The Seventh Vampire Disciple – Episode 17

The Seventh Vampire Disciple

(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)

By: Vickie Dora ?

Chapter 17
Vampic Fall

Jezebel walked down the stairs towards the entrance of the castle, dressed in her princess gown, with a golden crown placed on her head; filled with pride and glory. She strides to the garden where her mum, the queen is seated, having a talk with Emmett, the youngest elder in the kingdom.

�it�s been a while I saw Amber, isn�t she coming for the ladies ball tonight� Thana asked, sipping from her wine as Emmett smiled out broadly.

�Sure..she wouldn�t miss it, and whereas, she had been coming to the palace, but never got the chance to see you, due to how busy you used to be.� He replied, having a sip of his own drink too.
Thana nodded

�Yes, you now, being the only one to rule isn�t an easy task. It�s such a pity that Orpheus has to leave us now. I had to do his work and mine simultaneously� She pouted, Emmett nodding in affirmation
�That�s true, the king was a good man, and he ruled well. But I trust Hunter to be a better king when crowned� He smiled, raising his glass for a toast

�To a better future king� he stated, as she clicks her glass with his.
�And to Amber..the future queen� She stated, chuckling
The both gulp down their drinks as Jezebel interrupts their moment.
�Mum�erm�good day my elder�

�Greetings..beautiful princess�� Emmett replied, as she nodded before facing her mum
�Mum�I think we have a problem�
�What is it�� Thana asked, arching her brows

�D� Arcy is no more in the palace; the guards mentioned something about him leaving this morning. According to them, they think he is leaving Vampic Fall, but they don�t know where he is heading too, because he went with no one.�

�Huff� Thana scoff
�I don�t have a problem with him leaving..he is a bas***d anyway, so he can leave the palace if that�s his wish� She stated, as Jezebel smiled.
�Trust he won�t survive out there, he will come back begging at your feet mum� Jezebel smirked

�And I won�t let him in�he needs to be punished for leaving without taking permission from the queen� Hunter stated, walking into the garden
�Brother�where the hell have you been� Jezebel whined

�Missed me?� he winked, while she rolled her eyes
�I only wanna tell you something�but since you are here already, it�s about D�Arcy�

�Mum� Hunter greeted pecking her cheek, as he bow a little to Emmett, who returned the bow

�I know about him leaving�he has crossed the borders. I believe he is not just leaving Vampic Fall, he is leaving the vampire world to that of the humans.� He seethed
Jezebel laughed

�Does he think he is strong enough to live out there, those humans will skin him alive if they find out about who he really is?� She stated
Thana shrug

�Let�s leave him to his own fate. Erm..Emmett, any news about the sent out men, what�s the latest report�

�None of them has been able to locate the bolt, but their time is running out. Finding the bolt is a very risky mission, it will take the wisest of them to locate it. It is clearly hidden in the human world, no one can find it unless with magic�

�Really, that�s tough� Jezebel chipped in; taking a sip from Thana�s drink. Thana glared at her, but she pouted, wearing a soft smile

�Yes princess, but soon, the ritual will be done and the coronation will follow afterward�

�I hope it happens fast, I can�t wait to be king� Hunter smiled to himself
�The same way Amber can�t wait to be your queen� Emmett stated

Crystal High~~
Location: London
Lunch Break*

�Grrrr!!!!!� The bell for lunch break sounded as the student strides out of their classes, heading for the cafeteria, with joy in their hearts. The day�s work has been a bit hectic; the short break will help ease their stress. Some can be seen going in groups, especially the rich and popular kids, while the single ones just mind their businesses, going alone.

Grade 12 class could be seen empty, well not really empty, because hanging behind is two teenagers, standing at the extreme of the class, busy smooching and making out.
The guy broke the kiss as he stared into his girlfriend�s eyes, with disdain
�What..� She asked, gulping down nothing

�Are you ok now?� He asked, scoffing, as she tried staring intently at him.

�What�..what do you mean, look at me Gary, why are you acting this way..what have I done wrong?� She asked, her eyes already forming tears

�Oh no�you did nothing wrong� he replied sarcastically. She heaves a loud sigh, staring dejectedly at him

�Gary, what�s wrong. You have been acting weird for some days now. You no longer call me, check on me, and anytime I tried kissing you, all you do is to turn your face away. You are not the Gary I used to know, what have I done wrong. Please tell me, so that I can make amends. You are breaking my heart with your recent attitudes� Rose muttered

�But I just gave you a k**s, isn�t that what you wanted.�

�Don�t try to change the topic you know what I mean�tell me..�
�Fine�fine..i�m gonna let it out anyway. Damn, I�m tired of all this..i�m done� He uttered as her eyes popped out

�What do you mean?�

�You know what I mean Rose, I�m tired of having you as my girlfriend. You suck, you ain�t my taste anymore. I�m tired of this relationship, I want us to end it here, right now� he grimaced

��s not happening..Gary, can�t do this to me. You love me right?�

�No I don�t..the truth is, I just wanted to have taste of you, that�s all. I�m sorry Rose, but I love someone else, and that person isn�t you. Thanks so much for your time and the moment we spent together, I�m out of here� He resorted, dipping his hands into his hoodie as he bounce out of the class

Rose didn�t know when she falls to her knees; her legs were clearly wobbling, that it couldn�t stand for long. She felt stabbed in the heart; the words hurt her so much, deep down to the bottom of her heart.

�He only used me, and later discard me��you can�t do this to me Gary� She cried out, holding her chest.

Someone rushed in immediately, running to hold her up

�Rose�rose..look at me, get up, what�s wrong� are crying� Emerald muttered, jerking Rose up to her feet.
�Rose..shh�it�s ok..tell me..what�s wrong� She asked again

�Emerald, it feel to experience heartbreak, does it hurt so much� Rose asked, still sobbing. Emerald was already getting the message
�What happen�don�t tell me it�s Gary..�
Rose nodded

�What did he do this time��

�He..he..broke up with me�
�What�.that bas***d�� Emerald gritted
�He is gonna have a taste of my fist�� She seethed

�Hey don�t�he is gonna hurt you if you try fighting with him..and whereas, you can�t do anything to him. He is royal..�Rose said, stopping her, while she burns with anger

�Jeez, now you know that he is a jerk, you shouldn�t have dated him from the start. I knew this was gonna happen. But please, try now not to cry this much, I hate seeing you this way.�

Rose nodded, cleaning the tears off her face

�Come on, let�s get out of here before the others comes in�
�I�m surely gonna deal with that d**khead� Emerald thought in her mind



Other characters are coming in..please don’t get confused..


Love y’all?

Vickie Dora ?


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