Diary of the Watterson – Episode 64

Loveswept To You


Loveswept To You


By: Ariel Mirabel


✿❀ ❀✿


The whole Silver High were all gathered at the the burial ground, all dressed in white. The Watterson were present too and all other people who knew Monica..

Jackson touched the glassy coffin as he stared at Monica’s face.

“Till we meet again my love” Jackson whispered.

Skye walked over to him and rubbed his shoulder as he stared at Monica too. Everyone gave cried so much too a point that they could feel nothing at the moment.

They both paid their homage and made way for the others. Julia came forward and she couldn’t stop her tears from flowing.

She opened her mouth to speak but words just weren’t coming out clearly. Arnold just came and hugged her tightly, him crying too.

After few minutes they made way too. They all took turns to say their last goodbyes.

Suddenly a police car stopped by the roadside. The back door opened and Melody came out, looking clean.

“Babe…” Angelo muttered, looking confused.

“Thanks for the ride sir” Melody said.

He nodded and entered back the car then drove off. Melody turned to the rest and smiled then ran to Angelo’s embrace.

“What are you doing here?” Angelo asked, breaking the hug.

“They set me free. I was proven innocent” Melody said.


“I’ll tell you everything later…” Melody said.

Sadness took over her as she approached Monica’s coffin. If only she arrived earlier maybe she would have done something to save her.

“I’m sorry sis” Melody muttered, fighting back her tears.

“It’s no your fault babe” Angelo said.

Melody looked at him and nodded then took few steps away from the coffin. The priest came over and began the ceremony…

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Later, The Watterson**

The family came back home, looking so sad. Monica was successful buried and the ceremony was over. Angelo fell on the couch and ran his hands through his hair, Melody sat down next to him.

Julia went upstairs to take some rest while Arnold went to lock Monica’s room. Scarlett placed her head Jayce’s shoulder as they sat next to each other while Raymond sat opposite them. Stephanie and Nathan sat together while Jackson,,, he said he wanted to be alone so nobody knows where he is.

“So Andrew was really the one behind this” Angelo muttered.

“Yes, that’s what the cops told me. I was really shocked” Melody said, feeling disappointed in him.

“The cops said that Avery came and confessed all what happened. Andrew was also the one who Chloe and he kílled Monica too and framed me up for that. Surprisingly the cops said they got to his house and found him deàth. He was kílled in the most gruesome way one could imagine…”

“The cops also said there are no security footage around the place he lives so it’s impossible to know who is the person who kílled Andrew” Melody said.

“But who could possibly kíll him?” Scarlett asked.

“Probably someone who held some grudges against him. Who knows how many other people he kílled” Angelo said.

All through, Raymond was silent all through. He just stared at Jayce who was occupied staring at Scarlett.

“He’s a Watterson…” Aurora’s word rang to his head.

“I’m coming for Scarlett and you can’t stop me…” The masked man’s word rang in his head too.

“I don’t want to believe you’re the one Jayce, I just don’t want to…” Raymond said inwardly..

Jayce noticed him staring at him so he looked at Raymond. He smiled at Raymond, Raymond smiled slightly before looking away..

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Jackson sat down down by the beach as he watched the sunset. The sea waves came to to his foot and went back at a rhythm manner.

His mind to the first kiss they shared, it was at this beach. A drop of tear fell from his eyes as he remembered it.

Up till now, everything still feels like a dream to him. Monica is gone…she’s gone.

“You can’t get her out of you mind too right?” A voice spoke.

He looked back and saw Skye. He sat down next to him, holding to bottles of wine.

“Here” He handed him one.

Jackson looked at it before collecting it..

“Let’s drink in memory of our first love..” Skye said and smile. Tears escaping his eyes though he smiled.

Jackson nodded and they clinked their bottles together and drank in silence, no one talking to each other just listening to soothing sound of the sea.

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

4 Weeks Later**

Angelo and Ethan sat down on a chair in the waiting as they awaited for the cops to bring in Avery…

Well she was arrested on the way for conspiring with Andrew.

Moments later, Avery was brought in. She had her head down, feeling too ashamed to look up. She was made to sit opposite the boys.

Silence reigned for some minutes.

“Avery look at me” Angelo said calmly.

Avery kept her head down.

“I said look at me!!!” Angelo banged his hand on the table very hard, starting Avery.

“Look at me in the eyes and tell me what wrong I’ve ever done to you. Did I ever shun you away? I was always there when you needed a shoulder to cry and lean on.. Tell me why you did this to me. Because I didn’t love you?” Angelo said, shaking in anger.

“Calm down bro” Ethan whispered.

“Tell me is it by force to love you? How can you betray me in such a way? You and Ethan are the only person I opened up to because I considered you two as family”

“I don’t want to be just a family to you” Avery cried out.

Angelo grabbed her by the neck, pulling her up.

“Angelo…” Avery cried, trying to free herself.

“If you had opened your d@rn earlier my sister would have been alive by now.. I hàte you Avery, you have no idea of how much I do…” Angelo said those words slowly, making sure it sank deep into her.

“Bro” Ethan held Angelo’s arm.

Angelo released Avery harshly, she fell on the chair…Coughing loudly.

Angelo looked at her and snorted before leaving the room, slamming the door behind. Ethan sighed, he gave one háteful look at Avery before following Angelo behind..

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

The Watterson**

“What should be our theme color. Red or black” Nathan asked



“Red is my favorite color. Let’s use it” Stephanie said.

“No!, I love black. Let’s use that one..” Scarlett said.

“Red” Stephanie frowned.

“No! Black!!” Scarlett frowned too.

Soon an argument erupted between them as they argued over color.

Tomorrow is the twin’s birthday!

Nathan shook his head and smiled as he watched the argue. Someone placed patted his back and I turned out to be Raymond.

“You said you’ll come back in an hour. It’s been three hours you left” Nathan said.

“Sorry bro… Was just so hard to make a choice” Raymond said.

“Oh yeah, I see” Nathan smirked.

“Did she noticed my absence?” Raymond asked.

“Not at all. These two we’re so engrossed in preparing their birthday party” Nathan said.

“Babe! Tell Steph that we’re going for the black color” Scarlett called and hugged Raymond’s arm, pouting like a kid.

“No! Bunny… Tell Scar we’re rocking red” Steph hung her arms round Nathan’s neck

“Uhh” Raymond and Nathan chorused, looking at each other.

“Actually, we have to go…” Nathan paused searching for a lie.

“Clean the dogs” Raymond said.

“Yeah, see you later” Nathan said and immediately left with Raymond.

One thing they learned is to never interfere in their business when these two are arguing.

Scarlett and Stephanie looked at each, looking confused.

“Did we have a dog?” Scarlett asked.

“No…” Stephanie frowned.

Julia stood by the stairs, watching how the preparation were going. Arnold kissed her cheek and she smiled.

“You finally decided to come out of our room. After one month..” Arnold said.

“Couldn’t miss my daughters’s birthday” Julia said.

“Beside crying my eyes out won’t change the fact that my baby is gone. I’ll just try my best to be happy coz that’s what she wants” Julia said.

“Let’s be happy for our baby” Arnold said and cupped her cheeks.

Julia smiled and they both kissed.

“Awwn” Scarlett and Stephanie gushed, watching them…



  1. Thank God Avery opened up and Melody was freed
    Raymond should be cautious and watch out for Jayce
    Congratulations to the twins on their birthday
    Next please

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