The Seventh Vampire Disciple – Episode 9

The Seventh Vampire Disciple

(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)

By: Vickie Dora ?

Chapter 9
(A Pleasant Surprise)

Lazarus entered the room and nodded to his satisfaction, the room is indeed cozy and to his taste. He pulled off his jacket, putting it into the wardrobe, and picked out a night ware. Surprised right, well, he has magical powers to order what he needs making them appear whenever he needed it, even without commanding it, but it doesn�t work on everything. And since he needs to live like a human to get what he wants, he doesn�t need to use the power all the time.
He went into the bathroom to have a shower before going to have a rest
Megan on the other hand just finished taking her shower, the meeting she went for earlier stressed her a lot, she will just have her rest now and go home the next day.
�Miss, ain�t you gonna have dinner� Gracie asked as she watch Megan go to bed
�No�.just order for you and Lottie� Megan replied sleepily, yawning loudly
�I will pass, I need to go home now, am I free� Gracie pouted
�Yes�just go, my schedules are off for this week so you are also free for this week� She stated climbing on the bed

�Ok, goodnight ma� Gracie stated and went out of the suite after Megan nodded.
A message got into Megan�s phone, it was from Oscar. A smile came on her face as she reads it
�Hey Babe, heard that you arrived London today, too bad I found out before you tell me, well I know you wanted it to be a surprise for me. But let�s say you will be coming to meet surprises; always remember that I love you so much, K**ses�

�Awwwnn� She whined happily, Oscar surely knows how to pull her off balance, she can�t wait to see the surprises he has for her. She smuggled into her pillow having a smile on her lips as she drift into her dreamland.

~The Next Day~
*Johnson�s Mansion*

Megan arrive home that morning and right now she is having lunch with her parent
�So tell me dear, how was your stay at Floxin� Her mother asked, picking up a glass as she filled it with wine
�It was awesome, Floxin is indeed a beautiful city� She smiled, not telling them about her awful encounters, well she doesn�t want them to get worried
�And the show, well you don�t need to tell us, we watched the show, and you were indeed awesome, your performance was perfect� Mr. Johnson, her dad chipped in

�Awwnn, thank so much dad� She pecked his cheek. Mrs. Johnson rolled her eyes, scoffing
�What�s wrong mum�
�You love giving him a peck at every compliment, but I get none� She frown
�Aww�.don�t tell me you are jealous mum� Megan beamed

�Well, that�s because she loves me more Dinah� Mr. Johnson winked at his wife who only rolled her eyes.
�Just don�t take him away from me young woman, he is mine� she replied as they both busted into laughter
�No..mum I can�t do that, come, come� Megan drew closer to her mum and gave her a peck, she smiled and returned it

�Are you happy now� Mr. Johnson smirked, while she sticks out her tongue to him. Megan couldn�t help but laugh at them, despite being older they still acts like kids. She is so bless to have a lovely and rich family. She picked up a napkin and cleaned her lips before speaking up
�Erm�mum�dad�I will be going on a date with Oscar this evening, he said that he has a surprise for me� She smiled

�Oh, that�s nice, so you won�t be having dinner at home� Her dad said, she nodded
�I will be spending the night at his place�
�Ok�just make sure you take precaution and do the necessary things I taught you� Her mum chipped in, she laughed loud

�Mum!!!…I�m not a kid anymore�.I can take good care of myself, and whereas this is not the first time I�m staying at his place, and even if we get to do it, I�m a smart kid who got a smart mother to teach her the best precautions to follow� She grinned while Mr. Johnson only chuckled
�Yea�. I know. Just don�t want my pretty daughter to be with a baby bump at this age without going to the altar first� she stated. Megan pouted and tapped her arm
�I ain�t gonna do that, I think I�m full, I need to go prepare or this evening, love you both, muah� She k**sed them on their cheeks and left

~Oscar�s House~
Megan arrived Oscar�s house just in time. She was welcomed by the maid she saw who told her about Oscar being in his room and awaits her presence. She climbed gently on the stairs which leads to his room with a smile on her face. She pushed the door opened and was surprised to see the room dark.
�Oh my God, what�s happening here, Oscar� She called, but got silence in return. She managed to walk towards the switch and turned it on. A loud gasp escapes her mouth on seeing how the room is being decorated. On the bed was a flowery design of congratulations with balloons hanging around, the candles were not left out, giving it a glorious look.

She felt the presence of someone behind her and turned to look
�Babe� Oscar called, holding a rose flower in his hand. He stretches it forth to her, as she couldn�t contain her excitement. She collected it with a broad smile and smelt it.
�Congratulation sweetie� He pecked her lips, while she blushed hard
�Thank you dear, I wasn�t expecting this� She turned round to see the different gift he had wrapped for her. She couldn�t wait to unwrap it.

�I got you those gifts, some are congratulatory gift, while the others are for our anniversary� He whispered into her. She gave out another gasp, turning to face him again, her cheek turned red
�Oh my gawd�.I can�t believe I actually forgot our one year anniversary, just punish me Oscar because I did not get you any gift, geez, this is more than a surprise� she pouted, he chuckled and pecked her lips again, but this time, she deepened it. He broke the k**s and look straight into her eyes, as a soft music began to play in the background.
�I love you so much Megan, more than life itself. And if possible, I will give you the whole world� He cooed. She smiled

�I love you too Oscar, out of all the guys I have met, you are the best, so sweet and kind. But where will other people live if you give me the world� She grinned. He chuckled, as they whirl gently to the rhythm of the music.
�They will find out where to live themselves, never knew you care about them�
�Why won�t I, my parent and friends are part of the people, and where will you stay too� She pouted. He laughed out loud

�I will always be here with you. But first before you open those gift because I know that you really wanna do that; let�s go on our date first. I have booked a reserved VIP seat for us in the best restaurant, and lest I forget, you look stunningly beautiful darling� He stated looking at her body
�Thanks handsome�
�You are welcome sweetie, Ok�let me get my car keys�
They got to their reserved location in no time, and were directed to their seats
�So what will you like to eat sweetie� Oscar asked her as the waitress standing by drooled at him, she regained her composure when her eyes caught up with Megan and earn a hard glare from her. Oscar noticed this and chuckled. She gave her orders and he ordered same; the waitress left in shame after collecting their orders.

�Why did you glare at her that way� Oscar asked
�Well, can�t you see the way she was looking at you, like she wanna eat you up. And mind you I don�t share what�s mine, so she needed to back off. She is so lucky that I�m in my good mood; I would have ripped her hair off, for looking at my boyfriend� She threatened. Oscar couldn�t help laughing
�O�ok�I know you can do that, but please don�t try to ruin the date� He pouted, she chuckled
�Come on I won�t try that, and mind you, I�m a celebrity, one action from me will be on the internet within seconds, I don�t want it to be bad.

Their foods were brought to the table as they started eating; talking about random things and k**sing at intervals. Those in the restaurant couldn�t help but admire the young couple and their lifestyle. Though, some men were jealous of the guy getting to date the great Megan; while some girls were busy drooling at Oscar. But seated at the far end of the hall, is a young lady on glasses. Her facial expression shows how angry she looks; she picked up the drink to have a sip, as a smirk plastered on her face

�Hmm�pretty Megan, just enjoy him while it last, because very soon, he will be mine completely� She grinned, picking up her bag as she makes her way towards the entrance.




Guess who the unknown is?


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


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