“Guys I think something have happened to Jamal because he can’t just ignore our messages for a whole day” Sniper said loudly to everyone

“That’s true, is part of my plan, I think they have arrested him but I didn’t get that I wanted” DAX said

“What do you mean” Sniper asked

“I sent him there so he can give us feed of the cell mates but I think he was locked up in an independent cell” Dax said showing everybody what’s her was watching on his iPad

“And you hid this from us all” Sniper complained

“Yes I didn’t want to start explaining what I don’t have full idea on to you that’s why. He is even oblivious of it” Dax said standing up

“I will be going to the rescue with Ben and Jonas, sniper and Jones please work on the surveillance for us” Dax said

“Can the three of you pull this over?” sniper asked worried

“Yes only if you do everything for us without delay” Dax said opening the briefcase containing his weapons.

“There is a text message from them” Sniper said loudly to the hearing of Dax

“What does it say” Dax asked

“I am assigned to a mission and I don’t want to be distracted by the phone that’s why am not replying your messages”

“Send them a fishing link to where Lucas mother’s house” Dax said and sniper understood what he wanted to do with it.


“Sir, a reply is in” Stephen called Forlan’s attention

“What does it say?” Forlan asked

“Is a link to a location with a video attached to it and a text which says “that’s her location and she is the one strapped to the chair. you know where to find the key” attached to it.

“Have you been able to extract the video and location?” Forlan asked

“Yes. The house is 1 hour drive from here” Stephen answered

“We are going to search that house to see what we will get. Keep me posted when any message comes up” Forlan said and walked away.


“By now some of agents are on their way to that location. Were u able to place the bug on their computer through the link?” Dax asked

“Yes” sniper replied

“Once we get to the door, you open it for us to enter and you pause the CCTV cameras at the independent cell area once we alert you” Dax narrated the plan to them all and they walk away for the mission.



Dax, Ben and Jonas arrived at the NIC office in their NIC uniform and caps covering their face from cameras. They walked differently to their respective ways to carry out their operation. Dax walked up to the junior agents at the independent cell section.

“Hey, I want to talk to Agent Kamaldeen Jamal” He said to them

“where is your permission note?” One of them asked

“Here” Dax said giving them the note. He scanned the note and stared at Dax suspiciously.

“He gave it to me before going to the mission” Dax answered on seeing the suspicious look on their faces. They still got the suspicious look on their faces so he brought out a small round phone and dialed a number and handed it over to them. The ignorant man collected the phone and Dax quickly wore his treated mask and press on a button on his shirt and granade gas started emitting from the phone sending all the junior agents unconscious. Dax removed the keys from the leaders pocket and turned on his communicator.

“Interception time” He said and run towards the cells.


” What the hell is going on” Stephen shouted as the camera at the independent cell got paused. His phone rang almost immediately

“What the hell is happening?” The chairman yelled

“Sir I don’t know how it happened, it looks like someone have gotten accesss to our system” Stephen

“Send some agents there right away and see me in my office after this” The chairman said ending the call


Jerry and the bavlin agents got to the location and Jerry sent four agents to the back exit.

“Hey open the door for us” Jerry said to the

“Some seconds please”

“Opened” the answer came in and Jerry and the two agents behind him entered into the house. They started throwing in grenade gas as anywhere got filled with thick smoke. He made their way to the control room when they saw no one in the sitting room. Jerry threw in two grenade gases and entered into the control room to meet Sniper and Jones on the floor unconscious. They carried them and left the house without delay.



Dax gave Jamal a treated mask before opening the door for him. He gave him a gun and they made their way out of the cell section.

“Ghost out” Dax said to Ben and Jonas

“We are heading for the door sniper” Dax said to sniper but got no reply

“sniper, Do you copy?” Dax asked but got no reply

“f**k!!” Dax Cursed as he hastened his pace towards where the unconscious agents were and picked the badge of one of them.

Jonas and Ben joined the agents who headed for the cell section but quickly turned back when they realised everyone’s attention was to get to the cell

“We’ve got a big problem, Sniper and Jones aren’t replying me so try and steal a badge of any agent and it will help you open the door. I will soon join you outside with Jamal soon”

“And remember to wear your mask” Dax said to Ben and Jonas

Dax threw three grenades towards the agents coming and they started falling asleep one agree the other. He changed the way and quickly passed through the IT department. He threw a grenade gas inside the glass room and they headed for the door of the NIC office.


The chairman watched as the cameras at the independent cell section came back on and a thick smoke blinding his view but he could still see traces of two people walking through the smoke. He followed the trace till they exited the cell section and he quickly switched the camera to the section they took. Now he could see them well.

“Wow Jamal truely said it” he said in amusement

“Hey Jam all the doors and exits of the buil….” The chairman was saying when he saw the guy with Jamal throwing something into the IT room and all the IT workers collapsed.

“Damn it” The chairman cursed taking out his pistol. As he was about to get up, his phone rang destructing him.

“Hey what’s going on with you” The chairman said immediately he answered the phone. It was one of the agents that went to the location with Forlan.

“Sir we have been deceived, It was a ploy to gain entrance into the office” The agent replied

“So where the hell are you guys?” The chairman asked

“We are 30minutes drive from here” The agent replied

“Connect me to Forlan” The chairman requested

“Sir he is around with some agents waiting for the intruders to succeed so they can nab them outside” The agent replied and the chairman quickly.switched to the outside cameras when he saw the intruders exiting the building.


“One thing I’ve learnt about these guys is that, they are good in deceiving people, so I will be stay back with three agents case they are deceiving us we can nab them” Forlan said to the agents dismissing them for their journey

He explained his plan to the rest of the agents and they hid themselves from the camera reach.


Dax and his team alighted from their NIC vehicle with their NIC uniform on and entered the the building.


Ben and Jonas came out of the building in the same way they entered but this time they came out carelessly and Forlan and another senior agent took advantage of it pointing their guns at their head. They slowly cuffed them and pushed them into their vehicle.



Dax and Jamal came out of the building the same way they Ben and Jonas did.

“Drop your weapon!!” Forlan barked at Dax but Dax delayed a bit

“Drop it now before I burst your brain open!!” Forlan threatened moving his finger around the trigger.

Dax dropped the gun from his standing posture and swiftly hijacked the gun from Forlan hand almost immediately. Forlan who was expecting an attack quickly sent a punch into Dax belly but Dax didn’t bend to the pain as he pointed a gun at Forlan’s head.




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