The Seventh Vampire Disciple – Episode 7

The Seventh Vampire Disciple

(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)

Genre: Vickie Dora ?

Chapter 7

(Last Sacrifice Offered)

The taxi driver couldn�t believe his eyes after what he saw, he was clearly shivering with fear as he watch the dogs run after them trying to devour them, but luckily they all got into the limousine before it got to them. He turned swiftly to look at the stranger but couldn�t find him there, he seem to have vanished into thin air.

He didn�t bother to wait any longer, the dogs might come back, he thought. With shaky hands he ignites the engine roaring the car back to life as it zoomed off that premises.

�Ouch�� Megan groans turning her head as her eyes open. She passed out after getting into the car and was rushed to the hospital. She could see people in white smiling at her as her eyes flickered
�Am I dead?� She asked as the doctor chuckled

�No you are not�how is your head now, do you feel pains anywhere� he asked
Just a frail headache�.where are the others�

�They are fine; you were brought here by your manager. She refused to tell me what happened, because if I�m not mistaking, you were at the award show few minutes ago, and looked healthy; let�s say too much stress made you fainted� The doctor added. She nodded

�Yea�I think so� She muttered not wanting to reveal her encounter with the stranger. This is her third day in Floxin and she has gotten involve in two weird encounters.

�Since you are up now, you are free to go. I will just prescribe some drugs to calm the headache. Make sure you have enough rest� The doctor advises
�Yes�I will� She replied coldly

*The Cave Shrine*
The blood bath took a day to be well done, after which the seven vampires are to leave the tub to go on their mission.
A diamond ring was given to each of them as they wore it on their middle finger

�Now, you all are set to leave, make sure you hid to my advice and get the bolt before it�s too late.

But first, on your arrival to your different location, offer genuine sacrifice of seven human virgins, and rub their blood on the ring. This will make the blood goddess happy; it is more like an offering to her.� The priestess growl, waving her hand into the air as the seven vampires vanished into thin air, appearing in their different location.
~The Next Day~

Sitting in her room, Megan applied some make ups to her face; she just finished freshening up as her maid Lottie, is preparing her breakfast. Her phone rang up as she checked the caller; a soft smile appeared on her face.

�Hey baby girl� she stated
�Hello perfect girl� Violet voice ring from the other end.

�How are you coping over there, baby� she asked. Megan sighed

�Missing you�.� Megan replied �But I�m cool anyways�

�Awwnn�you should be cool; darling, I watch the show last night, trust me, you killed it Five awards, geez�..I knew that show was for you and it happened� Violet screamed into the phone

�Hey sis, I love my ears�yea sure..what do you expect from Megan Johnson, I�m the best�
�Sure girl�you are�so when do you plan on coming back�.�

�I might leave here today or tomorrow�.this place is beautiful but crazy�.you can�t believe what I went through just few days ago and yesterday� Megan stated

�And what was that� Violet asked. Megan explained everything to her, starting from her encounter with the old woman to that of the stranger.

�What�hope the dogs didn�t hurt you�
�No�.I manage to keep my life safe by running into the limousine, they might have devoured me, and the next thing the world will hear is, Megan Johnson being eaten by dogs on the night of her award show�geezz�that guy was cruel�

�Hmmm�. I think you need to be really careful over there�..and haven�t you heard the news lately. Some people died mysteriously last night� Violet stated
�What!!! Where�

�Over there in Floxin and some part of other cities. But Floxin has the highest rate; and the most annoying part is that, the dead where all females between 14 to 19 years.� Violet explained as Megan mouth hung open in the air


�Yes sis�.trust me when I say that you can�t leave there now or tomorrow, the government has created a curfew to find the killers before anyone can come in or leave the city. Just go online and read the news, it�s all over the internet�

�Ok I will, then I will have to postpone my coming there�.opps, my breakfast is here, I need to go now, talk with you later� Megan noted

�Ok�I�m missing you over here though, love you too Bestie� Violet muttered and the call came to an end.

Lottie walks in with her breakfast, as she sets it on the table. Megan brought out her phone and headed to the news app where she read out the latest happening with a wild shock on her face. Violet was right�.what�s happening, she thought to herself.

�What did she say� a guy asked as violet twirl round in the room, placing her hands on his neck

�Well, she won�t be coming back now, perhaps after four days coming� Violet grinned

�And that mean that��

�I will have you to myself for now�.ohhh how is wish this will continue for a long time�

�It�s just a matter of time ok, trust me when I say that I love you so much Violet� he stated with a smiled. She beamed and peck his lips but he deepened the k**s, picking her up from the ground as they head to the bedroom

Lazarus appeared in a certain pool house as he watched two teenage girls make out in the pool, laughing and touching each other in the process.

He felt disgusted by what they were doing, but right now, he felt the urge of sucking the life out of them and that is what he is going to do.

He is known to be ruthless, deadly but also show kindness only to those he wishes to.

The girls noticed a sound made from the entrance and stop to look, they couldn�t find anything there.

�I thought I heard the door opening, did someone enter the room� One of them stated, while the other shrug
�I don�t think so�perhaps some nearby door made that sound.�

�I think we need to check� the first one stated, while the other whine, already getting hurt inside

�Come on Maxine�there is no one there�huhn�� She stated, dragging the Maxine girl back into the pool and taking her b**bs into her mouth.

�Oh my gawd�you are so good at it girl� Maxine mo@ns, pressing the other girls head closer as she fingers her

�Are you a virgin� The other girl suddenly ask

�Yea�but I want you to take it first� Maxine muttered as the other girl grinned. She was about dipping her hand into Maxine�s hole when Lazarus appeared.

The other girl saw him first, his eyes filled with fire as she scream her lungs out. Before Maxine could turn to look, he flipped her neck, sending a hard bite into it, as he stabs the other girl with his claws.

Bloods erupt from their bodies filling the pool; he placed the ring on Maxine�s blood and heaves a sigh of relief.

He just killed the last virgin girl, now he has completed his offering sacrifice to the goddess, he needs to leave this place for his other mission, and that is to find the bolt.

He flipped out his outta garment, changing it into dust, as he walks majestically out of the pool house. The people in the other rooms who heard the scream of the girls rushed into the room.

They saw the dead bodies of the two girls floating on the water with blood gushing out of them, as the pool was filled with it, making it turn red.

�Harrggg�� The mother of one of the girls, scream hard, rushing to grab her daughter. While they grab her, preventing her from touching the corpse

�We need to inform the police about this�don�t let her touch them, a fingerprint examination will be carried out� the owner of the pool stated as they carried the crying woman out

�I don�t think this is the work of any human, look at their necks� A man spoke
�It seems to be bites from wild animals�

�But there ain�t any animal here, what are you insinuating, that I have secret animals that feast on my customers?� the pool owner snapped angrily at what the man said

�It actually might not be animal�.they look like fang bites from a werewolf or vampire� the man resorted. The siren of the police could be heard outside, as Lazarus watches the scene from a discreet area, in his invisible form.

�Humans will always be humans� he thought and looked forward. He saw a little girl of about 2 years standing just few meters to where he stood with a teddy bear in her hand. She smiled at him and tried giving him the toy when her mother came screaming her name.

�Come here you this girl, I have been looking for you. What was that you are staring at.� The woman howled. The girl pointed to him but the woman frown seeing nothing; thinking that the girl was playing her, she drag her away into the house.

�Wait a sec�did she see me� Lazarus thought, remembering the way she smiled and stretch forth her toy to him. He shrugs it off and thought of his next location

�London� he muttered in his mind




Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


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