Soulmate Episode – 27

SOULMATE Episode 27

Lust feels like love until it�s time to make a sacrifice.
I don’t believe in love at first sight. You fall in lust with what you’re yes see, and in love with what your heart sees.Lust is when you love only what you see. Love is when you lust for what�s inside.Love talks and talks. Lust is brief and to the point.
babe met Gerald ” Miguel said
hey ” I said
hello Mrs brown ,you are such a beautiful day ” he complimented
I blushed
let me get you something to eat guys ” I said
I went to the kitchen to prepare something to eat ,I felt someone standing behind me .
babe I ” stopped when I saw Gerald starring at me
he was coloured
he moved closer and I lost control ,I started breathing heavily
I need that spoon ” he said getting the spoon behind me
oh OK” I said turning to see what I was cooking ,he started breathing on my neck
you are sexy ” he whispered
that turned me on
he turned my hand .
I have never felt this weak with any body before not even my husband..
babe ” Miguel yelled
Gerald moved and he pretend he was standing afar
babe ” he said
hey ” I said
am hungry ,he held me from behind
am almost done ” I said
what is Gerald lying to you ” he asked
he is just telling me how happy he is to see you ” I said
I was telling your wife how you finished all the girls in kabwe ” Gerald said
that was back than dude ,am now a changed better ,this girl here she has done something that no woman has managed to do ” Miguel said
which is what ” I asked
its a secret ” Miguel said
you are one lucky man dude ,I can’t wait to have my own wife ” Gerald said
soon man ,true love happens unexpected ” Miguel said
indeed it does ,” Gerald said looking at me .
the custody battle between James and chama was really crazy,James resigned from the company and left Lusaka ,since than we have never heard .
madam someone is here to see you ” mutinta said
let them in ” I said looking at the material
he walked in ,the man was just doing something to my body .
hey beautiful ” he said
hey Gerald ” I said avoiding eye contact
you can’t even look at me ” he asked
as you can see am busy “I said
he got close
Gerald ” i said
what ” he asked
just take a seat ” I said
what if I don’t want ” he said
am working ” I said
really ” he said kissing my neck
am married ,your friend ismy ummmm” the kisses were getting to me
he lifted me and put me on the table
he kissed me while his hand was already in my pants
I went wild
oh my gosh ” I moaned
you like that ” he asked
yeah yeah ” I said
he removed his friend ,the friend was already hard ,..when he was about to enter …someone shook me
huh huh” I opened my eyes
care to tell me who you were making love too ” Miguel asked
huh” I mumbled
Jenny ” he said
who can I make love to apart from my husband ” I said
I don’t know ,the way you were screaming ” he said
I looked at him
what ” he said
did I mention his name ” I asked
no and I was hoping you would ” he said
goodnight I have a busy day tomorrow ” I said facing the other side
that was close what if my husband found out that I was having dream sex with his Friend, that would have Been a disaster .
what ” she asked feeding her daughter
its crazy ,I have been thinking about him of late” I said
you are married you know ” she said
yes but why can’t I forget him ” I asked
don’t ruin your marriage ” she said
am not going too, I just don’t know what to do ” I said
stay away from him or else ,you will end up divorced again ” she said
you are right ” I said
after spending time with her ,I went home and started preparing dinner for my husband ,the twins went to Kenya with their grandparents ,so it was just the two of us ..I gave cindy some days off,because they was nothing to do here .
Miguel is not around ” I said
I didn’t come to see Miguel ” he said closing the door
he pinned me to the wall and he kissed me ,I was praying that it was a dream but this time it was real .he kissed me and I kissed back ,it felt good I became weak.
I pulled out
this is not right ” I said
why ,I want you and you want me ” he said
yes but I love my husband ” I said
if you loved your husband ,you wouldnt be kissing me ” he said
Gerald just leave please ” I said
tell me that you don’t have feelings for me ” he said
I don’t ” I said
I couldn’t look at my husband that day..
I started communicating with Gerald again .
who are you chatting with that is making you blush ” Miguel asked
no one my love ” I said putting the phone down.
I had sex dream with Gerald again but this time it felt so real .
Jenny ” he shook me .
huh” I opened my eyes
what is this nonsense ” he asked
what ” I asked
this having sex in your dreams ,should i call a pastor ” he asked
for what ” I asked
this stupid sex dreaming ” he said
no my love am okay ,I guess I have stayed long without sex” I said
but when I want us to be intimate you always refuse” he said
am sexually frustrated ” I said
are you sure” he asked
yes ” I said
okay fine ,than tomorrow we are having sex” he said
OK ” I said facing the other way
I went for work later I passed through chama’s office
hey ” she said
hey ” I said
why do you sound so low ” she asked
I dreamt about him yesterday ” I said
you had sex with him” she asked
I nodded
Jennifer ,when last did you see him ” she asked
yesterday and we kissed ” I said
she held her head
chama I lost it ” I said
you don’t know how to control yourself “she asked
I do but I just don’t know what’s wrong with me ” I said
I have told you ,don’t ruin your marriage ” she said
I needed to stay away from Gerald as soon as possible did I end up in this mess ?
hey you ” he said kissing my forehead
he lifted me up and placed me on our bed .
he removed my clothes one by one ,till I was naked
he got on top of me and he kissed me so slow and passionately ,I enjoyed ever minute of it
the picture of Gerald appeared in my head and I lost it ,the way I moved my waist .
oh Gerald yes Gerald ” I shouted
he stopped what he was doing
I opened my eyes and I could see his eyes have changed
babe why did you stop ” I asked
am now Gerald ” he asked getting up
what do you mean “I asked
you just called me Gerald ” he said
no no why would I do that ” I asked
I don’t know ,you tell me “he said
babe ” I said
he got up
where are you going ” I asked
I can’t compete with Gerald ” he said
I made a mistake ” I said
scroll you and your mistake, so you have been sleeping with my friend ” he asked
no ” I said
he walked away from me ..
what did you do jenny ” I asked myself
I just heard his car drove off.




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