The Seventh Vampire Disciple – Episode 8

The Seventh Vampire Disciple

(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)

By: Vickie Dora 🌻

Chapter 8
(Mr. Ice)

The Palace~

The king’s family were having breakfast in the royal dining room that morning when D’ Arcy came in. He greeted the queen in respect and his step siblings, but the queen scoffs.

“Don’t tell me you are here for breakfast” She asked with a disgusted look. D’ Arcy ignored her statement, pulling out a seat for himself and sat on it.

The maids around were shocked at his behavior and scared to come forward to serve him, so as not to incur the wrath of the queen. D’ Arcy didn’t mind, he is having hands to do that and won’t need a maid to serve him. He picked up a plate and dished his food, in a sec, he was already eating.

“Who gave this bas***d the right to snub the queen” Hunter yelled, banging the table in process, but D’ Arcy didn’t flinch a bit, he continued with his food, and immediately the eldest elder, Egeus, came in.

“Your majesty, my princes and princess” He greeted them all with a bow
“Speak Egeus” The queen commanded, glaring hard at D’ Arcy

“I brought news from the shrine my queen. The priestess has sent out seven noblemen out there to search for the bolt as their first mission. The seventh disciple will be chosen from the winner” he muttered

“That’s good news” The queen smiled, as he nodded

“Yes my queen, and how are you coping with the loss of the king”
“Oh that…I still feel bad, but it’s his fate” She smirked

“Accept my condolence” Egeus stated, bowing again before leaving. D’ Arcy was already through with the food within the few minutes of their talk. Just as Egeus was heading out, he also stood up and left. Jezebel scoffs

“Mum, ain’t you gonna do anything about that brat, he annoys me a lot. And take a look at what he did earlier, he doesn’t even respect you as the queen” She snorted. Queen Thana gave an evil smile

“Don’t worry about that my darling daughter, the king, his savior is no more here to save him from our wrath, we will make sure he faces trouble of all kind in this palace

Five Days Later
Megan sat in the plane taking a brief nap when her manger came to tap her. They are heading back to London after their brief stay in Floxin. The curfew has been called off, though the killer hasn’t been found, but as expected, many believe that it was the work of vampires, due to the marks they saw on the dead corpse.

“Megan…” She called, as Megan stir in her sleep before opening her eyes.
“What is it Gracie”

“Oh… sorry for disturbing your sleep. Just want to inform you that we are already in London, and the industry sent a message stating that they needs your presence there when you arrive. I think there is a meeting or so

“Oh…sh*t….i still feel like resting, just sent them a message that I will be there soon” she yawn, covering her mouth with the back of her hand

“Ok..i will do just that” Gracie resorted
“Also book an hotel…..we ain’t gonna go home today if there will be a meeting” Megan said, she nodded.

~La de Flux Hotel~
“You can have the card sir, just put it in the slot” the receptionist muttered with a smile

“OK…”Lazarus stated coldly
“Welcome to la de flux Hotel”

“Thank you” He gruff, going his way to towards the elevator. His room number is on the tenth floor, and the steps will take time. H

He stared at the card and scoffs; he also doesn’t need an elevator to get to the room, but wouldn’t wanna show his disappearing skills, the cameras in the building are damn much and might capture him.

He dips the card into his pocket as the elevator opened. He stepped into it, not bothering to greet the fellow beside him.

It was an old woman with a young guy standing by.

“Huhnnn…children of these present days are just too rude” the old woman muttered glaring at him. He frowns at her wondering why she said so.

“You came in here and saw an old woman, old enough to be your great-grand mother, and you couldn’t even mutter a word of greeting” She snort.

Lazarus was not shaken by what she said; he only scoffs, dipping his hand into his pocket. He doesn’t know what the woman is talking about, he thought they are meant to mind their business in this human world, since that’s what most humans has been doing since he arrived here. The guy behind him chuckled

“Sorry grandma, perhaps he doesn’t know the culture of this place, he doesn’t look like he is from London” the guy stated with a smile

“ where are you from my child” the woman asked, facing Lazarus this time. He gazed at her without saying a word, blinking his eyes at intervals

“Huhnn…I don’t think he isn’t from here, perhaps he is just dumb to speak, huff…I think i have gotten to my floor, where is my bag” she asked looking round. The other guy chuckled, and picked up her bag from the floor

“Here is it grandma” He gave it to her
“Oh..bless you my child, and please direct this young one here to where he is going, he doesn’t seem like he knows anywhere here….take care” She waved at Lazarus who only nodded

After she left, the elevator continued to their own destination. The young guy looked at Lazarus who didn’t spare him a glance

“I like your dress” he muttered.
“Thanks” Lazarus replied after few seconds

“And your ring” he stated. Lazarus looked at him this time and returned his gaze to the ring. It was supposed to be invisible to humans, but how did this guy see it. Who is this guy? He thought. The guy chuckled, seeing his expression.

“What kingdom are you from” he asked
“What do you mean” Lazarus returned the question

“I know you are not human, you are a vampire. So what kingdom are you from”
“You will have to tell me who you are first” Lazarus resorted

“Ok…I’m Logan, from the clan of Koran, Ricadua kingdom” Logan muttered. Lazarus didn’t say a word
“So…what about you”
“You don’t need to know where I hail from”

“What! But I just told you were I’m from”
“Yea, that’s because you decided to tell me, I didn’t force you to, did i?’ Lazarus resorted

“Oh…yea…well. Just wanted to make friend, but you seem cold. Never mind anyway, but I still like you” Logan smiled.

“Care for an handshake” he grinned

“Fine…I will just mind my business then” Logan shoulder dropped. Lazarus smirks inwardly, making friends is not his thing, that’s why he only had one friend back in the kingdom, and not everyone can tolerate his attitude. He could be warm this minute and suddenly become cold the next. The elevator got too the tenth floor and opened, he stepped out alongside Logan.

He was about turning to the passage that leads to his room when he sight a lady making phone call as she stepped into her own room with another lady behind holding some files, and gadgets.

“Just take a look at that a$$” Logan whistled, taking his lips in as he stare at the lady walking in. It became dawn on Lazarus that Logan hasn’t leave yet but was following him.

“Why are you following me…don’t you have a room to stay” Lazarus gruff furiously. Logan stared at him puzzled

“What if I don’t?”
“Then go get yourself one”

“Like seriously, can’t we share one, we are brothers for goodness sake. I can help you around here you know; remember what happened in the elevator, damn, you don’t even know anything about this place. I believe this is your first time here and you will need a partner, so just let me in”

“I won’t stand here and tolerate this act of yours any longer, get lost before I deal with you” Lazarus growled, as his ring began to glow

“Hey hey….stop that. Fine I know you are kinda powerful, I can feel it, that’s why I’m not gonna strike a fight with you…I’m out of here, and if you need me, my room is just down the corridor. Room number 30, have a lovely day, Mr. Ice.” Logan chuckled and left going to the direction of his room.

Lazarus sigh in relief, he stared at the card in his hand and the number of the room. It is room number 25; he put the card in the slot as the door gave way.

Never have he thought of meeting a weirdo on his first arrival here, he wished he doesn’t come across him before his mission is complete. Although, he looks harmless, nice and funny but he doesn’t want to fall into the trap of the enemies or lose focus on his mission. That is what he is here for; he will have to complete it in time.



One word for Logan

Love y’all 💞

Vickie Dora 🌻


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