When A Heart Stops – Chapter 2

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CHAPTER 2 – Prison POV


She�kept tapping so loudly that it drew�everyone�s attention to her.

They gave her a look, and she stopped.

�That�s an amateur�s job,� Ginger chuckled.

�What did you say?� The lady in the waiting area asked.

�If you want to catch a high-profile murderer, you play their game.� �You use their enemies, not their prey.�

�Wha��� The lady was about to say something when she was interrupted.

�Smh,� she said, blowing a raspberry. �You journalists are always looking for stories, not justice.� Ginger muttered and walked out before the lady could speak.

�How did she know you are a journalist?� The investigator on the other end of the earbud asked.

The lady shrugged, as though the investigator could see her.

There was a thud from the door at the entrance, and guards ran after Ginger because she slammed the door behind her.

�You love solitary, don�t you?� She could hear them yelling at Ginger.

She stuck her tongue at them and went into her cell.


�Who was that?� The voice at the other end of the speaker asked the lady in the visiting room.

She turned to inmate 777. �The investigator wants to know who the lady from earlier was.�

�Oh, that was Ginger.� �She�s like the messiah in here.� Inmate 777 answered.

�Did you get that?� She asked the investigator.

�He�s asking what her story is.�

�No one knows, just that she�s always in trouble and spends her time waiting here every visiting day since I arrived 5 months ago.�

�Has anyone ever come to visit?� The journalist asked.

�No, I heard from the old folks that she�s been here for 11 years and that the day she arrived, she went dark.�


There was a screeching sound, and the car pulled off the road and into the bush.

�Who took the shots?�

The older man asked his three friends. He looked from one person to the other.

�Costa.� He finally settled on a name.

�Who cares?� �It�s done already.�

�Jewel was there.� The guy with the scar on his face answered.

�So?� Costa queried.

�You forgot our instructions were to get rid of the other lady, not Jewel.�

�I didn�t forget the instructions, but I got that shot.� Isaiah jumped into the conversation.

�Shut it, Isaiah!� Their boss thundered. �We were hired to do a simple job.�

�It was impossible to get rid of the target without Jewel ending up in the crossfire.� Costa jumped to Isaiah�s defense.

�So, you let him fire anyway.�

�But, boss..�

He gave them a scornful look.

Everyone had a stupid look on their face.

�That�s it? �You are all benched till I make this right.�

They all nodded, then his phone rang.

He stared at the phone for a long time before answering on the third ring.

�Is it done?�

The voice on the other end of the line inquired.

�No, we run into a few problems.�

�Problems that can�t be fixed?�

�It�s impossible because Jewel happened.�

�Jewel?� The caller sounded surprised.

�Yes, she was with her.�

�You guys hold on for now.� I will call on your services again.

The call dropped before they could demand their fee.

Adam, their boss, gave them a knock and instructed them to drive off.




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