Not Another Love Story – Episode 20


Episode – 20

‘Why does it have to be today of all days…’ even though I kept asking her to stop it _ I didn’t want her to stop.
“Hold me…” She whispered in my ear. I gripped her neck as I changed the game, I couldn’t let her lead me.

She unbuttoned my shirt,’this is crazy…’ I thought to myself.

“What are you doing?” I asked her. Ivy had gotten off me and picked her robe.
“Am going to bath.” She smiled.
“What do you mean you are going to bath?”
“Am going to pour water on my body.” She giggled.
“That was a figure of speech! Do you plan on leaving me like this?”
“Goodnight baby boy.” She said blowing me a kiss.
“That wasn’t funny…” I said as I joined Ivy in bed.
“I never said it was.” She turned to look at me. I had my serious face on, that stunt she pulled was unacceptable.
“You know what; I can’t wait to become a father… Running around with the kids and the like.” I said. She probably thought I was crazy from the way she looked at me.

“Babies, Nah. I don’t want to mess up this fine body.” She commented.
“What do you mean? How will babies mess up your body?” I asked her.
“When you get pregnant, your belly stretches. Then there are stretch marks and getting fat. I don’t want that.” She said. Ivy and I had never spoken about most things that couples were supposed to talk about, since I was home and sexually frustrated by the trick she pulled… I decided to talk about children.

“Are you aware that Kim Kardashian has babies?” I asked. I knew how she fancied Kim.
“I know. It’s not only that, having children is expensive. Maybe I just don’t want kids.” With those words, she turned to face the other side.
“You know what, let’s pretend I didn’t ask.” I turned the other side of the bed as well.

Preparations for the wedding were already coming in hot. For some strange reason, I was starting to enjoy Ivy’s company. Even though she teased me, I managed to get a piece of the cake when I woke up around 5 AM.

Ivy had a lot to do since our place was far, she decided to go and stay at her parent’s place in readiness for the wedding.

“You are going today?” I asked
“Yes.” She responded. She was busy moving bags. It was just for a week, yet she had packed for a year.
“Can I get some more cake before you leave?” I smiled.
“Oh! Now you’ve realized what you have been missing…” She laughed.
“Did you have to say that?” I got two bags and helped to get them to her car.
“I will see you on Saturday. Please don’t be drunk. The Mayor and other important personalities will be attending.” She said while hugging me.
“You making it sound like am a drunk. Is a glass of wine allowed?” I laughed.
“See you on Saturday,” I added.
She pecked my lips and left.


Later that day, Lucas was all busy making arrangements for us to leave. Preferably that same night. Though I was against it, I wanted to leave on Friday.

“You seem happy…” Lucas noted as we walked to the parking lot.
“It’s nothing.”
“That smile doesn’t look like nothing. You’ve been on your phone more than usual today, what’s going on?” Lucas asked.
“It’s Ivy. She’s been sending me some crazy memes. It’s hilarious.” I told him.
“Did… Did I get you right? Since when have you been all chatty with Ivy?” “Don’t tell me you are thinking about changing your mind?” He asked.
“It’s nothing like that, we just had sex, talked a bit… That’s all.” I told him. I had to tap his shoulder to make my words more assuring.
“Wait, what!” He exclaimed with a shock driven face.


Chipo had decided to visit, it was mainly because mum told her I was in the hospital and because of the pregnancy.

“You don’t have a job and you pregnant…” Chipo stomped on her words.
“Why do I feel like you are mocking me? If you are not going to be of any help then it’s better we talk about something else.” I lashed out at her.
“Am sorry…” She laughed. She didn’t even look sorry, more like she was pleased.
“What has the guy said?” Chipo asked.
“Nothing. I’ve not told him yet.”
“You haven’t told him… What are you waiting for?” She asked.
“It’s just not the right time. He’s getting married on Saturday. That’s if the wedding will happen. Not only that, he wants me to run away with him.” I told her.

Chipo had that look on her face, the one my mother would have if I had told her the same.

“You want to run away with someone’s husband? Are you crazy?” I hadn’t seen my sister this pissed in a long time.
“I didn’t say am going…” I told her.
“What are you playing at, Mwape? Do you think this is Disney _ where you just run off with a stranger and get happily married? Mum is already disturbed about you getting knocked up and now you want to run away?” Chipo asked.

It was difficult to object her while she spoke. It was a good thing it was only the two of us in the other cause she kept shouting as she spoke.

“Come on… I didn’t say am going with him. Am just telling you. I know the pregnancy would get him thrilled.” I told her.
“Thrilled! It doesn’t bother you that you were eating another person’s meal? Sister what the heck!”
“It’s not like that… I didn’t know.” I defended myself.
“Ooh, so after you knew you decided to get pregnant. I swear if you vanish from this place am going to file a missing person report.” She said.
“You joking…” I pitched in.
“Then try it.”



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