Not Another Love Story – Episode 19


Episode 19

Since the day that Allan pitched the whole runaway idea to me, I hadn’t seen him. I guessed he was busy and all, hence, I decided not to bother him.
However, my pregnancy had changed everything. I wandered off in thought, entertaining the possibility of having a life with him.

“Someone is daydreaming…” That was Limpo, her voice was always itching of gossip.
“Hey, baby girl…” I jumped on her. “Ain’t you supposed to be at work?” I asked her.
“I was, then I got news from Besa that you were hospitalised yesterday. Are you okay?” She said touching my face and opening my eyelids.
“What do you think you doing?” I laughed.
“Am trying to check if you okay, dah!” We both began to laugh.
“So…” She said holding her laughter.
“Well… Am pregnant.” I said with a smile.
Limpo didn’t take the news well.

“It can’t be for James?” She said thoughtfully.
“What makes you so sure?”
“Because he called me. He told me about how stone-cold you were as you broke up with him. Wait! Don’t tell me it’s for Allan…” She covered her mouth.
“You said you’ve never slept with him…” Limpo commented. Remembering how strongly she spoke against Allan the last time we met, this wasn’t going to be anything good.

She interrogated me, I told her everything… Except the plan of getting married and running off to Livingstone.

“Are you the reason why their engagement party was called off?” She asked me.
“I don’t know _ I’ve not spoken to him for a week. I had no idea there was even that.” I told her.

‘I didn’t know Allan was serious about leaving Ivy for me but now, it might just be true.’ I thought to myself.

“Where are you going?” Allan stood at the door. He didn’t say anything.
“You haven’t been to your office in days, you are never home and you always come back late.” I nagged.
“Am not in the mood for your drama.” He said while opening the door to leave.
“Allan, I told you that if you don’t want to go ahead with this marriage, call your lawyer _ I can arrange for a family meeting. That way, we can both go our separate ways. I will tell you one thing _ if you are planning on doing something crazy on my wedding day, don’t!” I got up from where I sat and went to the bedroom.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, “Did you threaten me!” I yelled.
It was as though she couldn’t get me, she picked up her glass of wine and went to the bedroom. I banged the door and left.

ALLAN – I’m on my way to see you. We need to talk.

When I arrived at Mwape’s place, she was already at the roadside waiting for me. This was weird, she had never done such a thing. I opened her door, she good in _ said hi and kept silent.

“Am not getting a kiss?” I asked her.
“Did you drive all the way from your home to come and talk about that?” She answered rudely.
“No, I didn’t. I just thought since we haven’t seen each other in a while… You might have missed me.”
“Well, you were wrong. Can you drive to somewhere, I don’t want mum seeing this car around her house.” I told him.

I had already booked a room at Lilayi Lodge, once we got there, I ordered food for us to eat.

“You haven’t touched your food,” I said.
“Am not hungry…”
“Then what is it!” I yelled at her, “Am trying here and you being all mute on me.” I said.
“Okay, let’s talk. Why don’t you want to marry Ivy?” Mwape asked me. She had this terrifying look in her eyes as she stared at me.

“Ivy is something else. She can’t cook, she doesn’t do any house chores and my relationship with her was something arranged by our parents.” I told her.
“What will happen to me when I can’t satisfy you in bed, will you leave?” She asked me. She was so serious it was uncomfortable.
“Where is this coming from?” I chuckled.
“I am going to do this running away thing with you _ I need to know that I won’t be a victim of this same thing.” She responded confidently.

I understood that she was just having cold feet. I managed to calm her down and show her the merits we would reap once we left Lusaka.

Mwape didn’t seem convinced, however, she agreed to leave with me once the time came. That day ended without even a kiss, the only thing we shared was cold stares and a boring conversation.


“Do you plan on getting a job?” Mum asked me.
“I will… I’m just trying to get myself together.” I told her.
“Come here, take a seat… What’s bothering you?” Mum always had a way of getting me to talk.
“It’s Allan, he is supposed to get married this month.” I told her.
“You haven’t told him about the pregnancy have you?” I shook my head.
“I know… I know… I don’t want him to be with me because am carrying his child. I won’t tell him until I see that he has done the needy.” I told mum.
“He needs to know that you are pregnant,” Mum said.
“This wasn’t part of the plan. If it means I raise the baby alone, I will do it.” I told her.

Mum got the message, she had no plans of arguing with me. She got her bag and left.


Allan had suddenly become good to me, he was home early and would notify me when he was going out. With only a week left to the day of the wedding, I was excited.
My wedding dress was almost done, I wanted a custom made one… Something simple and elegant. Allan didn’t seem to bother with what I wanted, as long as it made me happy, he approved. This was because he knew very well that on that day, he wasn’t planning on showing up at all.

“Daddy, I have a question…”
“What is it, baby girl?” He asked.
“What happens if Allan and I don’t get married?” I asked him.
“That’s strange, we are in the last days and then you suddenly think about asking me such. Why?” He asked me.
“Dad… You know I’ve never loved Allan. I went ahead with this because of you and mum. I don’t think I can afford the time to learn how to love him.”
“Well, the basis of the arranged marriage was for us to keep the wealth within our family. Between the two of you, the one who breaks that arrangement is liable to a fee. Though none of us wanted it to get that far…” My dad explained.
“I see…” I smiled.
“What are you planning?” Dad asked me.
“It’s nothing…” I giggled.

“Have you checked your suit yet?” Allan was in the living room watching TV.
“Yes.” He responded.
“You don’t look excited at all,” I said.
“Should I be smiling every day for you to know that am excited?” He asked.

I got the remote and turned the TV off.

“Hey… I was watching that!” He exclaimed.
“Well… I want you to keep your eyes on me. Watch me for a few seconds.” I said slowly.
He giggled, “What do you think you doing?”

I dropped my gown. That caught his attention _ the only thing I had on was my birth suit.

“Shhhhhh.” I got on top of his legs and began to kiss him.
“Ivy I can’t do this right now…” He said, his heart was racing already.
“Hold me…”



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