The Seventh Vampire Disciple -Episode 22

The Seventh Vampire Disciple

(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)

By: Vickie Dora 🌻

Chapter 22
(Getting the Bolt)

Late in the night~
Lazarus appeared in the living room where Logan was seated; he was holding the spell book. Logan looked up at him.

“It’s time” Lazarus simply muttered as he nodded. Logan stood up as they made to leave.

They both appeared in the rusty forest, stating into the dark night. The full moon was high up, staring down at them with its full light.

Lazarus was about making a move when Logan stopped him.

“Did you later take it off her face?” He asked, as Lazarus paused to stare at him
“She got what she wanted” He stated in a cold voice

“She helped us” Logan reminded him. Lazarus shrug
“I should be the one caring about her, not you”

Logan chuckled at his words. This guy can be funny, he thought

“She is kind of…cute” he winked
“Don’t even think about it. Let’s get to our work” Lazarus gritted, as Logan smiled

They got to the exact place where the cave is located, but invisible.
“I will cast the spell now, I have studied it this afternoon..” Lazarus spoke out

“Not so fast….” A voice rang out from behind a large oak tree. A figure stepped out, clapping his hands steadily, as he wears a smirk on his face

“What do you want this time, Deleon” Lazarus asked, as Deleon walked closer. He laughed out hieratically

“Here is the big and respected guy in our kingdom, so you got the book at last. That was fast, but too bad, you ain’t smart” Deleon mocked, as Logan wondered who he was

“We are all sent on this mission; get the bolt, and be crowned a disciple. It’s a survival quest, so if you are here to stop me, I won’t mind getting you out of my way.”

“Like the same way I have gotten the other vampires out of my way? Hufn…look here Zarus, the crown should be for me alone; you all are worthless beings.

You ain’t qualified to serve the king. Hand over the book, or watch me eat you up. And who is this buffalo…this was supposed to be a single man mission. But you are bringing in a second party” Deleon gritted, as Logan frown, folding his fist.

“If it is a single man mission, then what are you doing with those b!tchy beast” Lazarus replied, referring to the monsters behind him. Deleon smirk
“Those are my aligns, you wanna meet them” he mocked

“Go on with the spell Lazarus, I will keep him busy” Logan suggested
“No one has ever beaten Deleon” He whispered

“Trust me, I will handle him”

“I will leave you with my friend here, you can have fun” Lazarus winked, swinging the book into the air, as he called out the spells.

The beast behind Deleon charge at Logan, as he transformed into his vampire form. Deleon watched on with a wide grin, changing into a vampire form.

The mystic cave revealed itself, as Lazarus walked into the entrance, which glows with a very bright light. His mood changed on entering the cave. He could feel the force erupting from the bolt. His face began to glow as fire came out of his hand.

He was ready to ki*ll whatsoever wants to stop him. The death creatures placed to stop any intruder couldn’t stop him; they shiver to their bones as they step backward for him to pass.

The bolt was place on a flat surfaced rock, giving light to the whole cave. He picked it up, inhaling and exhaling. The bolt sparks, sending lighting strikes to each end of the cave.

The death creatures behind, didn’t move an inch. They were made to ki*ll, but the man standing in front of them is death himself, they wouldn’t dare strike.

“Give that to me” Deleon’s voice came up from behind him. His face held fury, as he walk closer to Lazarus. The death creature were already getting up, ready to pounce on their prey.

Lazarus turned to face him with a smile
“It doesn’t belong to you…”

“It is mine…you bas***d…you are a nobody..hand it over or I ki*ll your friend with one snap of my finger” he yelled

“You can’t hurt Logan..he is too strong to b taken down too..i could feel it”
“I hate you….”

“Get him” Lazarus mouthed and immediately, the death creatures wasted no time in pouncing on Deleon, but he was fast enough to dodge their strike.

“I might not get the bolt now Lazarus, but I will be back to take you down” he stated; his voice echoing in the cave as he vanished into thin air

Lazarus stepped out of the cave, as he picked up the spell book. He held it in one hand, and held the bolt in the other. He was fast enough to see Logan changing back to his human form; he had just finished off the beast

“Never knew you were a good fighter” Lazarus smirked, as Logan drew closer
“There are still a lot you need to know about me” Logan stated

“Well, too bad I won’t be waiting to know about them. I need to go back, my mission is complete”

Logan nodded
“I think this is where we part ways right” Logan asked
Lazarus nodded

“Thanks for being my companion for the short while”

Logan rolled his eyes
“You almost turned me out, remember?”
Lazarus chuckled

“Hey….you should smile often…you know” Logan muttered, as Lazarus pats his shoulder.

“Thanks…..” he stated, and made to leave
“Thanks…” Logan replied, as he turned to stare at him

“For what” Lazarus asked

“For allowing me to see your face. Well, I kind of noticed that you don’t like other people seeing your face, so you go everywhere with your mask. But when we are alone, you are not with it, which means you trusted me. It’s such a great honour, Zarus” Logan winked

Lazarus rolled his eyes this time
“It’s my pleasure…goodbye Logan” He muttered and just before the clock could tick, he went with the air.

“Huhnnnn” Logan sighed
“I think it’s time to f**k some b!tches”
Megan’s POV

“Popular Rap artist Megan Johnson, known as Mj, got kidnapped and a sum of 100 million U.S.D ordered as ransom.
Mj, got missing for days now, no one knows her where about.

The rap queen who got missing, just arrived yesterday, wearing rags…damn….fake news is just everywhere…huh” I scoff loudly, dropping my phone.

It’s the second day now since I came back. Mum and dad had been pestering me to speak up about where I went to, and how I got out of the house without anyone knowing.

I can’t be too dumb to tell them that I got kidnap by some weird guys, who sent me on a mission, bla bla bla, damn, I can’t.

I don’t even know how I left the house. Logan only told me that I was unconscious for two days, and the other guy was the one who took me out. Right now, I need to free my mind. I still can’t believe that the scar is gone.

The weird guy might have taken it off without me knowing, he even gave me a free transport; that was nice of him by the way.

“Why are you staring at me that way, why are you smiling too?” I asked Lottie, who was standing in front of me. She had just dropped the cup of tea that I ordered.

“You look more beautiful ma’am…” She smiled, as I reciprocated
“Thanks” I muttered genuinely as I heard her gasp


“Nothing” She replied still smiling. I shrug
“I will be going out with my boyfriend today, I really miss him” I pouted. I saw her frown, but quickly kept a straight face when she caught me staring. I know that she doesn’t like Oscar, but it’s not like I care

“I need to look really beautiful for him, he would be so happy to see me back to my normal self”
“Yes…he will” Lottie gave a sharp reply, as I nodded

Lottie’s POV
I gasped when she said thanks to my compliment. That’s unlike her; the Megan I know will either rolls her eyes and say she is perfect. I wonder how she suddenly changed it a space of three days.
I was still in a happy mood before she ruined it by mentioning that worthless guy she calls her boyfriend. He doesn’t deserve her one bit, but she is just too blind to see it. It’s better she finds out herself about who he and her best friend really are. But I pray she finds out soon

And speaking of the devil, here is he

“Someone is at the door?” Megan asked as Oscar’s voice rings out
“Baby….” He stated. Megan’s face beamed as she made to open the door. She pulled him in and slammed her lips on his; he reciprocated, not minding my presence in the room. I heave a loud sigh, walking out of the room as I shut the door.


Why is Megan so blind to see the truth?


Love y’all 💞

Vickie Dora 🌻


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