Diary of the Watterson � Episode 62

Loveswept to you


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel



Melody’s eyes widened…

Melody looked back at Monica’s body and then at the cops who immediately came to her anf handcuffed her.

What’s happening?

They roughly pulled her up and began heading out of the building with her. Melody looked back behind and saw as they covered back Monica’s face.

? ? ? ? ?

Police Station**

Raymond kept patting Scarlett’s head, trying to comfort her while they waited for any news about Monica.

Honestly, this is the first time that Raymond has no clue of what’s happening. He’s just lost, the person who abducted her was so unpredictable.

The squad which was sent to the uncompleted building came in.

Angelo immediately stood up from his seat when he saw them enter with Melody who was handcuffed.

“What’s happening?” Angelo questioned.

Melody’s eyes widened..

“Babe, I didn’t do it” Melody said but the police wete just pulling her to her cell room.

“Wait let me speak to him!! Babe!, I didn’t k�ll her… I swear” Melody screamed as she was been dragged away.

“K�ll?” Angelo’s heart sunk to his stomach immediately.

“Mr Watterson, we’ve found your daughter but sadly… She’s,,,” The police officer paused not knowing how to break the news to them.

“She’s in the mortuary as we speak” He said.

“What… What do you mean by,,, mortuary?” Jackson stuttered.

“Unfortunately, when we arrived there she was already d�ad” The police officer said, looking down.

“No!!! This is not real… This is not,,,” Julia passed out. Arnold caught her.

“Julia.” Arnold screamed in tears

Jayce who was standing by the corner stared at them as if it’s not real. What did he hear.

Jackson just stood there, unable to take in what he just heard.

“No…” Scarlett teared up.

Raymond hugged her tightly, feeling sad an angry at the same time..

Angelo fell back on his seat, no emotion showing on his face..

“Take us to her” Arnold cried.

? ? ? ? ?

Later, Mortuary***

“Monica!! Little sis!!” Stephanie sat down on the floor as she cried loudly. Nathan rubbed her shoulder, trying to console her but it was in vain.

“Your turn sir” A female said.

Jackson walked in, wearing a nose mask and hand gloves. He walked to the bed where Monica was placed.

Her body was covered with a white piece of clothing, only her face was seen. Jackson stood there, looking down at her.

He didn’t even know when tears escaped his eyes. He refused to believe that she was gone but seeing her right now, it all dawned on her.

He felt his whole world crumpling down to her feet. Nothing can be used to compare the amount of guilt he felt at that time, he was right there but he couldn’t save her.

He rubbed her cold cheeks as tears dropped from his eyes down to her face.

“Why did you have to leave? You didn’t even say goodbye… How will i be able to live from henceforth” Jackson muttered.

Flashbacks of all the moments they spent together began hitting hard on him. How he teased her, how they picked on each other, their childhood together, and their love life which didn’t even last.

Jackson pulled down his nose mask and not minding the fact that she had this pungent odor on her, he bent down and kissed her forehead as tears streamed out of his eyes.

“Monica, my love…” Jackson called.

He bent down and cried his eyes out…

Jayce was standing by the window, watching them by the window. He didn’t even know when a drop of tear fell from his eyes.

His phone beeped. He looked at it and with tears in his eyes, he left the area.

“I have something to tell you all” Arnold spoke after being silent for more than an hour. His eyes was so red.

Stephanie and Scarlett who were crying looked at him. Angelo looked up too from his corner…

Julia was placed in a ward to rest. Looks like the news came as a huge shock to her…

Arnold swallowed hard.

“This was actually the reason why we wanted all of you to cme together for dinner. Actually there’s something your mother and I have been keeping from you… 24 years ago, I and Julia we went to do charity work at an orphanage. That was the period that Julia gave birth to our first child” Arnold said.

“First child?” Raymond asked, confused.

“Yes. Our first child is Scarlett…only” Arnold said, looking.

“At the orphanage, we saw a little boy who was always all alone on his own. The nuns who owned the orphanage told us that, he came to the orphanage while carrying a baby whom they presumed is his little sister. Out of pity, we decided to adopt the baby and the little boy.” Arnold said and looked up.

“I’m sorry to say it but Stephanie, your biological brother is jayce… Only” He muttered.

Everyone were looking at him with shocked eyes but they weren’t as shocked as Stephanie.

Another shocking news for her…

? ? ? ? ?

