joke wit zarus else,caution'll be thrown in2 d deepest part of abyss

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