Not Another Love Story – Episode 18


Episode – 18

“It’s going to work! Trust me, besides, Lucas already has it under control.”
“I love you, mama!”

No sooner had Allan left than James walked in. I opened the door and there he was in all his majesty.

“I’ve been trying to call you?” He said.
“Because you are my girlfriend and I miss you,” James said. He had this annoying grin on his stupid face whenever he spoke.
“Oh, James! This is hard for me to say, but am going to say it anyway. I’ve… I’ve fallen out of love with you.” I told him. I tried to be polite and calm about it, a breakup is like being hit with a knife to the heart and I didn’t want that for him.
“Wait! Are you breaking up with me? Are you being for real right now?” He said questioning me with every sentence that came out of his mouth.
“You and I, we are just two adults who had a thing and decided to date… Look at us… We are already miserable as a couple, we hardly talk to each other. We go weeks with no communication and then you just show up here talking about us being in a relationship. Am sorry, but I can’t do this. Goodbye.” I told him and shut the door.

I already had a lot on my mind and James wasn’t going to be one.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that Allan was up to something. He was too calm about everything that happened.
After that embarrassing moment at the mall, I had decided to cancel the enhancement party. He didn’t even object to it and that made things worse. I decided to call Lucas.

“Good morning Ivy?” He said the tense tone of his voice was noticeable.
“This is a surprise…” He added.
“I know… Let me cut to the chase, I know that Allan is up to something and you know what it is. Tell me?”
“What do you mean? I don’t know what you are talking about.” He told me.
“Lucas you’ve changed. It’s funny how easily you forget that when you impregnated Mutinta I was the one that stuck my neck out for you… Not even your dear best friend had time.” I didn’t want to use his baby mama but it seemed like the only way.
“Come on. Did you have to bring that up?” He asked me.
“You were supposed to be my friend. Instead, you decided to side with him. You knew that he was sleeping around with some waitress and you never thought of telling me…”
“Am sorry Ivy. Things just got complicated… And about that waitress, I swear I didn’t know… By the time I was hitting a nail on the head, they had already started dating.” Lucas said. He felt guilty, especially that I had brought his family into the picture.
“Ok. I know Allan is still seeing that girl. He thinks just because I tolerate his nonsense regarding my lack of cooking skill then am also dumb. Now, you are going to tell me what he is up to. Otherwise, that money you owe and that money you’ve been stealing from Allan’s company will start haunting you pretty soon…” I laughed.
“Ivy! Please… We are friends. Don’t do this!” He pleaded.
“Oh! So, we are now friends because it’s beneficial. What happened to that friendship when my husband was being a whore behind my back? You know what, I don’t have time for this. Speak now or forever hold your life behind bars.” I told him.
“Okay… But you need to promise me that you will never tell him am the one that told you…” He said.
“I’ve kept your long hands habit a secret for years now. Am the one who needs to be questioning you…”

That afternoon I was left without words once Lucas was done telling me what Allan had planned.

‘This bas***d!’

“Mwape!” Mum called out as I run to the toilet to vomit.
“What is happening to you?” She asked me. I couldn’t respond, the taste of vomit in my mouth made me throw up a second time.
“It’s been 3 weeks and you’ve not been going to work and now when you are here, you keep running around the house like a refugee to vomit. Who is the father of that child?” She asked me.
“What! You think am pregnant?” I questioned her.

She walked up close to the toilet and took a look at the vomit. Without a word, mum walked out.

‘It can’t be… I can’t be pregnant!’
‘Allan made sure to withdraw… I even took the pill’
‘How is this even possible!’
‘Am finished!’

I had more questions than answers and in the midst of that, I had an epiphany _ I remembered the day when Allan and I had a warming evening. Moreover, we happened twice that day, the sleepover at Lilayi Lodge and then in the evening. The more I thought about it the weaker my legs got.

“She’s going to be okay. She just needs to rest.” I heard the voice of a lady speaking from a distance.
“She’s awake…” That was my mother’s voice.
“I will leave you two alone. When the doctor arrives, I will come back with him.” At this moment I could clearly see. It was a nurse, she walked out and mum walked forth.
“You scared me.” She said hugging me.
“Am sorry… I didn’t mean for this to happen.” I said as I began to cry.

Later on, mum asked me who was responsible for the pregnancy. She had never seen Allan before but for some reason was able to refer to his car.

“You don’t look happy… What is it?” She asked me.
“You can tell me anything, am your mother!” She said in her effort to comfort me and of course, get me to talk.
“He is engaged to someone else already. They…” I couldn’t get myself to finish the clause.
“Mwana wandi sure! (My daughter) There are a lot of men and you just had to go for the one who is committed.” Mum said she had a face that was very easy to read. I could see how disappointed she was.
“He loves me!” I told her.
“All men say that when they want something from us, baby…”

I couldn’t accept what my mother was getting at. There was no way in the world I would believe that Allan was just using me.
‘I mean, he wants us to get married and move to Livingstone.’ I thought to myself.

“But mum…” I began to cry.
“It’s okay. Don’t worry, if you believe that he loves you _ then what I say doesn’t matter. After all, you know him better than I do.” She said.



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