Diary of the Watterson � Episode 67

Loveswept To You


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel



Scarlett sniffed in, unable to clean her tears. She nodded vigorously as tears streamed down her cheek.

“Yes!! Yes a million time!! I’ll choose you over and over!” Scarlett said.

Raymond smiled and took her left hand then slipped in the ring in her ring finger before standing up.

Scarlett hugged him tightly immediately he stood. He hugged her back, twirling around with her.

The guest applauded for her, feeling so happy for them.

They broke the hug and Raymond cleaned her tears with a smile on his face.

“I love you” He said.

“I love you more” Scarlett smiled..

Raymond smiled and leaned forward then kissed her. Scarlett held onto his coat as they kiss.

? Awwwn!!

“This is so romantic” Stephanie gushed and turned to Nathan with a pout on her face.

“What are you waiting for?” Stephanie pouted.

“Huh? If I propose to you you’ll accept? Not minding my status?” Nathan said, looking surprised.

Stephanie scoffed and rolled her eyes..

“For the millionth time, I love you and I don’t care about your status” Stephanie said and pecked his lips.

“Let’s go grab a bite” Stephanie said and led the way.

Nathan blushed and followed behind.

The party continued like nothing happened. The guest kept congratulating Scarlett and Raymond..

“Someone is getting an in law” Melody said to Angelo.

“Yeah, I like Raymond. He’s a cool guy and I know he’ll protect my sis” Angelo said, sipping on his drink.

“Me too” Melody said, playing with the button of his shirt.

She was actually sitting on his thigh. Angelo looked at her while smirking…

“Stop doing that” Angelo said..


“You don’t wanna know what it does to me” Angelo looked away and took another sip from his cup.

“Really? What you gonna do if I continue?” Melody smirked and ran her hand through his chest.

Angelo took another sip from his drink and placed the glass on the table before standing, grabbing Melody’s hand.

“Bro, we’ll leave the party early. Have fun, there are extra rooms around here incase you…” Angelo trailed and winked.

“Angelo!” Phoebe whined while Ethan laughed

Angelo dragged Melody out of he party, heading upstairs. He pulled her into his room and locked the door before pinning her against it.

“You were saying?” He said, his face really close to hers.

Melody glanced at his lips and swallowed hard, staring at him.

“Uhh…Uhm.. Babe,,,, uhh” Melody stammered.

Angelo held her chin and lifted it up, brushing his lips against hers. That sent shivers down Melody’s spine.

“You see? I’m your weakness, you can not be bold around me babe” Angelo whispered, his breath caressing her face.

Melody lost it. She held his face and slammed her lips against his. Angelo smiled as he kissed her back, holding her waist.

They both staggered to the bed. Angelo fell on the bed, Melody came on top of her.

“You wanna see me bold, you’ll get it” She muttered and reconnected back their lips as Angelo’s hand worked on her @ss.

She quickly undid Angelo’s button and tossed his shirt aside before running her hands through his chest.

She broke the kiss and unbuckled his belt, pulling his trousers down.

Angelo tossed her to the bed, switching position. He brushed her hair to the back..

“Do you really want this? I don’t want it to seem like I’m forcing-”

Melody shut him up with a kiss which she broke shortly.

“I want you” Melody said.

That was all it took for the self control left in Angelo to fly out of the room. He slammed back his lips on hers with his hands working magic on her body.

He pulled down the gown she was wearing, leaving her only in her panties since she wasn’t putting on a bra.

He broke the kiss and placed a wet kiss on her shoulder and then her chest before he beheld her twin peaches.

“So small…” Angelo teased and she hit his head making him chuckle.

He took one in his mouth and sucked on it, twirling his lips on her n*pples. Melody gasped and bit her lips, trying to surpress the moans building up in her.

He also did the same justice for the other br**st. Angelo pulled down the garment on her, leaving her naked in front of him.

She hit her lips and looked elsewhere when she felt his intense gaze on her. Angelo turned her face back to him and kissed her briefly.

“You’re beautiful” He muttered and she smiled.

A muffled moan escaped her lips when she felt him rubbing his d*ck at her entrance. He made to pull in but immediately pulled in then rubbed his d*ck on her wet p**sy.

He was torturing her, making her beg for him..

“Babe…” Melody moaned out when she couldn’t take it.

Angelo chuckled and gave her what she wanted. He slammed into her with full force, Melody gasped loudly.

He began moving into her slowly. Melody bit her lips, eventually releasing soft moans..

Angelo then increased his pace, pinning her hands on the bed as he f*cked her hard, hitting every inch of her…

“Ahh!!.” Melody moaned out..

? ? ? ? ?

Next Morning, Donovan’s mansion**

Raymond hugged Scarlett to him as they both slept peacefully and soundly. Scarlett slowly opened her eyes and yawned.

She hugged Raymond back and snuggled on his bare chest. She looked at him and saw him sleeping.

“He’s so cute when he sleeps” She thought while smiling.

She then began staring at ring on her finger while smiling sheepishly, placing kisses on it. She then placed a kiss on the tattoo on Raymond’s chest.

“You love kissing” Raymond muttered.

Scarlett looked at him and saw him staring at her.

“You’re awake?” Scarlett said.

“Yeah, you woke me up” He muttered and hugged her more tightly.

“How’s my queen doing?” Raymond asked and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“Very much happy” Scarlett smiled and resumed staring at the ring.

“At this rate, I might end up throwing that ring. It steals your attention away from me.” Raymond said.

“Don’t be silly” Scarlett chuckled and pecked him.

“Planning on getting married in two weeks. What do you think?” Raymond said.

“The earlier the better, I love it. Let’s go for our honey moon in Hawaii” Scarlett said.

“Anything for my queen” Raymond said.

“Let’s go have our bath, today is a very hectic day for me” Scarlett said and was about to leave the bed but Raymond pulled her back and came on top.

“One round won’t hurt right” He smirked.

“What?! I’m still sore from last night.. I nearly passed out” Scarlett pouted.

“You said I should go faster, it’s my duty to obey my queen” Raymond defended himself.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be slow and gentle” Raymond said and pushed his d*ck inside her…

“No babe wait…” Scarlett said and tried to push him away but she was slowly succumbing.

“Babe… Ray…”

“Gosh! Faster baby!!”

“Yeah!!.. F*ck!!”

? ? ? ? ?

Silver High**

“So you really moved out of your sister’s house?” Ursula asked Tara as they walked in the school.

“Yeah… I know stay with my aunt” Tara nodded.

“But why?” Ursula asked

Tara bit her lips..

“Well actually-”

“What’s going on there?” Ursula cuts in.

Tara looked front and saw a small crowd. They went front and met Sophia glaring at Ava who was on the floor, her cheek was red

“What’s happening…” Tara muttered.

“I’m done being your shadow Ava, you can do whatever you want but don’t come near my man ever again. Try this sh*t again and I’ll wound you” Sophia glared at her.

“Babe…” Ash tried touching her but she slapped his hands off and went away.

Tara and Ursula just looked at the scene, utterly confused.


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