Soulmate Episode – 26

SOULMATE Episode 26

it hurts losing someone you love but what’s hurts the most is losing them forever to another man ,I was stalking her from Instagram to Facebook ,she really looked great .
why didn’t you tell me ” I asked
come in first ” he said
why didn’t you tell me” I said entering his house
what didn’t I tell you ” he asked settling down
that she got married ” I said
she who” he asked
don’t act dumb dude” I said
jenny walked in
hey James ” she said
I thought you were my friend” I said
meaning ” she asked
I thought you are my friend” I said
I know what you meant but what do you mean by that statement ” she said sitting next to her husband
why didnt you tell me that chama got married ” I said
if I told you ,what would you have done ” she asked
that’s my girl ” I said
excuse you ,which girl ,the girl you made a sperm chamber and left her are you stupid ” she yelled
mind the way you talk to me ” I said
you are a pathetic excuse of a man ,you come here and say all this rubbish are you being for real ” she said
babe ” Miguel held her hand to try shout her up
don’t even try it Miguel ” she said
Miguel let her talk” I said
you idiotic stupidic man seat here and talk useless things “she said
babe what dictionary did you get those words ” he asked
I was fuming with anger ,I wanted to give her a good beating ,she was saved by a knock
man forgive her” he said
tell your wife to mind her language am not her age mate ” I said
she is on family planing pills ,are hormones are getting to her” he said
babe guess who is in town ” she said
I turned and my eyes couldn’t believe who I was seeing
hey you ” she said hugging Miguel
she looked at me
hi James ” she said
hi chama” I said
where is Jackson and miracle ” Miguel asked
there he is ” chama said
the same miracle baby was very big for a couple who just got married ,when I took a close look at her she had a birthmark on her hand just like mine .
that’s my daughter ” I said
you said something ” Miguel asked
no man ,I have to go ” I said
okay ” he said
I walked out
so chama decided to raise my child with another man ,when I got home I found nelly around she was wrapped in a towel .
I grabbed her by her waist and started kissing her ,I lifted her up and placed her on the bathroom sink (she wasn’t that heavy to break the sink),I got down on and eat her nunu up ,she moaned and moaned but I kept on eating her up ,she cumed a number of time ,I didn’t have sex with her ..
the weeks that past I kept on stalking chama and I husband but I was now tired I needed my child close to me .
she is my child right ” I asked entering her office
she started working for Miguel now
who is your child ” she asked
miracle ” I said
she is not your child ” she said
but why does she have the same birthmark as mine ” I said showing her
she looked shocked
you are shocked right ,I want to know my child ” I said
over my dead body ,that child is not yours ,you said I should abort ” she said
you don’t have any choice ,that’s my child ” I said
she is not yours ” she said
see you in court ,get a good lawyer ” I said
lawyer for what ” she asked
wait ” I said walking out
why would he take me to court for what “I kept on thinking
if its about my child ,he would even dare ,cause he won’t win
why are you trembling babe” he asked
I showed him the sermon I got from court
custody battle ” he asked
imagine ,what have I done to that man ” I wept
babe didn’t he want you to have an abortion ” he asked
yes ” I said between tears
I broke down in Jackson’s arms
miracle wasn’t home and I hated letting my child see me cry
hey ” I said entering the house
what is it ” jenny asked
is Miguel around ” I asked
yes ,what’s going on Jackson ” I asked
let’s seat we talk ” he said
when miracle saw me she ran to me and I hugged her so tight
nobody will take you away from me ” I whispered
chama what’s going on ” Jenny asked
Miguel showed up and we all took our seat ,I let miracle go back to the twins .
I gave Jenny the paper
what’s this ” she asked
read ” I said
she read through and handed the paper to her husband
what’s this nonsense ” Miguel asked
he want sole custody of miracle” I cried
James has grown wings huh” Jenny said
he is gone mad” Miguel said removing his phone
he dialled a number and someone answered
James “Miguel said
hey man ” James said
the phone was on loud
what’s this nonsense ” Miguel asked
what nonsense ” James asked
this custody thing ” Miguel said
miracle is my child and she deserves to be with her father ” James said
what father you idiot ,you told her to abort and you are busy running your mouth like a little girl ” jenny said
Jenny keep your option to yourself ,you should be glad that you are even married to Miguel ,you are like a finished good ” James said
you are so pathetic man ,talk to me like that again ,you stupid desperate stranded man,you are worse than lucifer ” jenny said
James hung up
jenny was so upset
babe come down ” Miguel said rubbing Jenny’s back
which man on this earth ,acts like that ” she asked
what am I going to do ,Jackson and I are broke at the moment how are we going to afford a good lawyer “I asked
don’t worry about that ,my lawyer will help you ” Miguel said
thank you so much boss ” Jackson said
so worry ,you guys are my family ,my lawyer will help you out ” Miguel said
thank you so much ” I said
he contacted his lawyer and he scheduled to meet the next day .
i couldn’t sleep that night ,I kept on tossing around ,I got up and went to check up on miracle.
“lord please ,I know I have wronged you so many times but please let me not lose my daughter to that man ,I don’t know how my life will be without my daughter ,my world will be incomplete ” I said
I felt someone touch my shoulder, I turned and he hugged me so tight
he didn’t say anything ,after some time we went back to sleep .
good morning madam ” he said
it was Ben ,remember him ,he helped jenny with her divorce .
Ben ” I said with a smile
hey beautiful ” he said
I didn’t know you knew Miguel ” I said
my father used to be they family lawyer ,now am their family lawyer ” he said
am so happy to see you ” I said hugging him
you look great ” he said
with problems how can I look good ” I asked
you won’t lose your child “he said
I liked him,I mean I was in love with Ben but it turned out he never liked girls ..
so let’s get started ” he said
I narrated the all story to him .
that’s a simple case ” he said
really ” I said
yes ,” he said
the days moved so fast that it was finally the day for the hearing .
the court session began
Mr mulenga(James) ,you are saying this woman here kidnapped your child ” his lawyer asked
yes ,she left after discovering she was pregnant ” James said
James said a lot of lies that people in the court room believed him ..
I started shaking
Ben held my hand
I told you this is a simple case ” Ben whispered
your honor ,am done questioning Mr mulenga” the lawyer said
Ben got up
Mr mulenga ,you said chama kidnapped your child ” Ben asked
yes ” James said
your honor ,James here he is lying ,he told my client to abort her baby ,but how did she kidnap a child which wasn’t born yet. ” Ben asked
I .I. ummm..Ben interrupted James
Mr mulenga you never wanted this child ,but what’s with the sudden interest huh” Ben asked
she is my daughter ” James said
daughter you say ,you paid her to abort ,I don’t know what you want ” Ben said
James was just facing down
Mr mulenga never in your life come here and waste my time ,madam take care of that child, these are the same men that are not making our country develop ,you never wanted that child ,why want the baby today are you insane ,I should have been attending my son’s soccer game but am here listening to you ,madam don’t you dare let this man father your child ” the judge said getting up
he got up and left
I told you its a simple case ” Ben said
thank you ,” I hugged him
I told you ,you won’t lose her” Jackson said
I kissed him
look at him ,I could be so embarrassed if it was me ” jenny laughed
I know right ” Jackson said
jenny took us out for lunch later on I went to pick up miracle from jenny’s home.



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