“Do you have eyes in this vicinity?” Dax asked sniper through the earpiece

“Yes but there are alot of blindspots here so I will find it difficult to cover the whole area” Sniper replied

“But hope you have a clear sight at the camera spots?” Dax asked

“Yes, we need human beings at the blindspots to help give us account of every movement” Sniper answered

“That’s why I told Mad max to come last with the girls” Dax said turning to Jamal who is beside him

“Make the call now” He ordered sniper and got up on his feet together with Jamal

Jerry and Lord bavlin arrived at the agreed location in a car together.

“Come down from the vehicle one after the other at that blindspot and move to your agreed positions as we planned. Remember no mistake, any single mistake means death to you” Lord bavlin warned through the communicator.

“Jason, Open your eye and don’t make a single mistake behind that system. Sniper is now with him and he is probably behind their system, so don’t f****ng fall for any single truck from him. Am I clear?” Lord bavlin asked him through the communicator

“Roger th …” A cell phone rang distracting them

“We are already here waiting for your call” Lord bavlin said after answring the call

“Which car are you in” Dax asked from the other end

“A Red mercedes Benz” He answered

“We are also in a black mercedes Benz Infront of the hotel” Dax said as he saw the car

“I come down first with my henchman, Then you follow” Lord bavlin said

“Agreed, so are you coming down with the woman?” Dax asked

“The exchange will come on after we both step out from the car” Lord bavlin answered

“How, If you are not bringing her out” Dax asked again

“Once we come out of the car, you stand Infront of your car with your henchman and I do the same on my end. Then you call out Ben while I also call out the woman” lord bavlin explained.

Dax ended the call after understanding what lord bavlin meant. He watched as the old man stepped out of the car with a familiar person but he couldn’t fathom where he met the person. The funny part is Lord bavlin was on a light disguise. Dax and Jamal also stepped out of their car and stood Infront of the car.

Mad max explained the role of the dragon girls to them and dropped them at the blindspots. They all had a chain with cameras connected to it around their necks and dressed as night workers (Ashawo). They devided themselves into five groups and stood at all the blindspots around that vicinity.

“I’ve gotten the live feed at the blindspots” Mr Kelvin announced to sniper

“That’s great, I guess we are set for the exchange” Sniper joked

“Be careful over there” Mr Kelvin warned him before disconnecting the call.

“We’ve gotten eyes at the blindspots” Dax heard from sniper

“That’s great, hope we are set for the exchange” Dax imitated sniper’s words

“Now you can call Jonas and Jones to prepare the escape plan” Dax answered still keeping an eye on lord bavlin and Jerry

Mad max arranged his sniper well and cocked it as he got a clear view of lord bavlin and Jerry from the hotel room.

“Focus your aim on Jerry no matter what” Mad max ordered Jeff through the earpiece

“I don’t have time so let’s rush up the exchange and roll out of here” Lord bavlin said immediately his call was answered

“You bring out the woman first and I also bring out Ben” Dax said into the phone

“And don’t try anything stupid here because I’ve got this whole center covered” Lord bavlin said snapping his finger at Jerry

“Same on my side, who will meet with the devil and come unprepared. Am f****ng prepared for you’ Dax said

“But I don’t think you will want to do this” Lord bavlin said showing the woman where to stand.

“All I want now is the woman and I will go my way” Dax said snapping his hand at Jamal. Jamal went inside the car and dragged out an handcuffed and gagged man looking pale and sick.

“I will push her forward and u also push Ben forward” Lord bavlin said into the phone again

“That’s cool” Dax answered turning on his communicator

“Get ready” he said into the communicator and push Ben forward as lord bavlin also pushed Jonas and Jones mother. Few minutes into the road Dax shouted

“Now!!!!!!” And hurriedly bent down. The ground opened up and swallowed the woman and a sniper bullet swiftly lodged into lord Ben’s hand as he was directly Infront of Lord bavlin. Another bullet entered into Jerry’s hand and lord bavlin hid behind their car.

Jonas and Jones parked their car under the marked spot and opened the top.

“Get ready” They heard through the communicator and quickly layed a foam in the car.

Few minutes later, The marked spot splitted open and the old woman landed on the foam, Jonas stepped on the accelerator and zoomed off.

“Do you have eyes around me???” Jonas asked sniper

“you’ve got no company so hurry up and leave with her” Sniper replied

Dax and Jamal took advantage of Lord bavlin’s distraction and made a run for their car but a sniper bullet pierced through Jamal’s arm as he was about entering the already opened door. He swiftly entered and close the door ignoring the pain but another bullet hit the bulletproof window inflicting a lot of crack on it. Dax stepped on the accelerator and zoomed off taking the left road.

Mad max quickly arranged his sniper back into it’s bag after the shot.

” Arrange and vanish” He ordered Jeff immediately he saw Jeff’s shot.

“Disembark to your escape vehicle now” He ordered the girls through the communicator and switched it off

Lord bavlin helped Ben into the car as Jerry wasn’t that hurt so he managed and entered. Lord bavlin quickly zoomed off as he heard distant sounds of the police siren.

“Guys retreat now!! the cops are here already” He ordered through the communicator and switch it off.


Mr Kelvin watched as all the bavlin vehicles started exiting the vicinity one after the other.

“They are retreating” He said to Dax and sniper through the communicator

“Am seeing police vehicles from afar maybe that’s why” sniper replied

“How the f**k did the police know about this to reach there just on time” Dax asked alittle bit surprised

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Mr Kelvin answered

“Don’t tell me you did this?” Dax laughed heartly

“of course I did it. I sat down and analysed the plan and saw that the plan was based on chances so I decided to add that to the escape” Mr Kelvin explained

“That’s true, there was no way Lord bavlin would have retreated” Dax attested to what Mr Kelvin was saying

“Stubborn old man” Sniper joked and Dax bursted into a serious laughter



“Guys hurry up with the parking we have to leave this vicinity immediately!!” Jerry shouted at the agents parking the bavlin machines. Lord bavlin has asked them to park so they can evecuate that building since Dax and his team knows there.


Mr Kelvin greeted the executives in the room before he sat down.

“I think your late coming is becoming a too much. you used to be punctual but your punctuality now adays have reduced” The chairman voiced out disappointedly

“Well my late coming today is the beginning of the old NIC days. I now have enough information and proves to tell you about the mole in this organisation” Mr Kelvin said turning on his laptop.


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