Soulmate Episode – 30

SOULMATE Episode – 30

are you being for real” I said
baby come on ” she said
look this is the last time you are ever being pregnant ” I said
so what are you saying ” she said
you won’t hire another maid, for what ” I said
am pregnant” she said
so ,you have Nandi and Cindy ” I said
am hiring another maid ” she said
I don’t know what was wrong with this pregnancy ,she just wanted to do the opposite things ..
she was only 4months .
I turned and she wasn’t in bed ,I checked the time and it was 1am
I got up ,I checked every room and there she was in the kitchen eating ice cream while crying ..
what ” I yelled
don’t yell at me” she said
why are you crying” I asked
I don’t know” she said
this child is really driving you crazy” I said
what are you saying” she asked
let’s go to bed ” I said holding her hand
I try so much to be supportive but I was starting to lose my patience .
you look like you haven’t slept for a week” Linda commented
cause I haven’t ” I said
why ” she asked settling down
when you have a pregnant woman around sleeping isn’t an option ,with the twins it was different but with this one ,I feel like am losing my temper” I said
be a supportive husband ” she said
I am a supportive husband but this one ” I said massaging my neck
she moved closer and gave me a massage
umm this feels good ” I said enjoying
you are a little stiff” she said
I know right” I said
she continued massaging me ..Jenny walked in my office and I knew it was trouble
hey babe” I said
Linda stopped massaging me
hey babe what ” Jenny yelled
Jenny it’s not how it looks like ” Linda said
who asked you” Jenny asked
I will see you later ” Natalie said
where are you going,so you were busy seducing my husband huh” Jenny asked
stop exaggerating” I said
so am exaggerating” she said
Linda go ” I said
go where ” Jenny yelled
Linda leave ” I said
Linda tried leaving but Jenny stopped her .
stop that bullshit ” I yelled
she let Linda go
control those stupid hormones” I said trying to leave
my stupid hormones ,”she asked
yes ” I said
stupid hormones ,you are the person who put me in this situation and you are busy telling me to control our hormones , remove your sperm ,so I can be your perfect wife ” she said
I have work ” I said
you want me to go and let her continue what she was doing huh”she yelled
James walked in my office
what’s going here man , could hear you guys arguing ” he said
get this psycho out of here” I said
am a psycho today when you are between my legs am an angel ” she said
James deal with this I just can’t” I said walking out
she broke down ,James started calming her down .
sir are you okay ” my PA asked
yes ” I said
I went to chama’s office
what’s up with you , looking upset ” she teased
your friend” I said
what has she done this time ” she asked
this pregnancy is driving me insane” I said
too bad ” she laughed
was she like this with her first pregnancy” I asked
with her first pregnancy I only saw her once ” she said
let’s go you see her now ” I said
she is here” she asked
I nodded
we went to my office and she was still crying ..
babe why you crying” chama asked
Miguel doesn’t love me anymore ” she cried
of course he loves you ,it’s just this pregnancy is driving him crazy ” chama said
he doesn’t love me ” she cried
I went to seat next to her ,I made her face me,i wiped her tears
I love you ” I said
but why do you like looking at other girls ” she asked
I love you ” I pecked her lips
she left ,and I continued working
I got home abit early ,she left her diary on the table ,I got it and started reading it ..
babe ” she said
you should publish this ” I said
no thanks” she said
babe this is awesome” I said
will you have supper or shower first” she asked
shower first but with my wife” I said pecking her neck
you are making me wet ” she said
I love it than ” I said
we went to take a shower
we made love in the shower ..
hey Mitch” I said
hey buddy ” he said
man you still publish books” I asked
yes man ” he said
I need a favour” I said
shot man ” he said
I need you to publish a book for me ” I said
come through to my office ” he said
will be there tomorrow” I said
I hung up
I just wanted to do something nice for her ,the all week I kept on working on her book .
have you seen my diary ” she asked
yes ” I said
where is it ” she asked
here ” I said removing her newly published book
babe what’s this” she asked
your book ” I said
I thought I said no” she said
she started at it
I look hot on this cover ” she said
I smiled
you think it will sell” she asked
yes ” I said
she sat on my lap
thank you , though I said no” she laughed
you are welcome” I said
I kissed her and that kiss lead her to a hot sex session .
I need more ” she said
I need to rest ” I said
one more please” she said
okay”I said.



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