Andrew’s Apartment**

Andrew laughed alone as he sat in his dining room, having dinner while sipping on his wine. He watched the news with so much delightfulness.

How Melody was been dragged in the police station and videos of how Monica’s body was taken to the mortuary.

“That serves you right Melody… If you aren’t mine, you’re no one else’s” He smirked and laughed again, before chewing on his meal.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. He rolled his eyes as he already knew it was Avery, maybe she came to rant as usual.

He tried to ignore it but the doorbell rang again. He stood up and marched to the door.

“What the f*ck do you wa-”

He was surprised to see it wasn’t Avery but the masked man, the one who tried to k�ll Raymond.

“You…” Andrew stuttered, shifting back.

Jayce stepped in and removed the mask. Andrew’s eyes widened, it bow dawned on him that he made a very big mistake.

Jayce took slow strides to him with a smile on his face while tears in his eyes. His eyes was red, red in rage..

“You had the audacity of k�lling my sister” Jayce said and laughed, a laugh of anger..

Yes, he is not a Watterson and he knows that but that family was the only ones who took him in and his little sister. They raised Stephanie just the way they raised their own daughter Scarlett.. No unfair treatment, no discrimination, no impartiality.

Andrew’s back touched the wall. He was already trembling out of fear..

Jayce grabbed his neck and began pulling him to another part of the house.

“No, no, no!!! Help!!! Help!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!”

? ? ? ? ?

“We’re so sorry Jack” Sophia hugged him, trying to calm him down but it was in vain. Ursula was sitting beside them. She was supposed to travel tonight but….

She too was crying but what could she do…

“I loved her, I really do…” Jackson cried.

Ash stood by the side as he watched. Someone suddenly ran to them. Ash turned to see Tara, in tears.

“Tara” Ash called.

Tara immediately hugged him.

“Bro” She cried loudly.

“It’s okay” Ash consoled her, fighting back his tears.

“I really wanted to make peace with Monica tomorrow. Had I knew, I wouldn’t be able to see her again… I regret it so much!! She left without me telling her I’m sorry” Tara cried.

She looked at Ash with tears in her eyes…

“I’m sorry… I’m really sorry for real, I’m sorry… Monica I’m sorry…” Tara cried loudly.

Ash finally let out his tears…

Raymond’s phone beeped and he looked at it. His eyes reddened in rage.

“I’ll be back love” He released Scarlett who nodded weakly.

He kissed her forehead and left..

? ? ? ? ?


“No!! This isn’t real!!” Skye screamed as he watched the news.

Monica’s d3ath is streaming everywhere. How her corpse was brought out of the building.

Skye fell on the couch as tears gathered in his eyes…

“Monica..” He cried, his heart feels like it was broken in several pieces.

She apologized to him but he snubbed and ignored her out of anger. Had he known that such a day will come.

“I won’t be able to see her beautiful smile, her cheerful soul..” Skye cried loudly…

If only he could go back to time. He would have done it, he really would have done it.

He picked his phone and booked a flight back home.

? ? ? ? ?

Raymond stopped his car in front of Andrew’s apartment and got down with a gun in his hand, ready to k�ll him.

It was confirmed to him that it was Andrew that k�lled Monica. If only he k�lled that kid when he had the chance…

He was about to break his door open but saw that it was open. He went in and stopped on his track, his gun dropped to floor at the gory scene he saw.

Just few steps away from him, Andrew’s head was laying on the floor. His eyes gorged out and his skull cracked open.

Other parts of his body were laying carelessly on the floor of the living room. His legs, arms, hands, foot, intestine everything was scattered on the floor.

The wall and floor of the living room was literally painted with his bl�od and just above a vase, Andrew’s heart was pinned on the wall by a knife.



  1. This revelations by Arnold and Julia is really shocking,so Scarlett and Stephanie aren't twins. And Jayce is actually the biological brother of Stephanie. This is deeep……
    Andrew deserves the gruesome death Jayce gave him, but I hope his death won't be pinned on Raymond just like Melody
    Next and longer episode plssssssssssssssssss

  2. dats it andy!!!!!….dats how we roll man!!!,pls cook hs d**k man nd feed it to d dogs….ur own time wud come later buh 4 naw KUDOS!!!,i hope he was alive when u were giving him d real definition of"TEARING HIM LIMB BY LIMB"????

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