The Seventh Vampire Disciple – Episode 20

The Seventh Vampire Disciple

(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)

By: Vickie Dora ?

Chapter 20

(The Book of Enchante)

�Yes�I have been waiting for you..for a very long time� The old hag croaked as Megan shivers. She dropped the torch and took a step backward
�Wh..what do you mean� She shuttered

�What I mean is that, I knew you were coming, and what you are here for. I have been waiting for this day to come for ages. Being a keeper for a long time isn�t an easy job, I face lots of oppressions day by day from different kinds who are here for the book. But I have it for just one person, according to what fate had demanded and what had been prophesied for a long time� The old hag stated, as Megan gulped down her saliva.

She still didn�t believe the old hag, as her hands went directly to the substance, she was ready to pull it out and do the needful. She tried taking a hold of the little bottle from her pocket, but it wasn�t giving way to come out. T seem stuck inside her pocket

�You are about making a wrong decision Megan, I am not here to hurt you, so don�t do the same� She warned as Megan rolled her eyes
�What do you want from me, you are always appearing to me, trying to ki*ll me� Megan muttered
�I am not trying to ki*ll you; I am only here to guard you to the book. He will come for you soon�

�And what does that statement means for damn sake. Who is coming for me?� She snarled, already getting pissed. She sinks of dirt and cobwebs from the attic, she really needs a bath as her body couldn�t take it anymore.
The old hag smiled
�You will get to know soon�

�Fine�I�m not gonna hurt you too, but please can you let me do my job and get the hell out of here. I need the book�
The old hag frown, looking disappointed

�Fine, the book is that way, on that shelf. Go and take it� She pointed to a very large shelf that needed a ladder to get to the top. Megan sighed moving towards that direction. She began her search, checking each books, name for name, word for word. She haven�t checked up to a quarter of the shelf when she became weak and too tired to continue.

�Damn, what�s all these, where the hell is that f**cking book� She seethed, as the hag watched on.
�Fine, you won, please can you show me where the book is, you said you have been keeping it for ages, I believe you know where it is.� She stated. The old hag smiled

�In life, you need to know how to ask in a pleasant way, stop being perfect when you are not� She stated, as Megan tried rolling her eyes, but she dare not.
The old hag wobbled along the rough floor, as she got to the shelf. She muttered inaudible words as the shelf turned, revealing the other side of it. Megan gasp, remembering one of the statements Logan made.

�Try pushing the shelf a little, it will turn round and reveal its other side. That�s where the book is located. It has a sky blue cover which glows in the dark. You don�t need a torch to locate it, it will expose itself� He had said, as it became dawn on her that she hasn�t really paid attention to all that he had said. She was only bent on finishing the mission in time, and getting her beauty back.

�And that�s it; just look at its beauty� Megan gasp, holding her hand out to pull it. She picked it out from the middle of some dusty book. It looks neat and untouched, despite being in the midst of dust for a very long time.

She could feel the power coming out from it; it beholds its own glory which cannot be compared to another.
�Mission complete� Megan smirked
�Not so fast my dear� the hag stated, coming closer. Megan groan

�This is the book of Enchante, it should be kept properly, and returned when due� She stated
�Look here ma�am, I aint the one needing this book, so I believe all your saying about keeping it for ages just for me to come possess it, is just a fantasy. There is no possible way I will need a book like this, damn, for what�

�I wasn�t talking to you� the hag resorted

�Anyways, thanks so much�I need to go now. Huhmn, what�s that magic word again, erm, fire�water�erm�what�s the next one, jeez, you are doomed Meg� Megan whispered to herself.
She glances up to see the Hag performing a spell, as a glowing light began to ooze around her. It grew to become a thick fog, and the next thing she will feel was a chilling atmosphere. She closed her eyes, and opened it after a while.

�Huhn..� She gasps, seeing Logan in front of her, with his arms folded. She seems to be in the house, and no more in the library.
�How did I get here� She asked, holding the book firmly to her chest
�I should be asking you that question. You didn�t use the magic words else I would have felt it. How did you get here� Logan asked, with furrowed brow

She simply shrugs
The Johnson Mansion~

�Officer, what have you found so far, I need good news� Mr. Johnson stated, pacing round, as the two detective agents sitting on the couch, stared at each other before giving their report.
�We are sorry Mr. Johnson, but according to our reports here, we believe she had been kidnapped in one form or the other��

�Yea..I know about that, what I want to hear is if you had gotten a clue on where she has been taken to.

We were supposed to fly out of the country for a surgery; she came back the previous night, looking haggard and tired. She even yelled at us when we asked her why she decided to stay out that late. My daughter doesn�t behave that way, especially to us. She went to bed that night, and I made sure I placed guards at her doorpost, to prevent her from leaving the house without our consent.

Only to wake up the next morning, not finding her in her room. For goodness sake, she wouldn�t have passed the guards or any other place without them seeing her. It�s already three days, and I haven�t gotten a clue about her where about. You should take your job seriously, what are you detectives for?� Mr. Johnson yelled aggressively

�You need to calm down sir, we are doing our job. All we need is your cooperation. And whereas you are just telling us about her expression that night, you didn�t mention that, when asked to write a statement� One of the detective mentioned

�I never thought about it being important..�
�It is sir. If she wasn�t in a good mood, then it means two things, perhaps she ran away from home, or was forced out�

�Either of the two, all I want is my daughter to be back safe and healthy.�
�We are still looking into the case, but first, we will like to see her personal made for another interrogation. She might have a clue on where she went to without even knowing. And the guards won�t be released until there is a solid proof that they are innocent�

�Ok, I will send her to you now. I want the job to be done quickly�
�It would have been faster if you had placed a CCTV in her room�� The other detective muttered
�My daughter loves her privacy�.� Mr. Johnson cut in, glaring hard at him. He simply nodded, as they both stood to their feet.

�We will take out leave now� The muttered as Lottie stepped forward to go with them. She had been called by one of the guards stating that the detectives request her presence

Just after they left, Dinah walked down the stairs. She held her long gown firmly on one hand, using the other to hold the rails for support.

Mr. Johnson looked up as his eyes caught hers. His heart fell seeing her looking that way. Ever since Megan got missing, she hasn�t been her usual self. It�s either she locks herself in her room, crying all day, or staring into space. Her face is already messed up from too much crying, and a heavy bag has built itself under her eyes.

�Darling�.� Johnson called
�Any news about her��She interrupted
He sighed

�Not yet�. Dinah�.� He called, but she was already heading back to the stairs
�I need to see my daughter first before any conversation� She muttered, climbing up the stairs in haste. He knew that the next thing he will hear, will be muffing sounds coming from her room. She will go back to cry again




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